Different Types Of Brow Lifts

During the aging process, people's skin begins to sag due to the effect of gravity. As sagging increases over time, an older appearance emerges. Temporal lift and brow lift are among the methods that provide some relief from sagging on the face and a more youthful appearance. Temporal lift Turkey procedure, an incision is made around the outer area of the eye and the temples, and skin-tightening surgery is performed. Brow lift Turkey surgery, surgery is performed above the eyebrow and in the forehead.

Different types of browlift surgery:

Types of Brow Lifts

Classic Or Coronal Brow Lift in Turkey

In Coronal Brow lift surgery, the Turkish surgeon makes an incision from one ear to the other along the forehead, but this incision is also made at the hairline. The reason is to prevent the scar from appearing.

Endoscopic Brow Lift in Antalya, Turkey

Endoscopic Brow lift | keyhole brow lift is a less invasive method. There is a camera in one of the incisions, and this way the surgeon works more precisely. Through the other incision, the surgeon performs the necessary procedure for stretching. With the camera, Turkish surgeon sees Endoscopic Brow lift operating area on the screen. The surgeon closes the incision after performing the removal procedures.

Endoscopic brow lift Antalya, fewer incisions are made, thus minimizing the scar problem. Since fewer incisions are required, endoscopic brow lift Antalya healing occurs faster. Since the surgical wounds will be smaller, the patient's risk of complications is also reduced. With Endoscopic Brow Lift surgery, no numbness is felt on the forehead, and the surgeon works more precisely.

Temporal Brow Lift in Antalya, Turkey

In Temporal Brow Lift surgery, small incisions are made. The forehead skin is not removed. The procedure is only performed on the part where the sagging is greater. Temporal Brow Lift incision is made in a small area. In this way, healing occurs much faster.

Temporal Brow Lift costs in Turkey

Thread facelift cost in Turkey is between 1500 - 3000 euros. Thread facelift cost in UK is between 3000-6000 euros. The reason for thread facelift cost in Turkey is the exchange rate. Thanks to the equipped and talented surgeon and team who speak advanced English, you are in safe hands.

Patients who have thread facelifts Antalya have the opportunity to spend a good time in Antalya, which is a tourism paradise, after having their procedures done.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift Using Neurotoxin (Botox, Dysport) in Antalya

This procedure is a temporary eyebrow lift method for patients whose eyebrows descend prematurely. Thanks to botulinum toxin (Botox in Turkey), crow's feet and "11" are eliminated. It provides temporary comfort to the patient. After the effect of the Non-Surgical Brow Lift in Turkey wears off, the procedure is performed again.

Types of Temporal Brow Lifts

Which brow lift technique is best?

The first thing to consider here is that treatments vary for each patient. Each individual's anatomical structure, health status and age factor are different. Turkish surgeon guides the patient on this issue during the consultation.

Patients should clearly state their expectations from face aesthetic Antalya surgery during their meeting with the surgeon. These expectations should be realistic.

Turkish surgeon evaluates the patient's general health status and examines patient’s chronic diseases and medications used. Surgeon advises the patient on the surgical technique according to the patient's skin type and the degree of sagging.

What Kind Of Anesthesia Is Used For Brow Lifting?

You will decide the answer to this question as a result of your consultation with your doctor. Dr. Click to contact Berat Clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

What Is Recovery Time For Brow Lifts in Turkey?

The recovery period for brow lift or temporal lift surgery in Turkey is generally 10 days. If you carefully follow your surgeon's recommendations regarding post-operative care, your recovery time will be shorter.

Which Brow Lift Technique Is Right For You?

There is no single answer to such questions. When choosing type of Brow Lift surgery in Antalya, the surgeon decides according to the patient's needs and characteristics. The patient with experienced surgeon Dr. Berat meets and is examined; the surgeon tells the patient a clear brow lift surgery technique.

Will A Brow Lift Change My Eye Shape?

Your eye shape does not change after Brow lift surgery or Temporal Lift Surgery. However, if you wish, you can also have eyelid lift surgery along with this surgery.

How can i prepare eyebrow lift surgery in Antalya, Turkey

Smoking should be stopped two weeks before Brow lift surgery Antalya. Anesthesia is used during brow lift surgery Turkey surgery. It is important for our patients to come without make-up or any cream on their face. During the consultation, your doctor informs you about what to do.

What is recovery process after eyebrow lift in Antalya?

The doctor's advice should be strictly followed regarding brow lift recovery process. If these recommendations are followed, the healing process will accelerate. Generally, the time required for recovery and rest is around 1-2 weeks. You learn the exact information on this subject during your meeting with the surgeon. After the surgery, patients usually complain of bruising and swelling. It is important not to remove the bandage within the first 24 hours. Applying cold compresses to reduce swelling and keeping the head elevated, including while sleeping, limits swelling from occurring. Generally, showering should not be done for the first 24-48 hours, and when done, gentle cleaning should be done. Rough movements should be avoided until healing is complete, and gentle washing and drying should be done. Doctor's recommendations must be followed. Patients can prefer light walks to accelerate their blood circulation, and they should avoid all activities that will tire them out. Turkish doctor will call you for a follow-up consultation after surgery. This consultation is essential for your health.