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After winning the GATA Faculty of Medicine, which was my ideal, all that was left was to become a Plastic Surgeon. I started my Plastic Surgery training at Ankara Diskapi Training and Research Hospital. While writing, I realized that I am now an expert doctor, but I am still experiencing the excitement of those days, because learning and developing never ends.

Plastic Surgery is very dynamic and constantly renewing itself. Each case is a new challenge to overcome, a piece of knowledge to be learned, another line to be added to the experience book...

Aesthetics&Plastic Surgery-Benefits of Having Aesthetics-Best Aesthetic Surgeon

  • What is aesthetics?
  • What are the benefits of having aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey?
  • Is there any harm in having aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey?
  • How does the treatment process in Turkey?
  • Are Turkish Doctors Experienced, Are Turkish Doctors Reliable?
  • Are Turkish Clinics, Hospitals Reliable, Hygienic? Are the materials used in cosmetic procedures of a high standard in Turkey?

  • Why Aesthetic Treatments are Cheap in Turkey?
  • How much are the prices of aesthetic procedures in Turkey?
  • What is aesthetics?

    Aesthetics is a science that means creating a sense of taste or pleasing to the eye and researching beauty. With the existence of man, the search for aesthetics has also existed. Human beings want to see and like themselves beautiful. However, it is not enough just to like oneself and feel beautiful; it also pays attention to be liked by others. In fact, human beings are in an effort to beautify everyone and everything around them. Aesthetic beauty has never fallen off the agenda of mankind and will never fall off.

    The only thing that has changed in aesthetics over the years is the understanding of aesthetic beauty that is suitable for the fashion of the current age. In our age, aesthetic centres are the places that allow us to achieve aesthetic beauty by increasing our beauty.

    Even in the daily conversations of individuals who have not yet been to any aesthetic clinic, aesthetic issues such as the benefits of aesthetics, the harms of aesthetics, facial rejuvenation, tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, cheek aesthetics, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, botox, gynecomastia ... are mentioned. The natural result of the desire to be beautiful leads people to search for the best aesthetic centres, the best plastic surgeons, the best aesthetic clinics.

    Our country is among the best in the world ranking in aesthetic procedures. All of our devices used in our aesthetic centres with the intensity of demand from both domestic and abroad are modern, highly advanced technological devices. Our doctors, who have received quality training, perform the best aesthetic operations worldwide using the latest technological devices in our aesthetic clinic. Aesthetic operations that can be applied to every part of the body are performed by our best aesthetic doctors in our aesthetic clinic.

    What are the benefits of having aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey?

    If an individual does not like a part of his/her body, he/she starts to think about that part frequently. He thinks about what he can do to beautify the part of his body that he does not like. As a result, he decides to go to a good aesthetic clinic and leave himself to the best experienced aesthetic surgeon and enjoy beautification in Antalya, Turkey.

    Aesthetic operations performed by experienced hands usually result in patient satisfaction in Antalya, Turkey. Successful aesthetic procedures support the person to be at peace with himself and his body in our aesthetic clinic. After aesthetic operation, self-confidence of individuals increases and socialisation rates increase. The individual who feels beautiful establishes good relationships, is admired more often by others, and leads a happier life.

    Is there any harm in having aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey?

    The procedures performed by the best aesthetic doctors in the best aesthetic centres in accordance with the aesthetic surgery procedures have no harm to the body. Negativities arising from aesthetic procedures arise from two situations. The first is the wrong choice of doctor, and the second is that the patient does not pay due attention to the doctor's warnings.

    The first priority of aesthetic surgeries is to protect patient health. The desired aesthetic beauty is achieved with the touches made by the best aesthetic doctors. In order to achieve aesthetic beauty without any negativity, we recommend that you come to our aesthetics, plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic in Antalya, Turkey, one of the best aesthetic clinics, and be examined by our doctor, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgeon Berat CIGDEM, one of the best plastic surgeons in Antalya, Turkey.

    How does the treatment process in Turkey?

    Turkey is one of the best countries in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Experienced and successful plastic surgeons in this field apply the most advanced techniques of the age using the latest technological devices. People come to Turkey from European countries and the American continent to be treated. Individuals who prefer to be treated in Turkey, both in modern clinics, treatment in experienced hands as well as travelling the historical richness of Turkey.

    Thousands of medical tourists from countries using the dollar, euro, pound currency come to Turkey. Patients who come for aesthetic treatment (medical tourists) both get the aesthetic beauty they want and have the opportunity to visit the unique beauties of Antalya, to taste delicious food, in short, to have an unforgettable holiday.

    If you want to have aesthetic procedures in Antalya, Turkey. When you search for the best Turkish plastic surgeons and clinics, it is expected that you will reach our clinic. When you contact us, we request a number of analysis results and photographs from you depending on the aesthetic procedure you want to have. As your operator doctor, I examine your test results and photographs and then determine your suitability for surgery. At the end of our meeting with you, we will decide on the treatment to be applied together, taking into account your requests.

    Once we have decided on the treatment, my team will make a special plan for you. The place where you will stay, places you can visit, information about the aesthetic procedure to be performed; The fee you have to pay for holiday and treatment is determined as different packages. All these are communicated to you in detail.

    We have various packages for medical tourism. In this way, you know how much you will pay at the end of the treatment before you come to Antalya for treatment with the package you prefer. You will not encounter surprise expenses.

    If you want to choose the most suitable package for you and take advantage of the opportunities that will be offered to you, please contact us.

    Are Turkish Doctors Experienced, Are Turkish Doctors Reliable?

    In order to become a doctor in Turkey, it is necessary to successfully pass many challenging exams. In the "University Entrance Exam", which is taken after high school (secondary education), students who enter the first 15.000 out of approximately 2.000.000 people can qualify to study at the medical faculty. Medical faculty education is 6 years. Training is given both theoretically in the faculty and practically in the hospital. Students who complete 6 years of medical school education graduate as "General Practitioner". Physicians take a separate speciality exam to obtain the title of specialist doctor for any branch. Physicians who pass the exam receive speciality training for a minimum of 4 years in order to become a specialist doctor. All of the speciality training is practical. However, those who can complete these challenging trainings become Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Those who can complete these trainings can perform aesthetic operations as an operator doctor.

    Trainings are very high quality and internship based. Demands for aesthetic operations both at home and abroad increase the number of cases seen by Turkish aesthetic doctors and their experience in the field. Turkish aesthetic doctors perform very successful operations with good and high quality trainings and experiences brought by the high number of cases.

    What is more important than all these is that Turkish aesthetic surgeons are much more experienced than surgeons in other countries (Europe America ...). Because many tourists coming to Turkey to have aesthetic procedures. As a result, the experience of surgeons who perform aesthetic procedures to both patients in Turkey and a large number of tourists is at a high level. While a surgeon in Europe performs 10-20 operations per month, Turkish plastic surgeons perform around 70-90 aesthetic operations.

    Are Turkish Clinics, Hospitals Reliable, Hygienic? Are the materials used in cosmetic procedures of a high standard in Turkey?

    Turkish clinics, which are preferred by many countries in the world for aesthetic treatments, are both equipped with the latest technological devices and are very hygienic. Turkish clinics comply with World Health Organisation standards. Compliance with these standards is constantly inspected by authorised institutions. In addition, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey also makes many inspections to the clinics. You will easily see that our clinic is at the highest level in terms of hygiene and the quality of the materials used when you visit our clinic.

    However, the reason why aesthetic operations performed in Turkey are affordable for medical tourists is due to the exchange rate difference, not the poor quality of the equipment and materials used. The reason for this low price is that foreign currencies are stronger than the Turkish lira.

    The fact that aesthetic procedures are cheap does not mean that the quality is low. On the contrary, the reason for Turkey's reputation in health tourism is the success of the operations performed and the quality of the material used. Turkish doctors always follow the latest technology and apply these technologies successfully using quality materials. You will easily realise this if you contact us and visit our clinic. The patient satisfaction we have received so far is an indication of this.

    Why Aesthetic Treatments are Cheap in Turkey?

    Treatments in Turkey, which is one of the favourite countries of medical tourism, are very cheap for citizens of countries using dollar, euro, pound currencies due to the exchange rate difference. Aesthetic procedures are quite expensive for Turkish people and countries using other currencies. Since the dollar, euro, pound currencies are stronger than the Turkish lira, there is a difference in price between countries in treatments. The equipment and materials used in treatments are of the highest quality in accordance with WHO standards.

    This exchange rate difference due to the Turkish economy, especially for patients coming to Turkey from European countries, offers the opportunity to be treated by experienced Turkish surgeons at very affordable prices.

    Contact us having a successful aesthetic operation in Turkey and at the same time to visit this unique country and have a wonderful holiday.

    How much are the prices of aesthetic procedures in Turkey?

    Turkey is 160% cheaper than from UK. Contact us for detailed information.The cost of aesthetic surgery in Turkey is half the cost of many European countries. For example;


    Average Price in Turkey

    Average Price in England




    Breast Augmentation



    Tummy Tuck



    Hair Transplant



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