How long does temporal lift last?

Temporal lift effect is valid for 3 to 5 years.

This period varies depending on the patient's age, quality of life and skin characteristics.

Temporal face lift Antalya Turkey

What is temporal lift?

Temporal lift is a cosmetic procedure mostly preferred by women. The upper part of the face is targeted. Lifting reduces sagging skin. It also removes wrinkles around the eyes. In this way, patients achieve a younger appearance.

It can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. Temporal Lift Antalya involves small incisions. These incisions are hidden close to the scalp.

Since Temporal Lift Antalya is not a complex surgery, recovery usually takes 1-2 days.

Is temporal face lift permanent?

Temporal lift Antalya procedure is permanent.

However, as aging and sagging skin continue, maintenance treatments are required. For this reason, the effect of the Temporal lift Antalya procedure lasts for several years.

Benefits of Temporal Lift

Temporal lifts give instant results.

Temporal lift Antalya provides natural results as well as other facial aesthetics.

They increase the youthful appearance.

The procedure increases self-confidence.

It also has minimal scarring.

Recovery time and surgery time are short.

Temporal lift in Antalya

Antalya offers quality temple lifting procedures.

Advanced technology is used in clinics.

Thanks to the experienced and competent surgeon in Antalya, you will enjoy a holiday after the surgery.

The cost is lower than other countries.

Patients receive excellent care.

Who can get Temporal Lift?

Most healthy adults can receive temporal removal.

Those with mild to moderate skin sagging.

Although younger patients also prefer temporal lift, patients around the age of 40-50 generally prefer this procedure.

Patients should have realistic expectations. In the consultation with the surgeon, wishes should be expressed clearly.

How to prepare for temporal lift?

First of all, a consultation is held with the surgeon. The Turkish surgeon should be provided with information regarding medical history. The patient should express his expectations. In the next stage, the patient is prepared for surgery.

Patients should avoid smoking and certain medications before temporal lift or other face aesthetic surgeries. The physician informs the patient about this issue.

Recovery after temporal lift

Recovery is usually rapid. Swelling and bruising may occur. It is possible to return to normal activities within a few days. Follow-up examinations ensure proper and rapid recovery.

If the doctor's instructions are followed, the patient recovers in a shorter time and the success rate of the surgery increases.

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