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You got rid of your unwanted weight, but you have sagging in your upper arm area and the fats you don't like still continue, and if these have created bat wings in you, Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery may be a good solution for you. Bat wings (batwing) is a bad appearance that can happen to people with fit bodies. Because of this bad appearance, you sometimes even hesitate to wear short-sleeved clothes. With Brachioplasty-Arm lift, you will regain a slim appearance, regain your self-confidence, and have aesthetic arms that are compatible with other parts of your body. With arm stretching or brachioplasty, you will get a more aesthetic, stylish and smooth appearance. With Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, you will get rid of stubborn fat groups, and your sagging skin and tissues will be tightened. If you want to learn more about Brachioplasty-Arm lift, please continue reading our article.


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Brachioplasty-Arm lift, also called brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgical operation performed to reduce weight, lose or gain excessive weight, eliminate sagging in the arms due to advancing age or genetic characteristics, and improve the appearance of the lower part of your upper arms. The main subject of this procedure is loosened and sagging skin or fat tissues in the upper arm area. The areas that are reshaped with Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery are the upper arms and the connecting parts of the chest wall. Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, which is an arm aesthetic application, can be a good choice for people whose skin is not tight or shaped like in the past, to have a fit and healthy appearance.The part that wobbles and makes your arms look thick when you raise and shake your hands or move your arms is the dense fat and/or skin that is not tight enough in the upper arm area. In this case, the reason for which is not only muscle tone, exercise and/or diet may be insufficient to get rid of the problematic part. Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery or Brachioplasty is a very good treatment to get rid of loose skin and excess fat. The aim of the Brachioplasty-Arm lift operation is to remove the excess skin and excess fat from the arms of the patients and to make the upper arm area look healthy and aesthetic.The Brachioplasty-Brachioplasty-Arm lift or brachioplasty surgical procedure reduces excessive saggy skin, tightens and smoothes the lower support tissue that shapes the upper arm, and reduces the density of local fat tissues in the upper arm.


As people age or lose excessive weight, skin sagging, deformities, skin changes and loosening are observed in their upper arms. While exercise and diet can strengthen and treat the muscle tone in the upper arm area, excessively uncomfortable sagging will not benefit the skin that has lost its elasticity. In this case, arm surgery may be beneficial. With Brachioplasty-Arm lift in Turkey Antalya, body image increases and sense of self increases.


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Before performing arm thinning surgery in Turkey Antalya, a detailed physician pre-examination should be performed. In addition, when diagnosing Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery; your surgical goals, medical condition, whether you are allergic to any medication, the presence of any other treatment you have taken, medications used, vitamins, herbal supplements, smoking, alcohol consumption, previous surgeries, general health status, existing chronic diseases, Brachioplasty-Arm lift The possible results, risks and side effects of the surgical procedure are evaluated and a decision is made about the type of operation to be performed.Before the Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, smoking and alcohol should not be consumed for a minimum of 1 week. If we are using blood thinners, the use should be suspended for a while to minimize the risk of bleeding. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements should be avoided as they can increase bleeding. If an infection has developed before the operation, the doctor should be informed immediately. Since general anesthesia will be applied in Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, 6 hours of fasting will be required before the operation.When you understand the arm stretching procedures and process without any question marks in your mind, this will contribute to the short duration of the treatment and recovery period with your reaction to the results you will encounter. Of course, as in every surgery, it is normal to experience a little excitement, anxiety and stress before Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery.



Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia, albeit partial, can also be applied in Turkey Antalya. Options include intravenous sedation, also called conscious sedation. The most appropriate anesthesia technique for the patient will be applied by the doctor. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.


After the arm sagging surgery starts with the anesthesia process, an incision will be made from the lower part of the arms by your plastic surgeon. The amount of skin to be removed and the fat tissue determine the size of the incision to be made. Excess and sagging skin and subcutaneous fat tissue are expelled from the incisions that can be made from the inside of the arm to the armpit. From where the incision is made, the surgeon will tighten the underlying tissues and fix them with sutures. Liposuction can also be performed to remove the fat in Turkey Antalya.The skin is then closed over the new contours and smoothed over the new contour of your arm.

Closing the cuts:

After the Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, the incisions will be closed with sutures to be removed within 1-2 weeks or with absorbable sutures or surgical tape.

Appearance of arm aesthetic results:

Smooth, compressed contours that have regained their new shape after a successful brachioplasty, that is, Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery in Turkey Antalya, will become noticeable in a very short time. Even if there is swelling and bruising at the incision site, a smoother appearance is evident.If the arm thinning surgery will be performed together with chest and abdomen-like aesthetic operations, the planning will be done accordingly by your doctor. The operation takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. It is recommended that the patient stay in the hospital overnight.


After Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, dressing is applied to the incisions during the recovery phase. A printed bandage will be applied on the incisions and the arms will be loosely wrapped with an elastic bandage to prevent swelling.A temporary drain can be placed under the skin to prevent excess blood or fluid accumulation. The drain is removed after 2-3 days at most. The patient can return to his normal life in a few days. In the first few days after Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery in Turkey Antalya:

  • The arms should not be raised above shoulder level for a period of 3-4 weeks.
  • After arm sagging surgery, physical and athletic activities that may stretch the incisions should not be performed for 4-8 weeks.
  • It is normal to have mild pain. Pain medication can be taken as needed and topical or oral antibiotics can be used as directed to prevent wound infections in Turkey Antalya.

If you encounter the following conditions after Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, you should consult a doctor immediately:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Pains in the chest area
  • Irregularity in heartbeat
  • Redness on the skin surface and fever in the body

With Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, sagging skin is lifted and the upper arms get a more toned appearance. As the age of the patient who undergoes the Brachioplasty-Arm lift procedure, which is generally long-lasting, progresses, there may be some sagging, which will lose its skin density, albeit a little. Maintaining weight ensures longevity of the success of arm slimming surgery.The surgeon will inform the patient what to do after Brachioplasty-Arm lift surgery, what to pay attention to, which drugs to use, and when the doctor's control meetings will be held.



  • Over-weight,
  • Those who gain and lose weight frequently,
  • Those who have a disease that may cause the wound to not heal or to heal late.
  • Arm lift surgery may pose various risks for smokers.
  • Some of these are those:

  • Post-operative scar formation:The scars caused by the incision in arm lift surgery are permanent, and the scar can be prevented from being visible by making incisions from areas that cannot be seen at first glance by your surgeon. Although minor, the incisions may reveal red and raised scars. You can use medications recommended by your doctor to make the scars look better in Turkey Antalya.
  • Asymmetry may occur in the posture of the arms.
  • There may be a temporary numbness of the skin.
  • If sutures were placed for the new shape of the arm during surgery, the sutures may progress towards the upper part of the skin. If the stitches that need to be removed have caused the skin to become inflamed, a new surgery may be required.
  • Risks during anaesthesia.
  • Bleeding
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissues.
  • Death of the fat tissue in the lower part of the skin (fat necrosis).
  • Fluid collection (seroma)
  • Pain that can be constant.
  • Poor wound healing.
  • A condition that requires re-operation.
  • Frequently asked questions about arm lift in Turkey Antalya

    Arm lift surgery, which is applied in drooping arm disorders, is usually performed under general anesthesia and sometimes under local anesthesia. Options include intravenous sedation, also called conscious sedation. Arm lift surgery takes about 1-3 hours in Turkey Antalya.

    Arm lift surgery does not have to be done alone. It can be applied together with tummy tuck, thigh lift, face lift, other body lift operations and breast augmentation in Turkey Antalya. If there is excessive fat in the affected area, liposuction, also called fat removal, can be added to the surgery. Thus, the body, which is purified from fat, obtains a thinner appearance.

    The type of surgery to be performed is determined on the basis of the patient's physical characteristics and weight status in both non-surgical and operative arm lift procedures. People who have sagging in the inner arm and back of the arm, have lost their elasticity and have deterioration in their skin, can have arm lift surgery in Turkey Antalya.In summary: The general characteristics of the patients who are most suitable for arm lift surgery are as follows:

    • Those with severely loose upper arm skin.
    • Fixed weight and not overweight.
    • Those who do not have any other disease that will prevent healing and increase the risk of surgery.
    • Non-smokers.
    • Those who have a positive mindset and are realistic.

    Arm lift surgery, known as brachioplasty, can be performed alone or in combination with other aesthetic operations. Successful results can be obtained if arm stretching and liposuction, known as liposuction, are performed together. When the two are applied together, the arms are thinned by removing the excess fat tissues, and the damaged skin is removed and a beautiful appearance is gained.

    Everyone's recovery experience after arm lift(brachioplasty) surgery is different in Antalya, Turkey. How long it will take for a person who has had arm thinning surgery to recover depends on many factors. These factors include the patient's medical history, skin health, general health, age, gender, and job. Patients who have a healthy life before surgery usually recover more quickly. In the first few days after arm lift surgery, there may be moderate pain that can be relieved by pain medication. Pain, bruising and swelling may be observed in the arm muscles. In the first days after the surgery, you can wear shirts with loose buttons to make it easier for you to dress, other clothes may not be suitable as it will be difficult to lift your arm over your head. It would be good to have someone at home to help you with daily activities for a few days. Pain, swelling and bruising will usually go away after a week. However, although rare, these may continue for up to 1 month with mild severity. After 10 days after arm sagging surgery in Antalya, Turkey, the mobility of the arms is returning to normal again. However, you may still need to avoid lifting anything heavy and overstretching the arms. Many patients return to work 10 days after the operation and resume their normal life. It takes about 10 days for the stitches to heal. Compression garments are recommended to accelerate healing. In arm lift(brachioplasty) surgery in Antalya, Turkey, swelling and bruising caused by the surgical procedure will heal after about 4-6 weeks. One month after the surgery, you may not use the compression garment on your upper arms. In addition, most patients can return to their normal routine procedures after 1 month. You can take action to start lifting heavy objects and return to your sports activities. However, scar treatment may take up to 4-6 months after arm lift(brachioplasty) surgery.

    Generally, cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries are not covered by SSI in Antalya, Turkey. However, you can learn the exact information from the health institution you are affiliated with and your insurance company

    Of course, the recovery obtained with arm sagging surgery does not continue for life. However, these treatment results are applied as a long-lasting and semi-permanent method. People may experience sagging in their body in advanced ages. Or, excessive weight gain and too frequent weight gain can trigger sagging. In addition, if the doctor's recommendations are followed after arm surgery in Antalya, Turkey, the life of the treatment will be extended.

    Arm lift(brachioplasty) surgery will leave scars, as in many incisions. Whichever method is applied, the surgeon will pay attention to where the incision should be made in order to provide the best appearance with the least scarring. The size of the scar varies according to the intensity of the sagging. Because more fat and tissue should be removed in the dense sagging area, a larger incision is made. Less dense sagging may require smaller incisions. In this kind of slight sagging, scars are only in the armpit area. Liposuction arm aesthetics application, which does not have too many scars, can be applied if the skin and tissue are healthy and sagging is minimal. Since scars caused by arm sagging surgery cannot be completely removed, the best practice that can be done by surgeons is to place the incisions in the most hidden place as much as possible. In addition, cosmetic treatment methods can be tried to improve the appearance of scars in Antalya, Turkey.

    The price of arm lift surgery(brachioplasty) varies depending on the surgeon's experience, the type of method used and the clinical situation. Whether liposuction will be applied to the patient, which stretching applications will be performed, whether they will be done together, the degree of sagging are effective in determining the price of arm slimming surgery. Both surgical and non-surgical arm thinning prices will be determined only after a preliminary examination by the doctor in Antalya, Turkey.

    Rest is very important after arm lift(brachioplasty) and arm aesthetic surgery in Antalya, Turkey. The patient should postpone carrying heavy loads and raising the arms above his head for a while. Because such activities will require effort for a patient who has had arm sagging surgery and will tire his arms. It is normal to see a decrease in strength in the hand and arm region after arm lift surgery. During the patient's recovery period, excessive hand and arm movements should be avoided.

    Arm lift surgery procedure options;

    • Liposuction
    • Limited Incision Brachioplasty
    • Standard Brachioplasty
    • Extended Brachioplasty.

    Invisible Arm Lift surgery, also known as Limited Incision Brachioplasty, takes this name because of the curved incision that occurs after the incision made and treated in the armpit area so that it is not visible from the outside. In the invisible arm stretching process, arm thinning is done with fat removal. Excess skin in the area is removed and the skin is pulled towards the armpit. The incision is closed from the armpit.

    What causes sagging in the arm among patients? The answer to the question is curious. Hereditary causes, frequent weight gain and loss, excess weight, a life without sports and exercise, and advancing age can cause the problem of arm sagging. A drooping arm may not improve with sports or exercises. In this case, surgical methods may be a good option for arm lift(brachioplasty).

    The method most suitable for you will be chosen by your doctor, taking into account your age, the rate of lubrication in your arms, and the degree of wrapping.

    After the arm thinning surgery in Antalya, Turkey, you can return to your working life after a period of 6-7 days. You should pay attention to movements that force your arms.

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