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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Turkey-Man Boobs Surgery Antalya

Turkey Antalya Gynecomastia-Man boobs treatment, in other words, breast reduction surgery in men is the application to make the appearance of the breast aesthetically and smaller. It is one of the most preferred treatments for aesthetic purposes by men.


What is Gynecomastia-Man boobs?

What are the causes of Gynecomastia-Man boobs?

  • Some Drugs that Cause Gynecomastia-Man boobs
  • Diseases and other factors that can cause Gynecomastia-Man boobs

What are the types of Gynecomastia-Man boobs?

  • Glandular type
  • Lipomatous type
  • Mixed type

How to detect Gynecomastia-Man boobs manually?

How do I know if I have gynecomastia

What should be done before Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery?

How is Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery performed?

  • Vaser liposuction technique
  • Open Gynecomastia-Man boobs technique

What should be considered after Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery?


From what age can gynecomastia surgery be performed?

Will there be any scars after gynecomastia surgery?

Will the breasts grow back after gynecomastia surgery?

What are the risks of gynecomastia surgery?

Can gynecomastia be treated with sports?

How much does gynecomastia(man-boobs) surgery cost in Antalya, Turkey?

Does gynecomastia(man boobs) surgery hurt in Antalya, Turkey?

What is a gynecomastia athlete?

How long is the gynecomastia corset used?

Does gynecomastia surgery cause cancer?

Does SSI pay for gynecomastia surgery?

What is pseudogynecomastia (false gynecomastia)?

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia-Man boobs is the appearance of female-type breasts in men, that is, the transformation of the breast into a feminine shape. This appearance can be unilateral or can occur in both breasts. Gynecomastia-Man boobs has many causes. Some diseases, hormones, genetic predisposition, sudden and extreme weight loss are among the main causes. Gynecomastia-Man boobs caused by drugs and diseases usually resolves with the end of the disease. Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery ranks 3rd among the plastic surgeries applied by men.

What are the causes of Gynecomastia-Man boobs in Turkey Antalya?

Gynecomastia-Man boobs is a condition that occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. In Gynecomastia-Man boobs seen in men, the amount of male hormone testosterone decreases while the amount of estrogen increases. The effect of the hormone estrogen from the mother is great in Gynecomastia-Man boobs seen in infants in Turkey Antalya. Breasts that grow due to this hormone reach normal sizes after a few weeks. Gynecomastia-Man boobs seen during adolescence also occurs due to hormonal changes. This physiological condition, which does not require treatment, improves between 7 months and 2 years. Although hormonal changes are the main cause of Gynecomastia-Man boobs seen in adults, it is known that many different factors play a role. Breast enlargement, especially seen in men between the ages of 45-70, requires medical or surgical application. The causes of Gynecomastia-Man boobs seen in advanced ages can be listed as follows.

  • Some drugs that cause Gynecomastia-Man boobs

Gynecomastia-Man boobs may occur due to the wrong and long-term use of some drugs or the side effects of these drugs.Some drugs or supplements used by athletes, estrogen hormone, drugs that inhibit prostate growth, some heart drugs, various drugs used for stomach ulcers and heartburn, drugs used against anxiety, fungicides, some antibacterial drugs, drugs used in infertility treatment in Turkey Antalya, preparations used for hyperactivity corrective purposes. Drugs used in the treatment of depression, drugs used in the treatment of hyperactivity, cancer drugs, smoking and alcohol use can cause Gynecomastia-Man boobs. It should be noted that some herbal products and supplements can also initiate breast enlargement in men.

  • Diseases and other factors that can cause Gynecomastia-Man boobs

Some diseases that cause the formation of Turkey Antalya Gynecomastia-Man boobs can be listed as follows.

  • Hyperthyroidism (overgrowth of the thyroid gland)
  • Insufficient kidney function
  • Tumors
  • Hypoganadism (insufficiency in testicular functions in men)
  • Hermaphroditism (A person has both male and female reproductive organs)
  • Cirrhosis
  • Hunger: Estrogen levels increased due to long-term hunger and Gynecomastia-Man boobs events were observed in soldiers who were captured during the Second World War.
  • Aging (as testosterone production decreases)

Obesity (In men who have excessive weight gain and gain fat, testosterone can be converted to estrogen in the adipose tissue. This change may cause breast enlargement in men)

What are the types of Gynecomastia-Man boobs?

Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery in Turkey

There are 3 types of Gynecomastia-Man boobs. These can be listed as follows.

a) Glandular type

There is an increase in breast tissue.

b) Lipomatous type

There is no increase in breast tissue. However, the fat tissue in the breast increases and the breast becomes oily.

c) Mixed type

It is the most common type of Gynecomastia-Man boobs in Turkey Antalya. There is an increase in both breast tissue and adipose tissue in the breast.

How to detect Gynecomastia-Man boobs manually in Turkey Antalya?

One of the questions asked by patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts is "how to understand Gynecomastia-Man boobs in Turkey Antalya". In the Gynecomastia-Man boobs examination, it is first checked whether there is an enlargement in the mammary gland due to the estrogen hormone. If Gynecomastia-Man boobs develops, hard tissue can be felt in the same area.

How do I know if I have gynecomastia

The most obvious symptom of gynecomastia in men is the increase in breast size and volume. In addition, there are various symptoms of Gynecomastia-Man boobs. These symptoms can be listed as follows.

  • Swelling in breast tissue
  • One of the breasts is larger than the other (Asymmetric breasts)
  • Discharge from one or both breasts
  • The presence of pain or tenderness in the breast
  • A hard structure in the form of a lump on the underside of the nipple.

By the way, there is one thing that should be noted. Breast cancer can occur not only in women but also in men. It is possible to encounter the symptoms mentioned above not only in the case of Gynecomastia-Man boobs, but also in cancer cases. For this reason, it is important for people with these complaints to be examined due to the risk of breast cancer.

What should be done before Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery in Turkey Antalya?

  • The patient is interviewed and the examination is carried out.
  • The patient is examined. The stages of gynecomastia in the chest and the type of gynecomastia are determined and the appropriate surgical technique is selected. Although gynecomastia surgery is a very safe procedure, the small risks that can be seen from time to time and what not to do to avoid these risks are explained to the patient. Whether there is an allergy or not, chronic diseases are learned. It is determined whether there will be another surgery to be performed together with gynecomastia, that is, the combined operation situation.

  • Drug use, which may pose a risk for surgery, is terminated. In particular, drugs that cause bleeding are interrupted.
  • The patient is informed about drugs that dilute the blood and increase bleeding. The patient is asked not to use such drugs (such as aspirin, some painkillers, vitamin E before the Gynecomastia-Man boobs operation in Turkey Antalya. It should be noted that some herbal supplements or teas may also have bleeding-increasing properties.

  • Eating and drinking activities should be stopped for a while before the operation.
  • Having a full stomach is a risk for general anesthesia. There may be a possibility that the stomach contents may block the windpipe. In this regard, food should not be consumed approximately 6-8 hours before the operation.

  • It should be known that smoking is risky for the postoperative period.
  • Smoking can cause adverse effects both in the anesthesia process and in the postoperative period. It weakens the immunity, the wounds cannot heal at the desired level and time, the oxygen in the blood decreases and it can trigger infections in parallel with the weakening of the immunity.

  • Patients should be at ideal weight for surgery.
  • In order to perform gynecomastia-man boobs surgery in Turkey Antalya, it is mentioned in various scientific articles that patients should have an ideal weight. Generally, patients with a body mass index of 19-25 are suitable for surgery. Some researchers state that patients with a body mass index of 30 can also undergo surgery.

  • In the process of gynecomasyia-man boobs, Blood analyzes are performed, mammography and/or ultrasound examinations are performed in Turkey Antalya.
  • Shots are taken to determine the condition and spread of the mass in the breast. At the same time, images are compared with images 6 months-1 years later. Blood tests are performed for suitability for surgery

How is Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery performed in Turkey Antalya?

The method to be applied for Gynecomastia-Man boobs operation varies according to the density of fat or breast tissue in the breast in Turkey Antalya. In addition, the level of sagging of the breast is a factor that determines the Gynecomastia-Man boobs surgery technique.Which technique is suitable for the Gynecomastia-Man boobs operation will be determined by the doctor's examination. If it is determined that the fat tissue is excessive at the end of the examination, the fat tissue is removed painlessly with the Liposuction method. If the patient has an increase in both breast tissue (gland) and adipose tissue, open gynecomastia technique is also used in addition to liposuction. With this application, the breast tissue is also taken and the breast is made flat and shaped.

a) Vaser liposuction technique

The most preferred application for the treatment of gynecomastia is Vaser liposuction. In Vaser liposuction, also known as closed gynecomastia surgery or scarless gynecomastia surgery, ultrasonic sound waves are sent to the area to melt the fat and remove it from the breast tissue in Turkey Antalya. In this application, which is carried out by sending high-frequency sound waves, the biggest advantage is that only fat is broken down and no damage occurs to soft tissues such as vessels, nerves and connective tissue. For this reason, bleeding and edema are very low during the procedure, and bruises are reduced after the operation. Since the whole operation is completed with incisions of a few millimeters (not exceeding 1 cm), there is almost no or no scar after this closed gynecomastia surgical technique. As the breast tightens as a result of the contraction with Vaser Lipo, sagging cases are not encountered at the end of the operation.

b) Open gynecomastia technique

If the patient has an increase in breast tissue besides adipose tissue, a small incision is made from the border of the brown tissue around the nipple. The hard and dense breast tissue just below the nipple, which can also be felt during the examination, is removed. The incisions are made on the border of the brown area around the nipple so that the scars are not visible.Patients who want to get rid of the fat in the abdomen, waist (bagel) and back region can have these surgeries combined with gynecomastia surgery in Turkey Antalya.

What should be considered after gynecomastia surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

As long as the recommendations made by the physician are followed after gynecomastia-man boobs in Turkey Antalya, the recovery period will pass comfortably and an appearance that will meet the expectations will be obtained. Some applications to be made after the operation are listed below in Antalya, Turkey.

  • There may be swelling (edema) and bruising in the breast after the operation. This is normal. After a few days, the skin will regain its normal state and color.
  • There may be very mild pain for 1-3 days after the operation. Painkillers recommended by the physician can be used to relieve pain.
  • Antibiotics prescribed by the physician will prevent possible infection.
  • An appointment should be made to remove the dressing and drain (if placed) on the date determined by the physician in Turkey Antalya.
  • The burning sensation in the breast after the operation is due to the treatment applied. It disappears on its own within 1-2 days.
  • Although very rarely, loss of sensation and sensitivity may occur. This situation is temporary.
  • In the first days, it is necessary to avoid moving the arms quickly and abruptly. The arms should not be raised too high. Light walks are useful to prevent events called vein thrombosis.
  • Beds should be on the back for 2-3 weeks.
  • Shower can be taken according to the doctor's advice. As long as the stitched areas of the breast are protected, there is usually no problem in taking a shower after 2 days.
  • The given corset should be worn for 4 weeks without removing it. breasts of the corset
  • It will have a shaping and swelling reducing effect.
  • For the first 2 months, heavy sports and work that requires strength should be avoided.
  • It would be appropriate to take 7 days off and rest.
  • The expected final appearance of the breast may take 6 months to 1 year.
  • Wound gel can be used to keep the scar thin and flat. In this way, the wound healing time will be shortened, and the time taken for the wound area to change color and take the magazine will also decrease. At the end of the healing period, there will be scars that are not very obvious. If the current situation still bothers you, the scars can be completely disappeared with options such as laser application. If the sutures are removed from the absorbed material, there is no need for removal. Otherwise, the stitches are removed on the day deemed appropriate by the physician.
  • After gynecomastia(man-boobs) treatment, a nutrition program should be established and excessive weight gain should be avoided. When necessary, the current weight should be maintained by getting help from nutrition and diet experts. It is necessary to avoid physical contact that will damage the suture area.
  • Avoid environments such as sauna, spa, and Turkish bath, especially for the first month. Otherwise, the reduction of edema may be delayed and infection may develop.
  • To prevent the nipples from sticking to the muscles below, the area should be massaged once or twice a day.

Can gynecomastia go away?

Whether gynecomastia goes away depends on several factors, including the cause and the individual's age.

Frequently asked questions about gynecomastia-man boobs in Turkey Antalya

Generally, we can say that gynecomastia-man boobs surgery can be performed from the age of 17-18. Breast enlargement at a younger age is physiological and the breast will shrink after a while.Undoubtedly, the general health condition of the patient should also be suitable for the operation in Turkey Antalya.

The questions that people who are considering having breast reduction surgery most want to know the answer to Are there any stitches left in breast aesthetics? When does the breast aesthetic suture scar go away? form. As in all surgeries with surgical intervention, scars remain after gynecomastia-man boobs breast surgery in Turkey Antalya. The shapes and sizes of the scars on the breast vary according to the operation technique. A scar remains after the ring-shaped incision around the nipple. However, this trace is not obvious due to the different color of that region. In the operation performed with the Vaser liposuction technique, the scar is almost indistinct.

Although the resulting scars are more obvious at first, they begin to heal and become indistinct over time and lose their clarity. It is possible to reduce the visibility of scars by paying the necessary attention after the operation, stopping smoking, nutrition enriched with protein and vitamins, and keeping diabetes under control.

There are many factors that cause gynecomastia. In cases where the causes cannot be completely eliminated, regrowth of the breast may occur. However, overall growth is not expected. However, since most of the fat in the breast is removed during the gynecomastia operation, the breast will be the least affected area in post-operative weight gains. Your doctor who performed the operation in Turkey Antalya will give you detailed advice on what you should not do.

As with any surgery, it is possible for breast reduction surgery to cause some undesirable results. Negativity can be prevented or reduced by paying attention to the points to be considered after the surgery and following the doctor's recommendations. Male breast reduction, gynecomastia(man boobs) surgery is a safe surgery in Antalya, Turkey, especially when performed in an accredited surgery center or hospital by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. However, some complications seen in any surgery may also occur after this gynecomastia(man boobs) surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, bleeding under the skin (hematoma), infection, or fluid buildup. Other risks include separation of stitches, nerve damage, deep vein thrombosis and visible scarring. There is also a risk of asymmetry or irregularity in the shape and contour of your breasts after surgery, which may require correction surgery. There may be numbness in the breasts or nipples in the days after breast reduction surgery. This condition usually passes over time. There's also a chance you could develop a temporary condition called breast fat necrosis, where dead fat cells form scar tissue or cysts instead of being absorbed by your body. Massage is effective in preventing this negativity. You can reduce all these potential risks by finding an experienced plastic surgeon and carefully following the healing instructions

Exercise and sports cannot be a solution in the treatment of gynecomastia(man boobs) in Antalya, Turkey. If gynecomastia(man boobs) is caused by excessive weight gain, there is no doubt that sports and diet will be beneficial. However, the fats in the breast areas are usually stubborn and insoluble. For this reason, we cannot say that sports will be solution-oriented in the treatment of gynecomastia. In such a case, the most accurate way to get rid of gynecomastia is surgery. However, 4 weeks after the operation, sports and non-exercise can be started.

Due to the regulations in Antalya, Turkey, prices are not given on the internet. In order to learn the exact price of the gynecomastia(man-boobs) surgery, a physician should be examined. The condition of the breast, the hospital where the operation will be performed, the type of operation and the price will be decisive. The physician will make the examinations and inform the patient about the planning of the surgery. At the same time, the final price is explained to the patient by determining whether it will be combined with another surgery. Finding a doctor who is competent and has performed very successful surgery is more important than the price. It is necessary to consider details such as surgical experience, quality service understanding, advanced surgical methods and a fully equipped hospital environment.

Since the gynecomastia(man boobs) operation is performed under local anesthesia supported sedation or with general anesthesia, pain is not felt in Antalya, Turkey. The patient is discharged on the same day or the next day after the operation, which takes approximately 1.5 hours (unless combined surgery is in question). After the operation, there may be mild pain lasting 1-3 days when the effect of the anesthetic agent wears off. These pains are relieved with painkillers given by the physician.

A gynecomastia(man boobs) athlete is a garment that is worn under the upper garment (like a shirt) to hide the enlargement of the breast. Undoubtedly, this type of dressing is for camouflage and is not a solution for gynecomastia.

The corset, which is mistakenly known as a gynecomastia(man boobs) athlete, but is worn with an athlete-like structure, is used for 3 or 4 weeks after the surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Except for special occasions, it should be worn without taking off. The compression corset, which is worn after the surgery and puts pressure on the breasts, is effective in reducing the bruising and edema as well as in the new shape of the breasts. In addition, the effect of stimulating blood flow and enhancing healing has also been determined.

There is no scientific data that breast reduction surgery causes cancer. On the contrary, it is stated that the removal of breast tissue during the breast reduction procedure may reduce the risk of cancer, even if it has not been demonstrated by scientific data.

Aesthetic operations are performed with the preferences of the people in Istanbul, Turkey. In order for the operations performed with personal preferences to be covered by the SSI, only medical reasons must be in question and the joint approval of the physicians must be obtained.

Pseudogynecomastia, also known as lipomastia, is when the appearance of male breasts is due to fatty deposits, not glandular breast tissue. This is most common in overweight men. Usually, regular exercise and a healthy eating routine will eventually reduce the appearance of Pseudogynecomastia. But in some cases, fat can be stubborn and cosmetic surgery such as vaser liposuction may be appropriate to help improve the appearance of the breasts. If you have difficulty in understanding the difference between fake gynecomastia and real gynecomastia, you can contact us and get examined.

This article is for informational and advisory purposes. The recommendations of your physician who will examine you and perform the surgery should be a priority.

We wish you healthy days as a clinic.

You can contact us to get detailed information about gynecomastia surgery and to be examined. You can also read our article titled Liposuction.

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