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What Causes Prominent Ear?

What is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Who is Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty Performed?

What Should Be Considered After the Surgery?

How is Prominent Ear Surgery With Thread Performed?

Prominent Ear Surgery Risks

What are the Side Effects of Prominent Ear Surgery?

What are the Post-Surgery Gains?

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty)

What is the Price of Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty (Otoplasty)?

Is Prominent Ear Surgery Permanent?

At what age is prominent ear aesthetics performed at the earliest?

Will there be any scars after prominent ear surgery?

Is prominent ear surgery difficult?

Which department should I go to for ear aesthetics?

Is there a non-surgical solution to the prominent ear problem?

Is anesthesia required in prominent ear surgery?

What Causes Prominent Ear?

Prominent Ear-Otoplasty is a problem that is seen in many people, but is a more common problem in children, and although it does not cause any hearing problems, it is a problem that causes serious aesthetic anxiety. Although it is recommended to be corrected at an early age, it can also be done at later ages. It is more advantageous to perform surgery at an early age, since surgery during childhood will prevent the psychological state of the child from being adversely affected.

Prominent Ear-Otoplastyformation is caused by the incomplete formation of the fold in the auricle and the excessive growth of the cartilage that forms the part in the auricle. In some people, the problem is caused by the fold in the bucket, while in others, the problem of excessive growth of the cartilage in the inner part of the bucket arises. Sometimes these two conditions coexist. Prominent ears do not have a normal curve, they are not proportional to the head and face.

This situation causes children to be ridiculed by their friends and circles. If this problem is solved at an early age, it will prevent children from problems such as lack of self-confidence, inability to appear in public, and introversion.

Since the outer part of the ear has a shaped and sensitive tissue, it has a difficult structure for surgical operation.

What is Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty (Otoplasty)?

Ear Aesthetics in Turkey

Ear aesthetics, also known as otoplasty, are operations that involve changes in the position, shape and size of the ears of people who have an ear structure that is not compatible with their face and head. With this process, it will be possible to gain a more aesthetic appearance. The self-confidence problem will also disappear due to the Prominent Ear-Otoplasty problem and the self-confidence of the individuals will be restored. It is a surgery with a high success rate. Generally, patients are satisfied with the results of the procedure.

Ear surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. In ear aesthetics, in which abnormal conditions and defects are corrected, the surgeon applies procedures such as bringing the existing ear to its proper state, creating an ear proportional to the head and face, or simply correcting the angle of the ear. It does this by supporting the cartilaginous part of the auricle. Hereditary ear (Treacher Collins) problems can also be eliminated with Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty Performed in Turkey Antalya?

Generally, this surgery is performed in cases where the ear is larger than it should be, underdeveloped, or when the angle between the ear and the head is excessive. People who have Prominent Ear-Otoplasty problems first want to get information about how the surgery is done in Turkey Antalya. While this surgery is performed under general anesthesia for children, it can be performed under local anesthesia for adults. The surgery usually takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. Sometimes sedatives are also used.

During the surgery in Turkey Antalya, an incision is made behind the ear near the ear and the area near the head. With this incision, the ear is fixed to a region closer to the head or made to the desired shape. Stitches are permanent stitches and cannot be removed after surgery. The area is then closed with sutures and wrapped with a protective bandage. Prominent Ear-Otoplasty aesthetics can be applied to both ears as well as to one ear. This surgery is also performed in ways such as shaping the cartilages by suturing, removing the cartilages partially, weakening the cartilages and facilitating their shaping. If the Prominent Ear-Otoplasty problem is caused by the overdevelopment of the cartilage, some cartilage will usually need to be removed.

Who Is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed in Turkey Antalya?

Ear surgery can be performed on anyone who has a congenital Prominent Ear-Otoplasty problem and is looking for a solution to this problem. It is recommended that this surgery be performed at a very early age. Since the ears complete their development at the age of 6 at the latest, this surgery can be performed from the age of 6 years. Especially if children have this surgery before they start school, it will prevent the child from being mocked because of his appearance.

Performing Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty at an early age will prevent children from experiencing some psychological problems as well as lack of self-confidence due to being a laughing stock. Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty can be applied to people of all ages starting from the age of 6, but it will be advantageous if it is applied at an early age. Since the ear cartilage has a soft structure at early ages, it will be easier to take the desired shape, but it will be a little more difficult to take shape because the structure of the cartilage will be harder in advanced ages. For this reason, it would be advantageous to perform Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty at an early age.

What Should Be Considered After the Surgery in Turkey Antalya?

The patient can stand up a few hours after the operation. After the operation, the area where the procedure is applied is closed with the help of an ear bandage for protection. These bandages may feel slightly uncomfortable or itch, but these are necessary for rapid healing.

It is normal to have some pain after ear aesthetics, as it is after every surgery, and it will be sufficient to use painkillers as recommended by the doctor. If your pain does not go away despite using painkillers, be sure to consult your doctor.

After ear surgery, dressing should be applied to the stitched area for 10 days and the area should be kept clean. Not removing the dressings for the first 10 days will result in a faster recovery.

Since the wound will reach a certain level of healing at the end of the 10th day, the bandages should be removed and the wound should be contacted with air. Thus, the healing of the wound will be faster.

It is normal to develop redness, bruising and edema in the ears after ear aesthetics, and these problems will improve to a certain extent 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

After the operation, patients should protect themselves against any impact that may come to the operated area, otherwise bleeding and opening of the stitches may occur.

In order not to damage the ears after the procedure, one should not lie on his side and serious contact with the ears should be avoided.

Your attire should be suitable for the post-operative situation, and wearing an ear bandage for 1 month after the procedure will allow the structure of the ears to fit better.

Whether or not the stitches will be removed is related to the material used. If the dissolving material is used, there is no need to remove the stitches, they will disappear on their own, but if the suture material is used to be removed, your doctor will tell you when your stitches will be removed.

Applying antibiotic creams externally to the wound area will prevent infection.

In the post-operative period, it is necessary to go to the doctor's controls regularly. Thus, the post-operative situation will be followed up regularly and all possible negativities will be prevented.

If there are patients who wear glasses, the contact of the glasses with the treated area should be prevented.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery With Thread Performed in Turkey Antalya?

Prominent ear surgery with thread is performed less than other surgical procedures in Turkey Antalya. It is a new technique in this field. The process of hanging the ear structure, which is separated from the head due to genetic reasons, with a thread and stretching it inward is called prominent ear surgery with a thread . After this procedure, which can be performed in 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia, the patient can continue his social life in as little as 1 day. It is an operation in which the patient gains the desired image within that day without the need for an incision, bruising and swelling. It is an easy operation and there are usually no complications after the operation.

Prominent Ear Surgery Risks in Turkey Antalya

As with all surgeries, prominent ear surgery also carries some risks, but this surgery is in the low risk group in Turkey Antalya.

  • One of these risks is bleeding in the operation area during the operation. A specialist surgeon can easily overcome this situation.
  • A second risk is the risk of infection, as it can be in any surgery. Again, this problem can be eliminated with necessary treatments.
  • Adverse reaction that may occur during anesthesia in Turkey Antalya.
  • Permanent scarring.
  • Allergic reaction to medical supplies used during surgery.
  • Both ears are not visible at the same rate. In this case, re-correction may be required.
  • Temporary loss of feeling on the skin or feeling different than before.
  • A condition where the ears seem to lean back too much, such as overcorrection. It prevents the ears from looking natural.
  • There may be problems with seams. Stitches can come to the surface of the skin and become infected.

Such problems are non-serious risks that can be prevented by regular follow-up after surgery. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our clinic and get detailed information.

What are the Side Effects of Prominent Ear Surgery in Antalya, Turkey

Edema or bruising may occur immediately after Prominent Ear surgery in Antalya, Turkey. These are normal. Likewise, infection may occur if the doctor's recommendations are not followed after the surgery.

What are the Post-Surgery Gains in Antalya, Turkey

Patients who want to have prominent ear surgery are usually those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears. This problem, which is caused by the ears being larger than they should be and not being in a symmetrical harmony with the head and face, can cause psychological problems due to lack of self-confidence in people, especially in children. Children can be ridiculed by their friends because of their ears, and in this case, they bring psychological problems. These problems can be solved with prominent ear surgery. Ear development in children is completed at the age of 6 years.

Prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age from this age on, but performing it before starting school will prevent children from experiencing lack of self-confidence and psychological problems in Antalya, Turkey. Ear aesthetics,Prominent ear surgery, is a solution to these problems. People who have ear surgery gain a better appearance aesthetically, so this regains the self-confidence that the person has lost. After this surgery, the psychological problems caused by the lack of self-confidence and the feeling of being excluded from the society disappear. The person will have a more aesthetic appearance after the surgery and therefore other problems will be eliminated.

Frequently asked questions about ear aesthetics in Turkey Antalya

Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty cost is an important consideration for people who are considering surgery in Turkey Antalya. Naturally, the person wants to learn the cost in order to adjust his budget. Prominent Ear-Otoplasty problem is in the category of aesthetic procedures because it creates an aesthetic problem, not a health problem. Aesthetic operations are not covered by insurance. For this reason, Prominent Ear-Otoplasty operation is a procedure that must be paid, regardless of which hospital it is performed. Ear aesthetics prices, the technique to be used during the operation, the clinic where the procedure will be performed, the experience of the doctor, the fact that the hospital is a private or state hospital, as well as the details of the operation to be performed are also an important factor in determining prominent ear aesthetics cost. General anesthesia or local anesthesia application is also important in determining the price of Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty. For Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty price information, you can contact our clinic to make an appointment and get more detailed information.

After the known Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty in Turkey Antalya, the problem of returning the ears to their original state is usually not experienced. If you follow your doctor's recommendations and attend your regular check-ups, you will eliminate this possibility. However, this possibility can be seen in Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty with thread, which is a new method that has been started to be performed frequently in our country recently. It is very important to apply Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty with thread to the right candidate. Not everyone should have prominent ear aesthetics with thread. First of all, the person should be thoroughly examined and evaluated whether it is suitable for this method or not. If the person is suitable for surgery and has undergone surgery, and if all the post-operative recommendations are followed, there will be no chance of returning the ears to their original state after this method.

The development of a person's ear is generally completed at the age of 6 years. Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty can also be performed after the ear has completed its development in Turkey Antalya. It would not be right to do it at an earlier age. The ear should be expected to complete its development. Apart from this, Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty can be performed on people of all ages.

Since the incisions are placed behind the ear during surgery, they are not visible from the outside. In the seams, it remains behind the ear and aesthetic stitches are performed. It is as if the scars have almost disappeared in the aesthetic suture. They do not cause aesthetic concern as they remain behind the ear in Turkey Antalya.

Prominent Ear surgery(otoplasty) is performed very easily and quickly in Antalya, Turkey. If local anesthesia is applied in the operation, which is performed in a short time, patients can usually return to their homes within that day. The surgery, which has a recovery period of one or two weeks, has nothing to be afraid of and is a very easy operation in Antalya, Turkey.

Although many people with prominent ear problems try to solve it with natural methods, they are usually not successful. As a solution, you should definitely talk to a specialist doctor and evaluate the situation after the examination. They should see a plastic surgeon or an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for prominent ear treatment. If you have a prominent ear problem, you can contact our clinic and make an appointment in Antalya, Turkey.

Generally, people look for non-surgical solutions to the prominent ear problem, but there is not much solution other than surgical procedures. Although it has recently been called prominent ear surgery with a thread, there is a non-surgical solution. This procedure, which is performed using medical threads without incision in the ear, is one of the best non-surgical solutions in Antalya, Turkey.

Although prominent ear surgery is not a serious operation, general anesthesia is mostly applied in pediatric patients. In adults, it is usually performed with local anesthesia depending on the patient's condition. General anesthesia is also used in adults from time to time, because some patients may encounter unexpected situations such as panic attacks, extreme excitement and stress. In such cases, adults are also given general anesthesia in Antalya, Turkey.

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