Turkey Blepharoplasty(eye lid surgery)for eyelid lift-Eyelid bags-Eye lid drooping (Ptosis)-Antalya upper blepharoplasty cost

Blepharoplasty - Antalya blepharoplasty cost

Blepharoplasty is among the frequently preferred treatments recently in Turkey Antalya. Signs of aging and deformities occur in the eyelids due to sun rays, air pollution, irregular sleep, excessive smoking and alcohol use. The first signs of aging occur on the eyelids. In this article, you can find detailed information about aesthetic eye surgeries.


What is cosmetic blepharoplasty?

In which cases is aesthetic blepharoplasty performed?

How is cosmetic blepharoplasty performed?

  • Upper blepharoplasty
  • Lower blepharoplasty

What should be done after aesthetic blepharoplasty?

Is non-surgical eyelid aesthetics possible?

What should be done before aesthetic blepharoplasty?


How much is blepharoplasty cost?

Will there be any scars after aesthetic blepharoplasty?

Is cosmetic blepharoplasty painful?

Is blepharoplasty results permanent?

Is cosmetic blepharoplasty risky?

What is the recovery process of blepharoplasty?

What is cosmetic blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty (blepharoplasty, eyelid aesthetics) is the name given to the aesthetic corrections applied to the eyelid in cases where the function of the eyelid is impaired for various reasons or cosmetic problems occur in the eyelid. In this application, sagging skin and excess muscle tissue in the lower and upper eyelids are removed and the tissues around the eye are stretched.

In which cases is aesthetic blepharoplasty performed?

  • Below are the situations in which it is appropriate to have blepharoplasty.
  • Cases where the skin of the eyelid does not adhere tightly to the tissues under it.
  • Upper eye lid drooping (Ptosis)
  • Lower eye lid drooping (Ptosis)
  • Asymmetrical images on the eyelids
  • Baggage on the eyelids,
  • Skin discoloration
  • Crow's feet lines
  • Wrinkles on and around the eyelids
  • Sagging of eyelids caused by aging, gravity, allergies and genetics
  • Narrowing of the field of vision due to droopy eyelid (ptosis), astigmatism due to pressure on the cornea, and lazy eye especially in children
  • Eye fatigue and headache due to deformity in the eye
  • Difficulty doing make-up
  • Look older than it is

How is cosmetic blepharoplasty performed in Turkey Antalya?

eyelid-aesthetic Turkey
  • Upper blepharoplasty in Turkey Antalya

The incisions of upper blepharoplasty-eye lid surgery or droopy blepharoplasty are optionally made with the help of a scalpel (steel blade), radiofrequency, electrocautery or laser. The incisions are closed after removing the excess skin and tissues on the eyelid, removing or replacing the subcutaneous fat, tightening the sagging tissues and tightening the skin. It can provide more aesthetic results when combined with surgeries such as forehead lift and eyebrow lifting in upper blepharoplasty. Upper blepharoplasty surgery can sometimes be performed together with operations such as almond eye aesthetics.The area is examined, the problems are determined and the surgery plan is drawn up.

The patient is examined.

After the problems in the eyelids of the patient are thoroughly evaluated, it is decided whether only the skin or the subcutaneous tissues will be removed together with the skin. Shape and dysfunction can also be caused by subcutaneous tissues. In this case, it is determined how much to be taken from the tissues under the skin. It is examined whether there are problems such as fat hernia or fat collapse, sagging of the lacrimal gland, droopy eyelid, low eyebrows. At upper blepharoplasty surgery, during the evaluations, the folds where the incision will be made are determined and the amount of excess skin to be cut is meticulously measured.

Anesthesia is done in Turkey Antalya

Eyelid surgeries (upper blepharoplasty) are usually performed with local anesthesia by numbing the eye area. However, depending on the preference of the patient and the physician, sedation (drowsiness with intravenous medication) or general anesthesia can also be applied.

Measurements are made on the eyelids and surgery is performed in Turkey Antalya

After the upper blepharoplasty surgery is planned, the skin folds where the incision will be made are determined and marking is made. The amount of excess skin to be cut is marked. During these examinations, important problems such as excessive removal of the skin as a result of measurement errors and non-closure due to excessive skin removal may occur. The upper blepharoplasty surgeon removes the tissues as planned through the incisions he makes. The experience of the physician is very important at this point. Most of the time, re-operation is required due to sagging skin that is not removed even though it is necessary, or tissues that are removed unnecessarily.In necessary cases, upper blepharoplasty operations related to drooping eyebrows, droopy eyelids, and sagging of the lacrimal gland can be performed in the form of combined surgery, along with upper eyelid aesthetic surgery. Eye lid surgery is not a definitive solution because these surgeries are not performed if needed.After the necessary procedures related to the tissues are done, the incisions made in a hidden fold in the eyelid are closed by suturing.

The process of restoring the pillows on the cheekbones

Before performing any operation on the lower eyelid, the image on the cheekbones should be examined. During youth, the fat pads on the cheekbones slide down with the effect of aging and gravity. In this case, the lower eyelid collapses and the laugh lines at the corner of the mouth deepen. Endoscopic method is used to correct this deformity and the pillows are hung in their place in the youth period. If only this procedure is done, in some cases, it may not be necessary to make a new application to the eyelids. However, in the presence of sagging and bagging, lower eye surgery is performed

  • Lower blepharoplasty in Turkey Antalya

Lower eyelid plastic surgery is a very common procedure. Even vision can be affected due to faulty applications. For this reason, the operation should be performed by experienced surgeons. Surgery is preferred due to sagging in the lower eyelid, bag formation, dark circles on the lids and tired images on the face. Before the upper blepharoplasty, the examination and surgical planning should be done. For this, the cause of the bagging, the looseness of the ligaments that fix the lower eyelid, the relationship of the lid with the eye, the negativities on the edge of the lid on the eyelashes, the state of the tear drainage system are examined. After the planning is done, the application technique is determined according to the current situation.Removal or replacement of fat bags (Eyelid bags) that cause aesthetic defect on the lower eyelid is usually performed with an incision made on the mucous part of the inner eyelid (from the back of the lid called the conjunctiva) in Turkey Antalya. In suitable patients, it is also possible to make an incision from the lower part of the eyelash line. Regardless of where it is made, maximum attention should be paid to the incision process and subsequent applications.Operations are carried out according to the planning made before the operation. Which and to what extent the adjacent adipose tissues in each valve will be intervened, and the amount of adipose tissue to be replaced are determined by the physician during the surgery. It is performed during the operation in line with the experience of the surgeon. In some patients, fat can be transferred to the spaces between the lid and cheek without removing the fat. Thus, it may be possible to get rid of both the bag formations and the gaps that cause the ring formation.

Excess skin is the mildest problem in the lower eyelids. During the eyelid surgery in Turkey Antalya, the skin should be removed as little as possible or not taken at all. There is a misconception that the operation is only due to excess skin and that excess skin must be removed during the operation. However, when such an application is made, the main problem is not solved, problems such as turning outward and sagging down occur in the lower lids, resulting in aesthetic and functional disorders.Some treatments can be combined with blepharoplastyAfter examining the condition of the ligaments related to the eyelids, loosening or tightening is performed in the last part of the surgery. During this surgery, extra treatments such as suspension or face lift can be performed in the fatty tissue of the cheek. In addition, cosmetic procedures such as eyebrow lifting, ptosis surgery, removal of eyelid bags under or above the eyes, removal of wrinkles also called crow's feet, almond eye surgery, oil injection around the eyes, mid-face lift and botox application according to the wishes or needs of the person are also the same as blepharoplasty. can be applied in one session.

What should be done after aesthetic upper blepharoplasty in Antalya, Turkey?

As with many surgical procedures, there are some things to consider after upper blepharoplasty in Turkey Antalya. However, if the doctor's recommendations are followed, the healing process will be comfortable.

  • No need to stay in hospital in Turkey Antalya
  • The surgery was usually performed under local anaesthesia. The patient can be discharged on the same day. However, in cases where complicated surgeries are performed and general anesthesia is deemed appropriate, the physician may want the patient to stay in the hospital for one day.

  • Eating and drinking should be stopped.
  • In cases where general anesthesia rather than local anesthesia is applied for the operation, it is better not to eat anything until the effect of the anesthetic agent wears off (about 2 hours).

  • You can use your painkillers.
  • In case of mild pain after the operation, you can relieve your pain by using the painkillers prescribed by the physician.

  • Swelling and bruising are temporary.
  • Depending on the surgery, there may be small swellings or sometimes bruising in Turkey Antalya. It will pass after a while. Edema can be reduced with cold applications. 10 minutes of cold application every 1-2 hours will be sufficient. This practice should be continued for 24 hours. This application also has a pain-reducing effect.

  • Control inspections should not be interrupted in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Control examinations should be performed on the days determined by the physician.

  • Smoking should be stopped, if possible, otherwise it should be given.
  • Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen dispersed throughout the body. Recovery of benefit is delayed due to reduced oxygen. Due to the weakening effect of smoking and alcohol on the immune system, the formation of infections is also easier. For this reason, even if the consumption cannot be completely stopped, it should be interrupted for at least 15 days.

  • Keep your head elevated while lying down.
  • Keeping the head above the level of the heart during hospitalization will reduce pain and swelling. For this purpose, pillows can be placed under the head.

  • Take a break from heavy work and sports
  • You should rest for a few days. Do not damage the sutures and the operation area by doing heavy work and sudden movements.

  • Face should be protected from heat
  • Take a break from activities such as spa, hammam, sauna. These activities cause an increase in edema and pain in the face area. Infection may also occur.

  • Stitches are removed
  • Your doctor will inform you on the day the stitches will be removed in Antalya, Turkey. The stitches are removed after approximately 7 days, depending on the type of operation.

  • It is beneficial to take 7 days off
  • Although it is possible to stand up immediately after the operation and start normal work within 1-2 days, it is useful to rest. It would be prudent to return to routine life after a week's leave.

  • Use your pomades.
  • You can apply antibiotic and/or emollient pomades recommended by your doctor on the suture lines 2 times a day.

  • Facial expressions should be reduced
  • It is necessary to avoid facial expressions that will stretch the seam line, such as laughing excessively for a few days.

  • Clothes should be chosen specially
  • Instead of the dresses that are worn by passing through the head part, the ones that are buttoned in the front should be preferred. It is useful to pay attention to this dressing style during the first few days.

Is non-surgical eyelid aesthetics possible in Turkey Antalya?

There are some non-surgical methods that can be preferred in milder eyelid aesthetic problems where surgery is not required, if the patient does not want to have surgery or in cases where the second surgery may cause problems despite having undergone surgery. The physician evaluates the patient's condition and starts the treatment through botulinum toxin, filling, mesotherapy and device procedures.

  • Botulinium toxin application in Antalya, Turkey
  • With carefully applied botulinum toxin, it is possible to correct wrinkles, shape and raise the eyebrows, and raise the eyelid a little. However, it is not as effective as the surgical method. Applications need to be repeated at certain intervals.

  • Filling application
  • Filling application on and around the eyelid can also be preferred for an aesthetic appearance, even if it is temporarily effective. Raising the eyebrow, filling the collapsed areas in the upper eyelid, filling the pits in the lower eyelid area can be done with filling application. In cases where there is no bagging on the lower eyelid that does not require surgery, fillings made using the appropriate technique and correct filling material are very effective in removing dark circles and tired eye appearance. It may be possible to gain an aesthetic appearance by filling applications around the eyes in collapses or traumas caused by unnecessary fat tissues removed during upper lid surgery, or in hereditary deep-looking upper lips.

  • Mesotherapy application in Antalya, Turkey
  • Mesotherapy applications for the treatment of dark color changes, stains and linear formations around the eyes give effective aesthetic results. Mesotherapy applications are usually combined with surgery for droopy eyelids and aesthetics.

  • Applications made with special devices
  • In eye lid surgery, device applications are also used to provide an aesthetic appearance to the eyelid and its surroundings. Plasma applications, which are widely advertised as a device application and mistakenly launched as laser application, do not have an effective eyelid aesthetic or lid lift feature for every patient and under all conditions, contrary to what is advertised. However, some patients, which are thought to be effective, have skin tightening and wrinkle removal effects for 1-2 years. This application is not effective against eyelid bags and real drooping eyelids (ptosis). Bipolar radiofrequency devices are another new technology used to provide an aesthetic image. These devices are useful in tightening the skin, subcutaneous tissues and partially adipose tissue in a patient group that does not have excessive bagging, that is, does not require definitive surgery

    When these methods are applied correctly to the appropriate patient, they give satisfactory results. It has advantages over the surgical procedure due to the fact that the procedures are performed with local anesthesia, the swelling after the procedure is very short, no stitches and no bruising. However, the importance of surgery is obvious in terms of its effectiveness for most problems and the permanence of its results.

What should be done before aesthetic blepharoplasty in Turkey Antalya?

  • There is a qualified physician in Turkey Antalya.Finding an experienced physician is the most important step. In this way, the likelihood of complications will be reduced.
  • The use of some routinely used drugs is suspended.Medications such as aspirin, blood thinners and vitamin E preparations should not be used for a while before the operation. It would also be beneficial not to use some herbal supplements and mixtures, as they may have blood-thinning properties.
  • Eating and drinking are stoppedThe surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. However, since general anesthesia can also be performed, food consumption should be terminated approximately 8 hours before the surgery. If the stomach of the patient under general anesthesia is full, the food content may go up and block the trachea.
  • Stop smoking and alcohol use.Smoking and alcohol have serious negative side effects. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood, hindering wound healing, weakening the immune system and causing infection. Due to the listed side effects, if possible, their use should be terminated 10-15 days before the operation.
  • Pregnancy status should be shared with the physician in Turkey Antalya.If there is a pregnancy or the possibility of being pregnant, it should be shared with the physician.
  • There are things to be done on the day of surgery.Medicines such as blood pressure and diabetes medicine that are used regularly can be taken in the early morning with a sip of water. There is no harm in taking a shower on the morning of the surgery. No make-up, hair spray, gel or nail polish should be used on the day of the operation. Clothing should be easy to wear and comfortable. The clothes to be worn in the operating room are usually provided by the hospital. Special items such as rings, necklaces, earrings should not be used and valuable items should not be brought to the operating room. Those who wear contact lenses and dental prostheses should remove them before surgery.

Frequently asked questions about eyelid aesthetics in Turkey Antalya

Due to the regulations in Turkey Antalya, blepharoplasty cost is not given on the internet. In order to learn the exact blepharoplasty cost, a physician should be examined. The physician will make the examinations and inform the patient about the planning of the surgery. At the same time, the final price is explained to the patient by determining whether it will be combined with another surgery.
Finding a doctor who is competent and has performed very successful surgery is more important than the blepharoplasty cost. It is necessary to consider details such as surgical experience, quality service understanding, advanced surgical methods and a fully equipped hospital environment rather than choices such as ‘low blepharoplasty cost’ or "nearby clinic". Although the price is also a determining factor, the risk posed by an inexperienced surgeon, which may cause complications, and the amount to be spent for the correction of these damages may be higher. In addition, since this application is an optional aesthetic operation, it is not covered by insurance.

During blepharoplasty in Turkey Antalya, the incisions are made very small in the natural folds of the lids. There is a very small scar at the incision site, which is hidden because it is thrown into the fold. These scars take the color of the skin and become indistinct after the healing process. In cases where the incision is made with other methods, not with a scalpel, the scars are not obvious at all. However, the genetic structure of the patient's skin, some systemic diseases, nutritional disorders, side effects of the drugs used, injury to the wound site, and especially smoking and alcohol use may delay or interfere with wound healing. In this case, even if the folds are thrown into it, there is no improvement in the incision area at the desired level and the scars may be partially evident.

Since eye lid surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and the area to be treated is anesthetized, the patient does not feel pain during the operation in Turkey Antalya. After the operation, there may be mild pain as the effect of the drug will pass. These pains are relieved with painkillers recommended and prescribed by the physician. Since mild swellings that occur after eye aesthetic surgery can also cause pain by pressing on the nerves, it is beneficial to apply cold applications (ice or ice pack can be applied for 10 minutes every 1 hour). With this application, the swelling will decrease and the bruising will also decrease.

During blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery), the excess skin of the eyelids is removed in Antalya, Turkey. Sometimes muscle and fat tissues are also removed. The effect of this operation is permanent and its effect can last for 10-15 years. However, due to aging, the decrease in the elasticity of the skin and the effect of facial expressions and gravity may require surgery again. Following the recommendations and being careful after the operation will affect the permanence of the results. It should be kept in mind that excessive use of cigarettes and alcohol, an intensely stressful life, sleep disorders, a sedentary-sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, and blows to the face can reduce the permanence. It is possible to preserve the pleasing image for a longer period of time by having other treatment methods applied if needed, instead of being satisfied with a single blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery) surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

Eye lid surgery is an operation with very low risks if performed by experienced and knowledgeable physicians in Antalya, Turkey. The most common side effects are; swelling (edema), rarely bruising, infection and bleeding in the form of leakage. These complications are mostly not permanent.

After the eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty), redness and swelling are seen in the first 3 days and these symptoms decrease and disappear within a week. After the surgical procedure, swelling and bruises are greatly reduced after cold applications. Cold ice application will also have a pain-reducing effect. The bandages placed on the stitches are removed after the first 3 days, and the stitches are removed one week later. One month after the eye aesthetic surgery, the scars disappear and the scars become indistinct due to the stitches being placed on the folds of the eyelid skin. You can return to daily routine work 3 days after eye surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

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