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Bichectomy surgery-Antalya

Bichectomy surgery continues to be an operation performed by chubby-faced people with fat on their face to achieve an aesthetic appearance. Those who have a bichectomy get Hollywood cheek-like cheeks. What is a Bichectomy for chubby cheeks? How is it done in Turkey Antalya? And to find answers to more, you can read our article.


What is a bichectomy?

Who can have bichectomy surgery?

How is bichectomy surgery performed?

What should be considered after bichectomy surgery?

What are the pros and cons of bichectomy?

What should be considered before bichectomy surgery?


How much is bichectomy surgery?

Will there be any scars in bichectomy surgery?

Are the results of bichectomy permanent?

Is bichectomy surgery painful?

What is a bichectomy?

Bichectomy for chubby cheeks is an operation performed by people with extremely round and chubby faces to have a thin face line and cheekbones with more waist. It is sometimes known as Hollywood cheek aesthetics and sometimes cheek aesthetics, cheek reduction, cheek thinning. However, in Hollywood cheek aesthetics, other structures on the face are also processed. Also click here to get detailed information about cheek filling in Turkey. Even if the person is of normal weight, the face appears as a baby face (chubby) due to the excess fat tissue in the area of the cheekbones. With Bichectomy for chubby cheeks, the excess fat tissue that cannot be removed with diet and exercise in this area is removed with an incision in the cheek, the disproportionate appearance of the facial lines is corrected and the cheekbone becomes more prominent. Since the incision is made from the inside, there is no problem of scarring on the face after Bichectomy for chubby cheeks.

Who can have bichectomy surgery in Turkey Antalya?

Anyone whose cheek appearance does not please them can have bichectomy surgery in Turkey Antalya. Candidates who can and cannot have a Bichectomy for chubby cheeks can be listed as follows.

  • Health condition being suitable for surgery
  • Not being very overweight (individuals who are morbidly obese or obese, whose body mass index is not very high)
  • Not being pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Being over 25 years old (Before this age, there are changes in the cheek and face. With these ages, the face gains its general appearance)
  • People with a chubby face with a lot of fat on their cheeks. In other words, people with thin facial features should not have this surgery in order to avoid collapse on their face in the following years.
  • Both men and women can have a Bichectomy for chubby cheeks.
  • not be a smoker

In order to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for bichectomy surgery in Turkey Antalya, you should be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon. You can contact us to be examined and to get information about Bichectomy for chubby cheeks.

How is bichectomy surgery performed in Turkey Antalya?

Bichectomy in Turkey

Bichectomy for chubby cheeks surgery is a long-term and uncomplicated aesthetic surgery. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the surgery in Turkey Antalya. Analyzes are made with blood taken from the patient for surgery. If there is no obstacle to the operation, preparations are made. Bichectomy surgery is performed with local anesthesia. However, if the patient is worried, this procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia with the mutual agreement of the physician and the patient and the opinion of the anesthetist (if there is no obstacle to general anesthesia). Sometimes Bichectomy for chubby cheeks operation can be performed together with facelift, rhinoplasty, lip implants and botox applications. General anesthesia is essential, especially if it will be combined with facelift and rhinoplasty.Disinfection is performed in the mouth of the patient under anesthesia. This is the first step to prevent the development of infection during the procedure to be performed in the opened incision area. An incision is made in the mouth corresponding to the cheek area of the patient. During this surgery, incisions are not made on the outside. Fat bags are taken from the opened sacs using a tool called forceps. The degreasing process is continued in a way that will respond to the expectation. After sufficient fat intake, the incision area is sutured with soluble suture threads. The same process is done on the other side. Care is taken not to create asymmetry, that is, to avoid differences in size and shape on both sides.

What should be considered after bichectomy surgery in Turkey Antalya?

After bichectomy surgery in Turkey Antalya, the recommendations of the surgeon who performed the surgery should be followed. Following the recommendations given below will mediate the post-operative period to pass more comfortably.

  • Mouth and jaw movements should be reduced and forceful mouth movements should be avoided.

In order not to damage the stitches, spitting should not be done as violently as possible. Behaviors that cause irritation to the wound area should be avoided. Especially in the first 2 days after the operation, long-term conversations and laughter that strain the facial muscles should be avoided. These are the important points in order not to damage the seams.

  • Even if smoking and alcohol use cannot be stopped, it should be interrupted 

It is known that these habits, which have been scientifically proven to be harmful, interfere with wound healing, reduce immune resistance, reduce the oxygenation capacity of the blood and make the person susceptible to infection. If it is not possible to quit these harmful habits, a break should be taken between 15-30 days before and after the surgery. Head should be kept elevated: Rest after the operation. Lie down with your head up, with a few pillows under your head.

  • Oral care should be considered after the operation in Turkey Antalya.

Mouthwash with salt water can be done 12-14 hours after the operation or mouth cleaning solutions can be used. Teeth can be brushed after 24 hours. These practices are important to prevent infection in the suture area. Cleaning should be done gently.

  • Swelling due to edema is normal after the operation.

Cold applications can be applied to prevent the area from swelling too much or to reduce edema in the swollen area. Especially in the first 24 hours, ice or ice packs can be kept for 5-10 minutes per hour without causing frostbite. Cold applications will also reduce pain.

  • There may be mild pain. Can be relieved with painkillers

After the effect of local anesthesia wears off, there may be mild pain on the day of surgery in Turkey Antalya. The pain recommended or prescribed by the physician should be used. Aspirin-type pain relievers should not be used as they may dilute the blood and cause bleeding.Other drugs prescribed by the physician (he may have given antibiotics to prevent infection) should be used in doses and for a period of time in accordance with the recommendations.

  • Be careful while eating and drinking.

You should not eat or drink anything for the first 2-3 hours after the operation. As the numbing effect of local anesthesia (or general anesthesia) will continue, the tongue, cheek or lip may be bitten unconsciously. Liquid and soft foods should be preferred on the first day. Bleeding may increase as the mouth muscles will move a lot with the consumption of hard foods. Also, the seams can be damaged.

  • Head should be kept up

Keeping the head up while lying down reduces edema formation and bleeding. For this reason, it will be beneficial to put pillows under the head during bedtime. In this case, the pain that will occur due to the increase in edema is also prevented.Cheek area should be protected from heatHot environments (such as hot springs, baths, saunas) can increase bleeding and pain and trigger infection. For this reason, hot environments should be avoided as much as possible. Particular attention should be paid to this in the first 2-3 days.

  • Stitches are removed

The seams should not be irritated by pulling the tongue. If the sutures are placed with non-absorbable threads, they can be removed after 7-10 days.The narratives are advisory only. The recommendations of the physician and the things that he definitely wants to be done should be done first.

What are the pros and cons of bichectomy in Turkey Antalya?


  • With this application, which is carried out to reduce the fat on the cheek, the appearance of the face is significantly improved, the cheeks become prominent and the disproportionateness of the face is eliminated. If the bichectomy is done correctly, the face is given a model-like appearance.In some cases, patients may also opt for temporal lift surgery, which can further enhance the overall facial symmetry and contour.
  • Since the incisions are made inside the mouth to perform a bichectomy operation, there is no visible trace of the author.
  • Even if the person who has a bichectomy operation gains weight, the results are permanent.
  • The operation time is very short. The operation is completed in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Local anesthesia is sufficient. For this reason, complications related to general anesthesia are not seen.
  • There is no need to stay in the hospital.
  • The time to return to work and participate in routine life is very short. Patients can usually return to their normal activities after 3 days.


  • After the operation, swelling occurs in the face area. However, these swellings are not very different from those that occur after a difficult tooth extraction.
  • Since the fat in the cheek area will decrease over time, there may be a depression in the cheekbone area. Because of this risk, some surgeons do not consider bichectomy surgery appropriate before the age of 20s and 30s.
  • If the surgeon takes an excessive amount of fat and the patient loses weight after the application, the face may appear very thin.
  • As a result of not taking equal amount of fat from both sides, asymmetry may occur. In this case, the image of the right and left cheeks will not be similar. This situation requires revision surgery.
  • If performed by inexperienced physicians, salivary duct damage, post-operative bleeding and, although very rarely, facial nerve damage (in this case, the muscles cannot function well) may occur.
  • Restriction of the gap when the mouth is opened
  • Infection development
  • Cases of blistering under the skin

What should be considered before bichectomy surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

Before bichectomy surgery in Antalya, Turkey, both the patient and the surgeon have things to do. If preoperative rules are followed, the risk of complications of bichectomy will be reduced. What needs to be done can be listed as follows.

  • Talk to the doctor about bichectomy surgery in Antalya, Turkey. In this meeting, some issues are discussed and a road map is drawn.
  • The physician informs the patient about preparation for bichetomy, how the surgery will be performed and its possible risks.
  • The patient is physically examined. It is decided whether the weight is suitable for bichectomy. Information is obtained about whether surgery has been performed before, allergy status, and routinely used drugs.
  • It is learned whether another operation will be performed together with the bichectomy.
  • The presence of chronic diseases and the presence of a condition that prevents surgery are determined.
  • The physician is informed about the preparation for the surgery (stopping eating and drinking, stopping the use of some drugs and what to do on the day of the surgery.
  • Eating and drinking activities are terminated for a while before the bichectomy surgery, as it may cause problems.
  • It is beneficial to terminate food consumption 8 hours in advance. In order to reduce the side effects of the anesthetic, it would be appropriate to stop eating.
  • It is necessary to stop smoking before bichectomy surgery.
  • Since smoking and alcohol delay wound healing and weaken the immune system, this is a rule that applies not only to bichectomy but also to all aesthetic surgeries.
  • Stopping smoking completely is the first thing to consider before and after all surgeries. If this is not possible, it is necessary to stop smoking 15-30 days before the surgery. Thus, wound healing is better, immunity is strengthened, and it is possible to prevent infection.
  • The doctor should be told if there is a possibility or possibility of being pregnant in Antalya, Turkey.
  • In this case, the surgery should be postponed in order to prevent the negative effects of the anesthetic agent. Otherwise, abortion cases or the negative impact of the child's development will be mediated.

Frequently asked questions about Bichectomy for chubby cheeks in Turkey Antalya

As with many plastic surgeries, choosing the right doctor is more important than the price. Undoubtedly, the low price is important in Turkey Antalya. However, the main thing to consider is that the outcome of the surgery should meet expectations and that complications should not occur. This can only be achieved by an experienced physician. In this regard, it would be appropriate to evaluate the recommendations of people who have had Bichectomy surgery for chubby cheeks before, and the before and after photos of physicians. Whether or not operations such as face lift and rhinoplasty will be performed together with Bichectomy for chubby cheeks also determines the price. Since it is not both correct and possible to give a price on the internet, the most accurate thing is to find the right doctor and be examined and to learn the final price after all variables (extra surgery, etc.) are taken into account. Regardless, it should not be forgotten that the prices in Turkey are so low that they cannot be compared with the prices abroad. Average prices in the US are $2,850 ($500 - $7,000)

The incisions made during Bichectomy surgery for chubby cheeks are not made outside the face area in Turkey Antalya. Perhaps the most important feature that distinguishes it from other aesthetic surgeries is that the incisions are made inside the mouth. The surgery begins with an incision of approximately 1 cm from the inside of the mouth corresponding to the cheek area. Since the incision is made inside the mouth, the suture scar is definitely not visible from the outside.

After the Bichectomy operation for chubby cheeks performed in accordance with the rules in Turkey Antalya, the results may be permanent. However, it should be kept in mind that there may be a decrease in the fat on the cheeks due to aging and the results of Bichectomy for chubby cheeks may change. In other words, facial collapse can be seen in some patients due to aging. Nutritional habits after surgery are also important. Gaining excess weight can also cause lubrication in the cheek area. This causes the appearance to change to the way it was before the surgery. Smoking and alcohol habits, exercise and sports, and sleeping patterns can also affect the results in a positive or negative way. In order for the results of Bichectomy surgery for chubby cheeks to be permanent, applications such as filling and botox can also be used.

For bichectomy surgery in Antalya, Turkey, local anesthesia or local anesthesia together with sedation (no sleep, but numbness is in question) anesthesia is preferred. General anesthesia is also applied, especially in cases where combined surgery will be in question. You will not feel any pain during the surgery as numbing will be involved with the anesthetic procedures. There may be mild pain the next day, as the effect of anesthesia will wear off after the surgery. These pains are relieved with the painkiller prescribed by the physician. In addition, as we explained in the section titled "What to do after bichectomy", cold applications will also reduce pain.

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