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In recent years, most women, and even many men, pay attention to their legs being thin, thick or curved. While men want to have a muscular leg appearance, women want to have long, harmonious, striking and impressive legs. The studies for having legs with aesthetic appearance started for the first time in the 70s and have made many developments in terms of techniques, methods and procedures until today. Over the years, women's skirt lengths have shortened, and on top of that, women have begun to pay more attention to the appearance of their legs. Although women tried to cover the uncomfortable areas by wearing trousers, they could not give up their desire to wear skirts. It has even been found that many women avoid wearing swimsuits or shorts because of the unwanted leg appearance.

Leg aesthetic problems usually arise due to unhealthy eating and drinking habits at an early age, unconscious sports activities and hereditary factors. The purpose of leg aesthetic treatments is to make the legs the most beautiful, aesthetic, pleasing and impressive as desired.

For women, legs are one of the most difficult areas to lose weight. Although people who spend hours in the gym can lose weight, they continue to struggle with stubborn leg fat. Anyone who wants to have the ideal leg shape can have leg aesthetics. In this article, you will find the answer to the question of how to get rid of unwanted leg images in all its aspects!


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How long will I get in the leg aesthetic process in Antalya, Turkey?


People want to see the harmonious and neat appearance on their legs, which they want to have in other parts of their body. However, in the natural structure of the legs, it may not be possible to achieve an aesthetic appearance for many reasons. While our legs, which are important parts of our body, can be very thin or very thick and crooked according to the general anatomical structure, there may be deformity in the knees and deformity in the ankles. Inverted (X leg) where the knees are too close together, or outward, asymmetrical legs where the knees are too far apart, like braces; can reveal an unbalanced and distorted image. Leg aesthetics is applied to eliminate similar problems and to shape the legs. All of the aesthetic procedures that the person has done in order to have legs that complete the body balance from the hip area to the ankles in accordance with their physique are called leg aesthetics.Legs that are too thick according to the body structure can be thinned or thin legs can be thickened with various applications. However, deformities defined as crooked legs can be corrected with surgical interventions in Turkey Antalya.


Aesthetic problems in the legs in general;

  • Excessively thick legs according to the general proportion of our body,
  • Legs that are very thin compared to other parts of the body,
  • The apparent imbalance, symmetry disorder between our right and left legs,
  • Our knees, also called X legs, are too close to each other,
  • Our knees, which are also called legs, are too far from each other, braces leg condition,
  • Disproportionately thick ankle with our body,
  • Lubrication in the upper leg area,
  • Lubrication in the hip area (outside of the leg),
  • Fat condensation in the inner part of the knee,
  • Curvature in the lower leg,
  • Varicose veins problem,
  • It can be stated as skin collapse.

It is possible to apply to leg aesthetics to eliminate all these aesthetic problems in Turkey Antalya.


Leg Aesthetics Turkey

The most important reasons for the disappearance of leg aesthetics;

  • Unbalanced nutrition in early childhood,
  • Genetic characteristics,
  • Uninterrupted and unbalanced weight gain and loss,
  • Gravity with age,
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Muscle and bone diseases,
  • It can be counted as a sedentary and non-sports life.

Excess fat is a condition that damages and disrupts the body balance and order in people's physique. However, the problems in the legs are not always caused by the excess fat we are talking about. Other causes of leg deformity other than fat are muscle disorders such as leg bone curvature or polio. Such problems are corrected with camouflage aesthetics. Even if the shape and posture of our legs are good, superficial problems may have arisen. These superficial problems are caused by capillaries. Methods such as laser and sclerotherapy are applied to solve the problem in Turkey Antalya.


In order for the legs to have an aesthetic appearance, some complementary elements are needed in Turkey Antalya. These are:

  • Height and projection of the hip area
  • Matching thighs
  • Good general leg alignment
  • Measured appearance at the knees.
  • Calves with a rounded appearance
  • Thinned ankle
  • Smooth aesthetic looking leg skin


Compared to elderly patients, liposuction may be sufficient for non-aesthetic image disorders in the legs of young patients. However, in elderly patients or patients who have lost a lot of weight, liposuction alone is not sufficient and is performed together with surgical intervention. In patients undergoing liposuction, the size of the surgery will be small. With leg thinning surgery in Turkey Antalya, excess fat that causes sagging of the skin and stretching of the tissues is removed.

In leg thinning surgery and leg stretching surgery, leg shaping is done by considering the density of the fat in the leg area and where they are located. In people with low fat tissue, the problem is solved by using a silicone prosthesis or fat taken from different parts of the patient's body with the method of leg filling. In the field of leg aesthetics, surgical or non-surgical methods are applied depending on the demands of people who want aesthetic surgery.

Liposuction, laser lipolysis, lifting, subcision, fat injection and botox applications are the leg aesthetics options that give the best results in Turkey Antalya. Skin elasticity is important for the procedure and scope of the procedure. The areas where discomfort is felt have different needs. When people reach the age of 40 and over, body flexibility may deteriorate. In this case, individual requests are considered. During the shaping to be made for leg aesthetics, the harmony between the leg area, thigh area and knee area must be taken into consideration. While shaping the legs that will be most suitable for the people, it may be necessary to take fat from some areas while injecting fat into some areas.

In leg aesthetics, loosening of the bands in the tissue inner region for shaping, small stretches, muscle tissue strengthening applications and methods that improve the microcirculation of the skin should be used in harmony in Turkey Antalya.

For an aesthetic appearance, the skin of the legs should be smooth, soft, hairless and capillary-free. For such complaints, microdermabrasion and laser application, in which the damaged cells are destroyed, are performed to remove the upper dead layer. If there are tissue cracks in the body, it means that the quality of the tissue has deteriorated. If there are tissue cracks in younger patients, this situation does not change. In patients with tissue cracks, "tightening-correction" operations can be performed by applying surgical methods. Leg stretching operations are such surgical operations in Turkey Antalya. It is applied in endormology, which is one of the non-surgical solution techniques in tightening and correction processes. Although firming-softening creams are used as a solution for leg aesthetics, these creams should be used for therapeutic purposes after shaping the leg skin to provide softness.


Impressive and striking legs are the symbol of femininity, and the aim of leg aesthetics to achieve this image is to have legs that are in harmony with your physique, from your hip area to your ankles.

There are various procedures available to correct the shape of the legs of the patients and to provide them with an aesthetic appearance. These procedures are:


Liposuction is the most popular of the legs shaping methods. Although it is generally accepted to be associated with the reduction of body fat, it is actually applied to treat the external appearance of the entire leg. A specialist plastic surgeon shapes the knee, calf and ankle, which make up the entire leg, with attention to detail, and can provide you with longer, thinner legs by removing excess fat from the inner and outer legs. Liposuction is a technique that is far ahead of make-up in terms of giving permanent results. It can also be a good solution for fats that do not melt despite sports and diet.

With liposuction and/or fat transfer, the visibility of the butt area can be increased and the legs can be given a longer appearance. As a result of removing intra-knee fat with this method, both the knees look beautiful and the legs appear longer. Liposuction can help you strengthen both the upper and lower sides of the hip area.

Fat grafting (fat graft) method is the purification of unwanted fat from different parts of the body and its use in another area where volume is required. Fat grafting, in which your liposuction-applied fat is purified and placed in a new place, is the removal of fat from unwanted areas of the body and adding it to areas that can use a little more volume. Collectively, these procedures will increase your attractiveness by highlighting the end of your legs and where your hips begin.


Calf implants are a good form of treatment for patients with leg volume problems. With this treatment method, the length of your legs is shaped in harmony with the entire leg. For patients with leg curvature, calf silicones similar to those used in the chest area can be surgically applied on the inside of the leg.


Fat injection or filler injection can be applied to places where there are skin collapses and areas with an unsymmetrical appearance to fill legs.


Thin ankles are one of the indicators of looking stylish for every woman and at any age. Slim and harmonious legs and ankles adorn women's dreams. Even women who do not have thin ankles or those with disproportionate ankle size have difficulties in choosing shoes. Liposuction is a great way to shape the ankles if swollen ankles are not caused by a different health problem and have disfigured appearance due to fat deposits.

A different application should be chosen in cases of thick ankles where it is not possible to thin the ankle. In ankle aesthetics, the legs can be shaped by thinning the symmetry disorders, outline problems and thick parts of the ankle. During these operations, the lower part of the knee is thinned, and some areas are filled with fat injection. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or sedation. After about 1 hour, the process is completed.


Cellulite requires a difficult and frustrating treatment process. If you use a subcutaneous energy device such as cutting the connective tissues of the skin with a special liposuction method or a laser fired directly or from the side area, the appendages tend to return over time. It can be reduced by removing subcutaneous fat in the cellulite area on your legs, but this method does not solve the problem in the ligaments. However, tightening treatment can be done for cellulite, and this treatment needs to be applied again. The method of melting subcutaneous fat with the help of laser can also be applied in patients with very low fat deposits and cellulite problems. 


The treatment of legs damaged by sun rays is best done with physical-based sunscreens and oils. Chemical peeling or phototherapy can also help in solving such problems.


It is possible to treat skin discoloration in red, blue and brown with pulsed dye laser, alexandrite laser and near infrared laser devices. Very small varicose veins can be treated with external lasers, while medium sized varices are usually treated effectively with sclerotherapy. The treatment of dark hair in the leg area is quite simple. However, dark-skinned people and even light-skinned people with fine vellus hair need special attention and it is important to use advanced technological devices.


Leg aesthetic surgeries generally take between 1-4 hours. General anesthesia or sedation is applied as anesthesia in Antalya, Turkey. If a silicone prosthesis was used in the surgery, mild pain and discomfort may be felt. Another application where mild pain is seen is Liposhaping procedures. In addition, the procedure performed under general anesthesia in the operating room environment in leg aesthetics is completed in 1-3 hours. In fat transfer, which is another method in leg aesthetic applications, these fats are taken from the leg area with a lot of adipose tissue. In practice, if the fat tissue is not taken from the leg area, it is more often taken from the abdomen, belly, hips, thighs and inner knees. If there is an area on your leg with low fat tissue, the fat taken from the other area of the patient is subjected to purification and injected into this area with the application of leg filler. As a different application, considering the amount and desire of the patient's body fat, the gaps in the leg can be filled with a silicone prosthesis. If there is excess skin left after degreasing and filling application and this skin is sagging, the sagging skin is removed and stretched and sutured.

  • Crooked Leg Aesthetics
  • We can say that the aesthetic disorder in our leg area from our calf area to our ankles, which is caused by bone curvature and appearance disorder or fat layer in the subcutaneous region, is crooked leg. Crooked leg correction operations are performed with leg prostheses, fillings and fat injections. But in the treatment of crooked leg deformity;

    1. Silicone prosthesis
    2. Filling injection with Aquafilling (it is a non-surgical method).
    3. There are 3 types of methods called fat injection.
  • Thick Leg Aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey
  • Thick leg appearance problem is a very common aesthetic disorder. The causes of thick legs are as follows;

    • Thick leg bones,
    • Very developed leg musculature,
    • Presence of too much adipose tissue as it should be.

    Liposuction technique is applied to remove excess fat in such problems. Thick leg problems caused by advanced musculature are solved by leg thinning surgery. Correction is limited in patients with thick bone structure. Depending on the treatment technique, the procedure is performed using local or general anesthesia.

  • Thin Leg Aesthetics
  • Thin leg problems are also among the aesthetic problems faced by women. People with extremely thin legs can be treated using silicone prostheses. Putting silicone into the muscle is done by applying the endoscopy technique with the help of a small incision behind the knee. With this procedure, the thin leg can be thickened up to 3-4 cm. Silicone leg prostheses are permanent applications. Leg prosthesis application takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. After the procedure, aspirin, herbal teas, smoking and some painkillers should be avoided. In a different method for thin leg aesthetics, the fat taken from another part of the patient's body, also called fat grafting, is used as a filling material and injected into the thin leg area. This method can be permanent for 1-2 years.

  • Knee Cap Aesthetics in Antalya, Turkey
  • Excess fat tissues around the knee and thigh area of our leg area can cause an ugly appearance on the knees, while at the same time it can cause carpical leg posture. Excess fat tissues are removed in the application of knee cap aesthetics with the liposuction method. The process we are talking about is a simple application and the healing process is fast. Although this method is painless, it takes an average of 1 hour.

Frequently asked questions about leg aesthetics in Turkey Antalya

There are some issues that patients should pay attention to before leg aesthetic surgery. First of all, smoking should be stopped and herbal medicines should not be used. In addition, it is recommended by doctors not to take blood thinners and vitamins in Turkey Antalya.

Considering the cost of leg aesthetic surgery in Turkey Antalya, patients are most curious about the cost of braces leg surgery, the cost of crooked leg surgery, the price of leg thinning surgery and the price of leg fillers. There are many different applications in the leg aesthetics process. Which methods will be applied to patients who will have leg aesthetics vary according to the patient's demand and body condition. Prices vary according to the difference in the transaction to be made. Leg aesthetic surgery costs vary according to the education, experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon, as well as the location of the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the services offered, the quality of the device and material to be used, the type of anesthesia, the drugs given, tests and analyzes, and the special clothes worn after the surgery. . Before the operation, your surgeon can tell you a certain price after the preliminary examination.

Crooked leg aesthetics are aesthetic procedures performed to correct the curved appearance of the legs towards the inner part or towards the outer region and to shape the leg in Turkey Antalya. These procedures can be performed with surgical or non-surgical methods. The surgical method is silicone or fat transfer, and the non-surgical method is the liposuction method.

When the legs appear more curved and crooked than their normal appearance for different reasons, it is called crooked leg. Many aesthetic applications are made for the incompatible appearance of the legs, which are called parallel legs. Crooked legs affect people's lifestyle and reduce their quality. People who feel uncomfortable in terms of aesthetics can get rid of the bad appearance of their legs with plastic surgery.

Two types of surgical methods are used in bow leg aesthetics in Turkey Antalya. These methods are:

  • Crooked leg surgery with silicone
  • It is a fat injection method.

Both methods are easy to implement. With the aforementioned aesthetic methods, people can have very nice looking legs in a short time. When performing clubfoot surgery, both the lower leg and the upper legs and thighs should be evaluated together. If this evaluation is made, the desired shapes can be obtained as the whole leg. General anesthesia or sedation is applied to the patient who has bowed leg surgery. The recovery period of patients with bowed leg surgery is not long. The success rate of these surgeries, which are quite easy, is also high.

Patients who have bowed leg surgery may experience mild pain for approximately one week. Simple painkillers are sufficient for treatment. Mild pain in the patient will pass in up to a week. Swelling and bruising may be observed on the legs of the patient after the surgery. In such problems, it will decrease and disappear completely within 7-10 days. After the bandy leg surgery, special corsets are worn for 4 weeks to adapt the fat injected into the area where the procedure is performed. If a silicone implant has been applied, the stitches will heal within 10 days. No need for stitches to be removed. Patients who do not have any inconveniences in walking can return to their daily lives after 3 days. It is recommended that the patient stay away from sports activities for 1 month, especially running in Turkey Antalya.

As we explained above, the most common treatment methods to solve this problem are liposuction, fat injection and silicone prosthesis. However, if the patient never wants to have surgery, another frequently used treatment method for the treatment of lower leg curvature is filler injection. But filler injection is not permanent like fat injection. May cause allergic reactions. Leg filler injection requires repeated treatment in Turkey Antalya.

Patients with crooked legs can apply to aesthetic clinics or aesthetic treatment centers with specialist estheticians for treatment in Turkey Antalya. Leg aesthetic surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons.

In order to have leg aesthetics, it is sufficient to be over the age of 18 and to be determined to have aesthetics. Anyone who meets these conditions can have leg aesthetics. When you apply to your doctor, the preliminary examination to be made will decide which procedures will be performed on you and whether you are suitable for surgery in Turkey Antalya. For example, if you have low body fat and are thin, you may not be able to have fat transfer surgery. The most suitable method for you will be determined by your surgeon and you will be informed.

Since the knee is in the center of the thighs and legs, knee cap aesthetics is also very important for leg aesthetics. One of the factors that cause your legs to appear short is the lubrication in the inner parts of the knee. Especially in women who wear skirts, the appearance of the kneecap is very important. If excess skin and fat tissues appear after the kneecap aesthetic procedure, they are removed. Or, if the adipose tissue is low, filling can be applied to that area. Knee cap aesthetics takes about 1 hour. When the increase in fat in the inner parts of the knee or crooked knee disorders are treated, both the legs and the height look long and aesthetic, as the hips, thighs, knees and calves will be compatible with the ankles.

Silicone leg surgery is an operation of approximately 1-1.5 hours in Turkey Antalya. After the operation, the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day. The prosthetic silicone placed on the uncomfortable area is permanent for life. Since the silicones used have high cohesiveness, they take the shape of the area where they are placed and do not explode in any way.

Patients who underwent laser-liposuction or liposuction are usually discharged on the day of surgery in Antalya, Turkey. The patient should avoid long-term work that requires standing for the first week after leg aesthetics such as bowed leg surgery or leg thinning surgery. It is recommended to rest the legs by raising them up to accelerate recovery. Special clothing can be used to eliminate swelling, strengthen tissues and accelerate healing. Special clothes that will accelerate recovery should be worn for an average of 3 weeks. The patient can usually return to work after a period of 5-7 days. This period may vary depending on the type of profession.

Patients who have undergone fat transfer can go home the day after the surgery in Antalya, Turkey. For treatment, it is recommended to wear a corset for 14 days. After 30 days, the patient can do other sports activities other than jogging. After a period of about 3 months, he can continue his sports activities without any limitations.

Patients who underwent silicone prosthesis placement surgery are left in the hospital for 1 day after the operation in Antalya, Turkey and are then discharged. After the patient undergoing inner leg surgery is taken to the room, it is not carried out for an average of 12 hours. Special socks are put on the patient for 3 weeks. In the first week following the surgery, the patient should not do too many active activities. After 30 days, the patient can do other sports activities other than jogging. After a period of about 3 months, he can continue his sports activities without any limitations. The results of silicone prosthesis application become visible after about 3 weeks.

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