Thigh lift Antalya-Upper leg aesthetic-Thigh lift surgery cost Turkey

Thigh lift Antalya-Upper leg aesthetic

If you have lost excess weight in your thigh area but have not found a solution to your sagging skin, or if you want to eliminate the problem of sagging thighs caused by aging, thigh lift may be a good solution for you to have a smoother thigh area. Thigh stretching is also preferred for wearing jeans, swimsuits and shorts with more confidence.

Thigh stretching may be good for you if your efforts to get fit and lose weight in order to have a shape that gives a more tense, more vigorous and youthful appearance and is in harmony with your general body image.

With thigh stretching, the thighs can be reshaped by reducing the excess skin and fat in the upper leg area. Thigh lift is a procedure to have smoother skin and thighs. If you have an underlying and yet unknown health problem or if you are overweight, thigh lift surgery may pose various risks for you. It is very important for the success of your treatment to get information from an experienced specialist doctor before having thigh lift surgery in Turkey Antalya. In our article, you can find the types, risks, price and many topics that will be useful for you.


What is the Thigh?

What is Thigh Lift?

What is Thigh Prolapse? Why Does It Happen?

Who is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

How Is Thigh Lift Performed?

How Long Does Thigh Lift Surgery Take?

Is Thigh Lift a Painful Operation?

Type of Anesthesia

What Should Be Considered Before Thigh Lift Surgery?

For Whom Thigh Lift Surgery Is Performed?

What Should Be Considered After Thigh Lift Surgery?

What Are the Risks Associated with Thigh Lift Surgery?

What are the Types of Thigh Lift?

Thigh Lift Surgery Recovery Process


Thigh Lift Surgery cost

Can Inner Thighs Be Corrected with Liposhaping Alone?

Which Doctor Is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

Can Liposuction be performed together with this surgery?

Is There Any Scar After Thigh Lift Surgery?

Can't Thigh Sagging Be Prevented With Medicines And Creams? Can Non-Surgical Thigh Lift Be Done?

Is the Result of Thigh Lift Surgery Permanent?

At What Age Can the Thigh Lift Surgery Be Performed?

Can You Do Sports After Thigh Lift Surgery?

Will The Leg Sag Again After Thigh Lift Surgery?

When Can I Go To Work After Thigh Lift Surgery?

Can Thigh Lift be Combined with Other Surgical Operations?

Are there surgical alternatives to thigh lift?

What Is Thigh?

In our body, the area of the legs that starts from the hip joints and extends to the knee is called the thigh. It is the part between the hip and the calf. Also called upper leg. The skin in the thigh area may sag and fluctuate. This is one of the most disturbing situations. The causes of sagging and fluctuation are usually factors such as frequent weight gain, giving birth, a sedentary life and aging. Sagging and fluctuations in the thigh area can be treated with aesthetic surgery methods.

What Is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery is an invasive cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat from between the hip and calf. With the thigh lift surgery, the thighs are reshaped and we have a smoother skin. In addition, you will have a harmonious appearance by eliminating the inconsistency between the thigh and lower leg area.

The most common reason for thigh lift surgery is to reshape and smooth the thigh area after weight reduction. This surgery is performed in order to eliminate the sagging and fluctuations that occur in the thigh area due to frequent weight gain and loss, excessive weight loss, and old age. Some people may also choose the thigh lift procedure to gain a more aesthetic shape.

Sagging skin in the thigh area can cause a psychological problem in women with thin lower legs. In addition, frequent weight changes, excessive weight loss, advancing age may cause deterioration of skin elasticity, while deepening it. Thigh (upper leg) stretching surgery can be performed to solve all these problems.

If people are considering a thigh lift after losing weight, it is recommended by surgeons to keep the weight constant for at least 6 months before surgery. Because frequent weight fluctuations can affect the success of the surgery.

What is Thigh Drooping? Why It Happen?

Thigh Lift in Turkey

The loss of elasticity in the skin with aging, the decrease in skin tension due to frequent weight gain and loss, and the thinning of the subcutaneous fat tissue cause sagging of the skin in the thigh region. In addition, if a person with a weight problem loses excessive weight, sagging may occur in the upper leg area due to the thin skin. Often as a result of sagging, the skin is piled up in the middle of the thigh. In rare cases, the dangling leather string can be collected directly. Although thigh lift surgeries are mostly performed in women over 40 years of age, sagging of the thighs is also observed at an early age, especially in case of excessive weight loss. Thigh sagging can also be seen in women after the pregnancy period. Thigh sagging can cause diaper rash and fungal discomfort due to friction in the body. Due to these problems that may arise, it would be beneficial to contact a specialist physician quickly for treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey Antalya?

Ideal candidates for thigh lift surgery include:

• Persons of constant weight.

• Those with dense soft tissue in the thigh area.

• Those who do not have a disease that will adversely affect the recovery in terms of medical condition after thigh surgery and increase the risks in the surgery in Turkey Antalya.

• Non-smokers.

• People who have sufficient knowledge about the results of thigh lift surgery, even what they want, and have a positive perspective.

How Is Thigh Lift Performed in Turkey Antalya?

How the surgical incision is made differs according to the place or places to be treated, the degree of correction, and the choice of the patient and the surgeon in Turkey Antalya. The generally applied incision methods are inner thigh stretch incision and outer thigh stretch incision. Although it is difficult to hide in large incisions, with the help of advanced techniques, the incisions are placed in such a way that they are not visible from clothes and swimsuits.

With the thigh stretching surgery, the sagging skin and fat in the upper and inner parts of the legs, also called the thigh region, are eliminated. Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In thin people who do not have abundance in the skin, skin removal and fat removal are performed with a horizontal scar from the inner side of the groin area. The leather is stretched and stitched. If there is enough abundance in the skin and there is lubrication, thigh lift surgery is applied together with liposuction. Thigh liposuction should not be applied alone, as the thigh skin is very thin and may become loose.

In thigh (upper leg) stretching surgery, an incision is made in the groin or lower region of the hip fold. Excess fat is removed by entering through the opened incision and the skin is reduced. The skin is compressed with the lower fat tissue.

The success of thigh (upper leg) stretching surgery depends on some conditions. Good skin quality, young and high-quality skin, surgeon's experience, whether the devices are suitable for the latest technology are some of the conditions for success. If these features are present, the surgery gives successful results and the recovery is fast.

Deep sutures can be placed on the lower tissues to create and support newly formed contours. Incisions made for surgery are closed with sutures, skin adhesive tapes or clips in Turkey Antalya.

The result of thigh lift surgery is noticeable even though it does not show itself very clearly due to bruising and swelling.

How Long Does Thigh Lift Surgery Take in Turkey Antalya?

Depending on the patient's general condition and body health, the duration of the surgery may increase or decrease. Thigh lift surgery takes about 2-3 hours. Also, since you may need one or two more hours before and after the surgery, the process actually takes the whole day. Depending on how the thigh lift surgery went and what procedures were performed, you may have to spend 1-3 days in the hospital in Turkey Antalya.

Is Thigh Lift a Painful Operation in Turkey Antalya?

It is normal to have mild pain after thigh lift surgery. These mild pains that may be felt for a few days after the surgery can be treated with low-level painkillers in Turkey Antalya.

Type of Anesthesia

General anesthesia is used as a type of anesthesia in the thigh lift surgery. Since general anesthesia is applied, the operation is painless and painless for the patient.

What Should Be Considered Before Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey Antalya?

It is very important for the patient before and after thigh lift surgery in Turkey Antalya. Before the operation, the patient is asked to donate blood. The blood samples taken are examined by the specialist doctor. The general health status of the patient is evaluated by taking the EKG. As a result of the examinations and examinations, it is decided which technique should be applied to the patient, taking into account the risks that the patient will encounter. In general, the following should be done before thigh lift surgery:

• Required medical tests and analyzes.

• Taking the drugs requested by the doctor.

• Adjustment of drugs being used.

• Quitting smoking.

• Stopping alcohol consumption.

• Stopping the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, herbal drugs and drugs that can increase bleeding.

If the patient develops a cold or other infectious disease, the thigh lift surgery may need to be postponed.

For Whom Thigh Lift Surgery Is Performed in Turkey Antalya?

Thigh lift surgery;

- It can be applied to all those who have sagging skin due to looseness, abundance and excess skin in the upper leg skin in Turkey Antalya.

What Should Be Considered After Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey Antalya?

Some of the points to be considered after the surgery are:

• Walks can be started one week after the operation in Turkey Antalya.

• Sports or physical activities that require heavy effort should not be done for at least 4 weeks.

• Not smoking will speed up the healing process.

What Are the Risks Associated with Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey Antalya?

In all surgical procedures, risks can be seen after the procedure, albeit very little. However, this risk situation has been minimized thanks to developing medical applications and techniques. The decision to have thigh lift surgery, which is included in the aesthetic surgery class, is a personal decision, and the patient will see the goals, benefits, risks and side effects of the surgery and decide on the surgical procedure accordingly. Your doctor will explain to you in detail the risks associated with the surgery in Turkey Antalya.

Some of the possible risks of thigh lift surgery include:

• Risks that may arise as a result of anesthesia

• Incompatible image with other parts of the body

• Bleeding

• Side effects in the form of clots in the vein, cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases.

• Fat tissue death in the subcutaneous region (fat necrosis)

• Fluid collection (seroma)

• Infectious ailments

• Wide separation in the wound

• numbness or numbness

• Pain that does not go away

• Scar

• Possibility of resurfacing surgery

• Recurring laxity in the skin

• Bruising and/or swelling on the skin

• Loss of skin

• Irritation of visible seams

• Bad-looking scar

What are the Types of Thigh Lift in Turkey Antalya?

In thigh lift surgery in Turkey Antalya, excess skin and fat are reduced. Different types of thigh stretching have emerged due to the application differences in treatment. These types are due to the different application of incisions. The most suitable type for you will be selected and applied by your surgeon. Types of thigh stretches include:

  1. Inner (Medial) Thigh Lift in Turkey Antalya
  2. The most applied method in thigh lift is medial thigh lift. In this surgical procedure, the incision is made from the groin to the knee or from the groin to the back of the thigh. The subject of the operation is the sagging skin in the inner thigh area.

  3. Mini Thigh Lift in Turkey Antalya
  4. It is an application that will be preferred if deemed appropriate by the surgeon according to the needs of the person who wants to have a thigh lift. Fewer incisions are made in this type of thigh lift compared to other types. The incision made here is applied from the inguinal region. The subject of the operation is the upper-inner part of the thigh region.

  5. External (Bilateral) Thigh Lift in Turkey Antalya
  6. In outer thigh stretching surgery, the incision starts from the groin area and extends to the hip area. The subject of this type of thigh lift is the outer part of the thigh region.

  7. Vertical Thigh Lift in Turkey Antalya
  8. Vertical thigh lift can be preferred if people want to reduce skin from the entire thigh area, not specific to a specific region. This thigh lift surgery incision is very large and can extend up to the knees. Since it has more side effects, your surgeon may not choose this application for you.

Thigh Lift Surgery Recovery Process in Antalya, Turkey?

After the operation in Antalya, Turkey, the surgeon applies a dressing to the incisions before the patient is discharged. With the help of this dressing, swelling can be reduced. In addition, a drain can be inserted to drain excess blood and fluid accumulated in the surgical area. You will need to make an appointment with your surgeon to have the drain removed. Thigh lift surgery, like other surgical operations, will require you to take time off from work.

If the mild pain has turned into a severe form and does not go away, if there is bleeding in the stitching or dressing area, if the wound is separated, if the fever is increased, chills and numbness are observed, you should contact your doctor immediately in Antalya, Turkey.

In general, in the healing process;

  • Mild pain may occur after thigh lift surgery. The non-intense pain that occurs can be controlled with simple painkillers.
  • It may be sufficient to spend 1 night in the hospital.
  • You can stand up on the day of surgery.
  • After the thigh lift surgery, you can take a bath 2-3 days later.
  • After the thigh lift operation, there may be swelling and bruising in the incision areas and thigh area. These swelling and bruises may disappear after a few weeks on average.
  • After the thigh lift surgery, you will be back to work one week later.
  • You cannot do sports for about 4-8 weeks.
  • After the thigh lift procedure, it is necessary to avoid sunlight and solarium for 2-3 months for surgical scars.
  • Also, you should not do heavy lifting for a minimum of 6 weeks after surgery.
  • After healing, scarring may have formed in the places where the incision was made. However, a specialist and experienced surgeon places the incision in the most hidden place to prevent these scars from being visible.
  • Frequently asked questions about thigh lift in Turkey Antalya

    There are many factors that affect the cost when determining the thigh lift surgery price. The condition of the area to be operated, the method to be applied, the experience of the surgeon, the clinical situation, whether liposuction will be performed together with the surgery, the size of the sagging is effective in determining the price of the thigh lift surgery. The price of thigh lift surgery will be determined approximately only after the preliminary examination by the doctor in Turkey Antalya.

    Liposhaping, which also means fat removal and fat injection, is insufficient alone in reshaping the excessively sagging skin that has lost its elasticity in Turkey Antalya.

    Thigh lift surgery is performed by aesthetic and plastic surgeons who are experts in their field in Turkey Antalya.

    Thigh lift surgery and liposuction can be performed together in Turkey Antalya. The procedure performed in people with excessive fat accumulation in the thigh area is the removal of fat by thigh liposuction and then the thigh lift surgery to recover the sagging skin.

    In the upper leg stretching operation in Antalya, Turkey, there may be visible scars in relation to the width of the applied area and skin sagging, and scars may remain at the incision sites. In this type of surgery, there is always a risk that the scars will spread over a large area and cause an ugly appearance. When the operation is performed by an experienced surgeon, it is placed in the most suitable places so that the suture marks are not visible. For example, the scar is hidden under underwear and in body folds such as the groin. The scars will fade and become indistinct after a certain period of time after the surgery. The healing time of the wound and the smallness or size of the scar depending on it differ from person to person.

    Special creams or medications can be used for thigh tightening in Antalya, Turkey. However, the complete treatment of skin sagging is not possible with this type of method. In the medical treatment sector, many devices or products are offered for non-surgical solutions. However, very few of these devices can be a solution to mild skin sagging.

    Thigh tightening with non-surgical methods is performed with a method called ultherapy, that is, focused ultrasound. The aim of the focused ultrasound method is to recover skin laxity. A single session application is a treatment that can be effective for about 2 years. Treatment can be repeated at a later time. With this method, subcutaneous fat can be thinned. After the procedure, the person can return to his daily life without wasting time.

    If you maintain a balanced weight without gaining or losing weight frequently, have a healthy lifestyle, and do regular sports activities, the results of upper leg stretching surgery will be permanent for a long time. However, the results of natural aging are an area that plastic surgery cannot prevent. No matter how tight the body is, advanced age can bring back laxity and sagging in the skin. In case of gaining excess weight and then losing those weights, the thigh skin may lengthen and this will adversely affect the outcome of the Thigh Lift surgery. As weight loss continues, sagging will increase. If weight loss is planned, it should be planned with your doctor before the surgery.

    Thigh lift surgery is a procedure that is usually applied to eliminate sagging that occurs due to aging or excessive weight loss in Antalya, Turkey. The lower limit for surgery is considered to be 18 years of age, if the person does not have any health problems that prevent the operation, if the weight loss is in balance, if the pre-existing condition does not pose a risk, and if the patient is realistic about his goals, adults of all ages can have thigh lift surgery.

    It is necessary to be careful not to do heavy sports for an average of 4-8 weeks after the upper leg stretching surgery. However, after a period of one month, you can start doing sports.

    In case of excessive weight gain, loss, unhealthy lifestyle, uncontrolled eating habits, and lack of regular sports activity, sagging of the leg skin may occur. It should also be noted that thigh lift surgery has no effect on the natural aging process in Antalya, Turkey.

    It is usually possible to start work one week after the surgery. Of course, this process can vary depending on what kind of job you are working in Antalya, Turkey.

    More than one plastic surgery can be performed at the same time, depending on the condition of the clinic where you will be treated. In the hands of specialist and experienced surgeons, both thigh lift and thigh liposuction can be performed together. After a detailed examination of your doctors in Antalya, Turkey, it may be decided to perform tummy tuck and thigh lift surgery together.

    If there is another surgical procedure that can achieve results close to the results of thigh lift surgery, it can be decided by your surgeon. For example, butt lift surgery can help shape your thighs.

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