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Rhinoplasty-Nose job-Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty-Nose job is one of the most preferred surgeries in Turkey Antalya. The appearance of the nose achieved through Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery performed for health or aesthetic purposes is permanent. However, it is very important to find an experienced physician for a good Rhinoplasty-Nose job.


What is rhinoplasty (Nosejob, nose surgery)?

In which cases should Rhinoplasty-Nose job be performed?

What should be done before Rhinoplasty-Nose job?

What should be considered after Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery?

How is Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery performed?

What are the benefits of nose surgery?

Is there any harm from nose surgery?

Which techniques does the best nose surgery aesthetic doctor use?

FREQUENTLY USED QUESTIONS (Nose job, rhinoplasty)

How much is rhinoplasty?

Will there be any scars after rhinoplasty?

Does Rhinoplasty-Nose job hurt? Is rhinoplasty surgery painful?

What are the prices of rhinoplasty?

How long does rhinoplasty take to heal?

Does it hurt when removing the tampon?

How to sleep after rhinoplasty surgery?

When does the tip of the nose fall?

When to take a bath after nose surgery?

Can you have nose surgery while you are on your period?

What is rhinoplasty(Nose job)?

Rhinoplasty-Nose job is one of the types of nose surgery performed to change the appearance of the nose. This procedure is also called by names such Nosejob, nose surgery. The nose is an organ that people care about in terms of aesthetics. In the case of deformities in the shape and structure of the nose, both the visual appearance will deteriorate and breathing may become difficult. In this respect, nose surgery is inevitable for people who are concerned about Rhinoplasty-Nose job and cannot perform respiratory activities regularly.

The procedures performed in the name of Rhinoplasty-Nose job vary according to the preference of the person. Rhinoplasty-Nose job for nose hump, septoplasty, deviated septum surgery, non surgical nose job- non surgical Rhinoplasty-Nose job, nose filler, blake lively nose job, nose reduction surgery, piezo Rhinoplasty-Nose job, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty, ethnic nose, nose lift, closed rhinoplaty, revision rhinoplasty, tip plasty, nose tip surgery, nose reduction surgery are nasal surgeries or procedures/sorts performed on the nose in the name of aesthetics and health. Rhinoplasty cost varies according to the type of nosejob performed. Since the patient's happiness and liking the appearance of the nose after the nose surgery are the most important criteria, the experience of the physician and the number of successful operations are very important.

In which cases should Rhinoplasty-Nose job be performed in Turkey Antalya?

There are many reasons to have Rhinoplasty-Nose job in Turkey Antalya. Rhinoplasty, which is usually done to beautify the aesthetic appearance, is sometimes preferred to relieve breathing. So who can have rhinoplasty? Who should have Rhinoplasty-Nose job? Some reasons can be listed as follows.

  • Not being satisfied with the appearance of the nose despite having undergone Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery before (Revision surgery)
  • Curvature (deviation) in the cartilage that divides the nose into two
  • Desiring a different nose image even though the nose is in its normal shape
  • The tip of the nose is wider than the required dimensions
  • Changing the size of the nose (reducing or enlarging)
  • Nasal bridge is not straight, arched appearance or curved appearance)
  • The angle between the nose and forehead or between the nose and lips is not normal,
  • Presence of problems such as drooping, inclination, width, sharpness, congestion (stenosis) or asymmetrical appearance in the nostrils at the tip of the nose
  • Nasal meatus that narrows the airways

What should be done before Rhinoplasty-Nose job in Turkey Antalya?

Rhinoplasty-Nose Aesthetics-Turkey

Detailed answers to the question of what to do before nose surgery are given below. If the information transferred is followed, the success of the nose surgery will increase and the recovery period will be more comfortable.

  • The patient should pay attention to the choice of surgeon in Turkey Antalya.

Rhinoplasty-Nose job is an operation that needs attention and meticulous work. Otherwise, a correction nose surgery (revision surgery) may be needed. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when choosing the doctor who will perform the nose surgery.

  • Physician and patient meet, pre-examination and analyzes are made for surgery in Turkey Antalya.

The patient should share his/her thoughts about the shape of the nose and the changes he/she wants to be made with the nose surgery with his/her physician. Information about the patient's history of surgery, expectations from nosejob, medications used, allergies and chronic diseases (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer disease, organ transplant status, hemophilia) are obtained. It is learned whether there is a problem in breathing, nasal discharge, nasal discharge and headache complaints. With the physical examination, the internal and external structure of the nose, skin thickness, cartilage structure and durability, nose position are evaluated. Some blood tests and imaging are done to evaluate the general health status. At the end of the examination, the most appropriate type of surgery is determined.

  • Photographs of the nose are taken and 3D imaging is performed.

The patient's nose is taken from different directions and the images obtained are transferred to the computer environment. By using 3D digital imaging systems, a virtual image of the nose to be formed at the end of the nose surgery is created. These images, in which the nose tip, nostrils, nose belt, and nose measurements will be seen, are shared with the patient. The images also facilitate the work of the physician who will perform the nose surgery in Turkey Antalya.

  • The use of certain drugs is suspended.

The use of some drugs that pose a risk for the operation is terminated on the date deemed appropriate by the physician (Generally, it may be sufficient to terminate the drug use 7-10 days before the operation.) The same drugs (especially blood thinners that may cause bleeding and painkillers such as aspirin) are also discontinued for a certain period after the operation. not used. Vitamin supplements and herbal mixtures should also be suspended, as they may have blood-thinning properties.

  • Food consumption should be stopped some time before the operation.

The operation will be performed under general anesthesia. The fact that the stomach of the patients under anesthesia is full may cause the stomach contents to go up during the surgery and block the trachea. To prevent this risk, food consumption should be terminated 8 hours before the surgery.

  • Food and beverages that are likely to cause gas and edema should not be consumed.

Gas-producing foods such as mixed herbal teas, broccoli, milk, legumes should not be consumed a few days before the surgery. Particular attention should be paid to the consumption of foods such as mineral water, pickles, olives, cheese, which can cause edema and are high in sodium.

  • Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped.

Both smoking and alcohol consumption have many harmful effects that have been scientifically proven. Since the nicotine in cigarettes causes constriction in blood vessels, it reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and delays wound healing. Smoking and alcohol reduce immunity and cause infection. For this reason, stopping smoking and alcohol consumption 15-30 days before the Rhinoplasty-Nose job operation will increase the success of the surgery in Turkey Antalya.

  • It should be shared with the patient that it is necessary to be patient for the final image of the nose.

After nose job in Turkey Antalya, it may take 6 months or 1 year to reach the image that will meet the expectations of the patient. This information should be shared with the patient so that patients who think that they will have the aesthetic appearance of the nose they desire in a short time will not be disappointed.

  • It may be good for women to tell the doctor about their menstrual period.

Women are more stressed and more sensitive to pain during the menstrual period. In addition, changes in hormones during menstruation cause water retention in the body, that is, edema. It may be important to share with the physician the dates of this period, when there is also some blood loss, in order to set the most appropriate rhinoplasty(nose job) operation date.

  • Advice is given to the patient while coming to the surgery in Turkey Antalya.

Before coming to the hospital for the rhinoplasty(nose job) operation, the patient is told that jewelry and accessories should be removed. The patient is informed about the items that he will use and should bring with him while staying in the hospital.

What should be considered after Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery in Turkey Antalya?

The result to be obtained after the surgery can be affected by many factors such as the experience of the physician, the patient's age, the patient's general health status and whether there is a chronic disease, the level of structural changes in the nose, the characteristics of the cartilage, bone and skin tissue in the nose, smoking and alcohol addiction, and nutrition. However, if some recommendations are followed after the surgery, the nose image to be achieved as a result of nosejob will respond to expectations. So what should be considered after aesthetic nose surgery in Turkey Antalya?

  • You should go to the control examination called by the doctor in Turkey Antalya.

In the first weeks, examination may be more frequent. Processes such as bleeding and bruising follow-up, removal of stitches, dressing, removal of splint, tampon and tape on the nose are performed in this process. If the physician has called for a control examination after 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, they are visited and the results of the surgery are evaluated.

  • It should not be forgotten that the bruises and edema that occur after the operation are temporary.

There may be bruising on the nose and under the eyes because of bleeding. These bruises usually begin to disappear after 10 days. After the 3rd week, the edema disappears completely. Swelling may also occur in the eyelids immediately after the operation.

  • Medications recommended by the physician are used for pain and edema.

Only the drugs recommended by the physician should be used after the operation. It should not be forgotten that drugs used indiscriminately can cause bleeding, especially. The physician will prescribe medicine for pain and edema (antihistamine).

  • By applying cold therapy, edema and pain in the nose should be reduced.

Applying cold gel or ice around the eyes and on the cheek will reduce swelling and bruising. This application can be made up to 72 hours. This application will also reduce the pain.

  • The nose should be protected from sunlight.

For the 6-week period after the operation, the nasal skin should be protected from sunlight. The sun can cause permanent color changes on the skin of the nose. For prevention, using sunscreen with a factor of at least 30 can be beneficial. The reduction of edema in the nose after surgery may also be delayed due to the effect of sun rays.

  • Very hot foods should not be consumed.

It is not desirable to consume very hot foods after the operation. The reduction of edema in the nose due to the temperature of the food will be delayed. Especially in the first weeks, it is necessary to be careful that the food is not too hot.

  • The nose can be massaged as recommended by the physician in Turkey Antalya.

One month after the operation, the nose can be massaged as indicated by the physician in order to quickly resolve the edema in the nose. Massages to be performed at least 3-4 times a day for 3-6 months are quite effective.

  • Gauze can be placed between the upper lip and nose.

Bleeding (sometimes with mucus) for a few days after surgery should be considered normal. Absorbent gauze can be applied on the upper lip and under the nose to prevent the patient from getting dirty due to bleeding.

  • It may be necessary to wait up to 1 year for the final appearance of the nose.

Depending on many variables, the final appearance of the nose is obtained 6 months or 1 year after the operation. For this reason, do not worry if you have not achieved an image that will meet the expectations in the weeks after the rhinoplasty-nose job surgery in Turkey Antalya.

  • It is beneficial to take 1 week off

You can stand up immediately after the operation. Normal work can be done within 1-2 days. However, rest is good. It would be prudent to return to routine life after a week's leave.

  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol after the operation.

Smoking or alcohol use should be stopped. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing the amount of oxygen going to the tissues. In this case, benefit recovery is also delayed. Due to the weakening effect of smoking and alcohol on the immune system, the occurrence of infections becomes easier.

  • Attention should be paid to the lying position, not leaning too much.

During hospitalization, care should be taken to keep the head higher than the heart level and sleep with pillows under the head. Lying should be in the supine position. It can be turned to the right and left without affecting the operation area. In this way, edema, bleeding and pain formation in the nose area are reduced. Movements that will increase blood pressure in the head area, such as tying shoes by bending and causing edema and pain, should also be avoided.

  • Avoid heavy work and sports for a few weeks.

You should rest enough after the rhinoplasty(nose job) operation in Turkey Antalya. It is also possible to damage the operation area due to heavy work and sports. Avoiding all kinds of trauma and heavy work that will leave the body weak should be interrupted for a while.

  • The doctor's advice should be followed about the shower.

The splint and tampon placed on the nose should not get wet. In the first days, it is possible to take a bath without washing the head. According to the doctor's advice, you can take a normal shower after taking the splint.

  • Do not spend time in hot environments.

Especially in environments such as spas, Turkish baths, saunas and solariums, it prevents the decrease in edema in the rhinoplasty(nose job) operation area and may increase bleeding. For this reason, it is useful to stay away from these environments for 4-6 weeks.

  • It is necessary to avoid movements and traumas that put pressure on the operation area.

Behaviors such as blowing the nose, activating the facial muscles by laughing excessively, brushing the teeth vigorously and straining in case of constipation may cause damage to the operation area. It can also be done as a precaution not to take public transport for a while, not to enter the crowd, not to hold small children and pets.

  • Glasses should not be worn for a while.

If there is no great need, the use of glasses should be suspended for 1 month after the rhinoplasty(nose job) operation. If the use of glasses is essential, a road map should be determined according to the advice of the physician in Turkey Antalya.

  • Nutrition regimen that will not adversely affect the operation area should be chosen.

Especially for a few days after the rhinoplasty(nose job) operation, soft and liquid foods should be preferred. In order not to cause extra edema in the nose with edema, foods with high salt content should be avoided.

How is Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery performed in Turkey Antalya?

There are various applications made to give the nose an aesthetic appearance in Turkey Antalya. Some of these require surgery, while others are done without surgery. Surgical Rhinoplasty-Nose job is performed in two ways, open and closed techniques. Below, basic information about Rhinoplasty-Nose job will be given. Other important topics related to Rhinoplasty-Nose job will be included in the frequently asked questions section. We strongly recommend that you also make use of the frequently asked questions section.

  • Preparing for rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey Antalya

The rules to be considered before the operation are followed.The patient is ready at the hospital at the time the doctor says before the surgery.Blood analyzes and biochemical tests are performed, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature are measured.If the measurement results are at an acceptable level for surgery, preparation begins.A 3D imaging and simulation is performed by photographing the nose from the front, top, bottom and sides. At the end of the operation, an image close to the expected image is obtained. While this image helps the patient's expectation, it also guides the physician for surgery.General surgical preparations are made

  • The patient is placed under anesthesia.

For simple surgeries that will not take too long, local anesthesia supported by sedation (application that prolongs the duration of anesthesia and relieves the patient) is performed. However, general anesthesia is mostly used for rhinoplasty.

  • The operation is performed in Turkey Antalya.

Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery does not have a sequential sequence of stages. Each surgery is personalized to the patient's nose anatomy and preferences. Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery is performed with two methods, open and closed. Concise information about both methods is as follows.Open Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery:It is performed by making a small incision in the lower part between the nostrils. The opening of this part provides the surgeon with a wider field of view.It is the most preferred Rhinoplasty-Nose job method. It is performed in cases with advanced structural disorders or in cases where Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery, called secondary surgery, has been previously performed but has failed. In this surgical method, a V-shaped incision is made on the underside of the structure between the nostrils. In open Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery, the bones, cartilage and muscles of the nose are seen and a wider field of view is provided to the surgeon. However, the operation time is longer than closed Rhinoplasty-Nose job. Edema and bruises on the nose also disappear in a long time. As a result of the incision made with this technique, a scar remains on the skin, although it is not very obvious.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery

It is preferred in uncomplicated simple surgeries. In closed Rhinoplasty-Nose job, an incision of 3-4 cm is made on the inside of the nose. The procedures to be performed are carried out without lifting the nose. Procedures in closed Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery are performed through the opened hole. It is shorter than open Rhinoplasty-Nose job and recovery is faster since the tip of the nose is not opened. Since structures such as cartilage and bone are not directly visible, the procedure is more difficult than the open Rhinoplasty-Nose job technique. While it is easy to process a blood vessel during open Rhinoplasty-Nose job, this procedure is quite difficult in closed technique. After the operation with this technique, there are no sutures on the nose.

  • General procedures during surgery

The procedures performed in both surgeries are similar to each other in Turkey Antalya. If there is a curvature in the cartilage between the nasal canals, that is, in the structure called the septum, it is corrected. The operation is performed for the structures that cause obstruction in the nose. Because after Rhinoplasty-Nose job surgery, there may be a reduction of up to 15% in the air passage. If there is an arched structure on the back of the nose, the excess cartilage structure is removed. In cases where the arched structure is small, filing may be sufficient. The cartilage removed from the septum is used during surgery to make various corrections, support the tissues or give the desired shape. If the patient has had another nose surgery and there is not enough cartilage in the nose, these cartilages can also be obtained from the ear or ribs. After the necessary corrections are made on the nose, the incision is stitched. After the operation, a tampon may not be placed in the nose. If a tampon is to be placed, silicone tampons that do not prevent breathing are preferred. The back of the nose is plastered, plaster or splint is placed and the operation is terminated.

  • General applications in surgeries are performed in Turkey Antalya.
  • The patient stays in the hospital the same day and is discharged the next day.
  • The severity and number of the structural defect in the nose, the technique applied, the presence of the extra procedure are the criteria that determine the difficulty of the surgery in Turkey Antalya. Depending on the degree of difficulty, the duration of the operation can vary between 1 hour and 6 hours.The patient stays in the hospital for one night. During this time, blood analyzes are performed, measurements are carried out, pain is relieved with painkillers. The drugs to be used are informed to the patient and a day is given for the control examination.

What are the benefits of nose surgery(nose-job or rhinoplasty) in Antalya, Turkey?

The nose is one of the focal points of the face. It is important for every individual to have a healthy nose that is both beautiful in size and shape to suit the face and fully fulfil the breathing functions. After rhinoplasty(nose-job) in Antalya, Turkey, it is possible to have the nose and nasal functions you want.

Is there any harm from nose surgery(nose-job) in Antalya, Turkey?

In nose surgeries(nose-job or rhinoplasty), our plastic surgeons make both aesthetic corrections and, if needed, functional interventions to eliminate breathing problems in Antalya, Turkey. In this way, the patient who has a nose surgery not only feels good with a reshaped nose, but also becomes healthier with the effect of breathing more comfortably.

Doctors who perform nose surgery(nose-job or rhinoplasty) prove that they are the best plastic surgeons in nose surgery with their procedures. For detailed information about nose surgery and to find the best doctors who perform rhinoplasty surgery, we recommend you to read all rhinoplasty page.

Which techniques does the best nose surgery(nose-job or rhinoplasty) aesthetic doctor use in Antalya, Turkey?

The best aesthetic doctor can be defined for the doctor who perfectly performs the technique suitable for the patient. Nose surgery(nose-job or rhinoplasty) is performed with different methods in accordance with the developing technology in Antalya, Turkey, corrections and treatments needed for the patient. Open nose surgery, closed nose surgery, dynamic, endoscopic and three-dimensional surgery procedures, a good plastic surgeon can easily determine the appropriate one for the patient.

Frequently asked questions about Rhinoplasty-Nose job in Turkey Antalya

Rhinoplasty-Nose job cost varies from person to person and there is no standard price in Turkey Antalya. The structure of the nose is different for each individual, and the degree of difficulty in terms of surgery varies. In addition, the presence of deformities that cause breathing problems also changes the nose job cost. For this reason, decisions should not be made only by doing price research online. It would be more appropriate to be examined by a physician who is deemed to be experienced. As a result of the physical examination, the physician determines the problems, learns your expectations and gives the price by conveying how much the expectations can be realized.

Rhinoplasty-Nose job Turkey is performed in two different ways, open and closed techniques. The closed technique is used in operations that are not difficult and the incision to be made in the nose is performed inside the nose in Turkey Antalya. The open technique is preferred for more difficult surgeries, especially revision surgeries. The incision to be made in this surgery is made in the form of a V into the skin between the two nostrils. In the closed technique, there are no scars because the skin is closed with stitches from the inside. After Rhinoplasty-Nose job with open technique, the cut area remains open and scars are left. The scar, which is obvious at the beginning, becomes more obscure after the healing period.

It is necessary to accept the behavior of patients who have such concerns as normal. The patient does not feel pain during Rhinoplasty-Nose job since the numbing procedure is performed before the operation in Turkey Antalya. After the effect of the anesthetic agent wears off, mild pain related to the treated areas (such as skin incisions, cartilage corrections) and edema may last 2-3 days. These pains are reduced or completely terminated with the drugs prescribed by the physician.

It would not be correct to give an exact figure about the prices of rhinoplasty in Turkey Antalya. Nose surgery price can be affected by several variables. Rhinoplasty surgery can be a simple and complicated operation. In addition, it may be a difficult and complicated operation in which more than one operation will be performed. For this reason, revision surgeries (rhinoplasty surgery performed for the second time) are more expensive. Since the anesthetic used, labor and operation time will be longer, the price of rhinoplasty will be higher. The price policy of the physician's nose surgery may also be reflected in the price (Skilled physicians who have performed a large number of surgeries may want to reflect their theoretical and practical experience in the price). As a result of the physician's examination, it may be possible to get precise information about the price of nose surgery.

Nose surgeries(rhinoplasty) differ in terms of difficulty in Antalya, Turkey. There are simple rhinoplasty operations as well as operations that require more than one procedure. Especially since open rhinoplasty operations, where nose rasping and belt correction procedures are performed, are difficult operations, bruising, bleeding and edema are more common. Therefore, the symptoms we have listed take longer to pass. Patients can usually return to their routine work after 7 days. However, it may be beneficial to stay away from the crowds and public transport for a while. In this regard, the recommended leave period is 10-15 days. The splint placed in the nose is removed from the nose 7 days later. After rhinoplasty, patients usually get up within 4-5 hours and start walking around and eating if there is no nausea and vomiting. Approximately 75% of the edema that occurs 1 month after rhinoplasty nose surgery disappears. The targeted shape and full recovery are achieved approximately one year after the operation in Antalya, Turkey. During this process, it is normal to see edema in the nose area that occurs in the morning and disappears in the following hours.

The pads placed in the nose are soft, non-painful, slippery, perforated silicone pads. Due to these features of tampons, they do not stick to the nasal tissues and do not cause pain during removal. Since the tampons used in rhinoplasty nose operations in the past were stuck inside the nose, pain was felt during the removal process in Antalya, Turkey. Due to the softness and perforated structure of these silicone-constructed materials, they provide more comfortable breathing.

It is important that the head is above the level of the heart after rhinoplasty nose surgery in Antalya, Turkey. In this way, the amount of blood going to the nose will decrease and there will be no pressure on the nose. As a result of keeping the head elevated, bleeding, bruising, pain and edema occurring after the rhinoplasty nose operation are also reduced. For this purpose, 2 or 3 pillows are placed under the head and lie on the back. Left and right turns can be made without damaging the operation area. It may be sufficient to lie on the back for up to 6 weeks, with the recommendation of the physician as a priority.

In patients with thick skin, when the posterior part of the nasal tip swells after the operation in Antalya, Turkey, the prominence of the nasal tip decreases and an image directed downwards becomes dominant. For this reason, people with thick skin can look down for 1.5 years, and people with normal or thin skin 1 year after the operation. For this reason, patients with thick skin should wait patiently for at least two years, and patients with thin and normal skin should wait patiently for at least one year for the targeted appearance.

After rhinoplasty in Antalya, Turkey, efforts should be made to prevent the splint and tampon from getting wet. The suture area should also be protected to avoid infection. Hot water also has an edema-increasing effect. Due to the negative effects of hot water, it is necessary not to wash the head and to protect it from hot water, especially during the first 2-3 days while taking a bath. After 1 week, the splint is removed and the person who has had nasal surgery can take a shower.

Having surgery during the menstrual period does not significantly change the success of nose surgery. However, it may be better for women who are on their menstrual period to postpone the surgery date to a time when menstruation is not possible. Because women are more stressed during the menstrual period and are more sensitive to pain. In addition, hormones in the blood during menstruation can cause water retention in the body, that is, edema. It may be important to share with the physician the dates of this period, when there is also some blood loss, in order to set the most appropriate operation date.

Is rhinoplasty safe?

Yes, rhinoplasty is safe. It's essential to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in rhinoplasty to minimize the risks associated with the procedure.

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