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Liposuction is the removal of regional fat from the body with different methods, for which exercise and diet are not effective. It can be combined with other operations and gives the body an aesthetic appearance.


What is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal?

Who is liposuction applied to? In which cases is fat removal done?

What should be considered before liposuction?

How is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery done?

What should be considered after liposuction?

What are the risks of liposuction(belly fat removal) surgery in Turkey, Antalya?


Will there be any scars after liposuction? When do Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal scars go away?

What is the average liposuction cost?

Does liposuction hurt? Is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal application painful?

Will there be lubrication in the liposuction area again? How to feed after liposuction?

Will there be skin sagging after liposuction?

How many hours does liposuction surgery take?

Is liposuction surgery dangerous? Is liposuction harmful?

How long does recovery take after liposuction? When does swelling go down after liposuction? When is the body shaped after liposuction?

How is the collapse after liposuction?

What is Liposuction (Fat removal)?

Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is the process of removing stubborn fat that causes deformity in the body and giving the area an aesthetic appearance in Turkey Antalya. It should not be considered as a method of weakening. If there is weight, first try to lose weight with sports and diet. Despite efforts to lose weight, the remaining fat in areas such as the hip, hip, waist, nape, leg, knee, tickle, armpit, breast and abdomen are removed by applying lipo360 or vaser lipo or  and the body contours are corrected. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is also performed as a complement to correction surgeries (such as tummy tuck, breast reduction). Depending on the amount of oil taken and the technique applied, 2.5-4.5 liters of oil are removed during the operation, which lasts approximately 2 hours. The amount of oil removed may vary according to the region.

Who and in what situations is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal performed in Turkey Antalya?

  • People with normal body weight but with fat in some parts

Persons who are suitable for Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery are those who are of normal weight, reach their normal weight by applying some weight loss methods, but cannot melt the stubborn fat in some parts of their body (hip, hip, waist, neck, leg, knee, jowl, armpit, breast and abdomen). are persons. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is not a suitable method for people who are overweight and want to lose their excess weight in Turkey Antalya. These people should change their eating habits and try to lose weight with diet and exercise practices. People who are described as obese have excess fat all over their body. Safe Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is possible by removing fat not exceeding 5-6% of body weight. Removing around 15-25 liters of fat is an application that can only be done meticulously in very controlled clinics. Losing weight is not done by taking so much fat with Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal. The fat removed from the body varies according to the number of lubricated areas, but is around 2.5-4.5 liters. If a larger amount is to be extracted, the procedure is done in a few sessions.

  • Must be in good health.

The general health condition of the person who will have Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal should be good in Turkey Antalya. Even if there are systemic diseases such as heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, it should be under control. Risks should be determined before the operation and it should be determined that there is no obstacle to the operation in the presence of interviews.

  • The patient must be over 18 years of age.

The person who will have Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal must be over the age of 18. The age of 18 is the threshold value for many surgical applications. At this age, bone and fat development is almost complete. In order to prevent the development from continuing after the operation, it should be waited until this age for Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery. In order to perform the operation, people under this age must obtain permission from their families. Although there is no upper age limit for the application, it should be noted that with increasing age, tissue elasticity and tightening will change and the result of the operation may be negative.

  • Men can also have ol liposuction procedures (lipo360, smart lipo)

Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is a preferred application for men and women who have fat in some parts of their body in Turkey Antalya. Although women prefer this surgery more, men also tend to apply Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal, especially because of the lubrication in their breasts. After the nose surgery called rhinoplasty, the most preferred surgery by men is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal to reduce the fat in their breasts.

  • Lubrication after pregnancy

Apart from nutritional imbalances, Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is a solution for women who have unbalanced fat accumulation in some parts of their body due to hormonal changes after pregnancy. However, people with sagging skin due to pregnancy and constant weight gain can have Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal along with other aesthetic operations such as tummy tuck and arm stretching. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal alone is not a solution against sagging and cellulite.

What should be considered before Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal in Turkey Antalya?

Liposuction in Turkey

Before Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery, there are procedures that both the patient and the surgeon must do. These processes can be listed as follows.

  • The patient is interviewed, if the patient is overweight, he is asked to lose weight first.

The physician informs the patient in Turkey Antalya.If the patient is overweight, the physician wants the patient to lose weight. The patient tries to lose weight by doing sports and changing his diet. In this case, persistent local lubrication becomes more evident. There is no need to lose weight if there is not a general lubrication but a local lubrication that can be removed by Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal in the body.The patient's preferences are learned.The physician decides whether the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal application will be combined with other aesthetic treatment applications (such as tummy tuck).Surgery history is learned.The drugs used are learned. The physician asks the patient to take a break from drugs that will pose a risk for surgery and anesthesia. Bleeding occurs during surgery. For this reason, the use of blood thinners and drugs that increase bleeding should be stopped a few days before the operation (such as aspirin).Herbal supplements and herbal teas should also be interrupted, as they may have blood-thinning properties.

  • It is explained to the patient that it is necessary to wait for the appearance that will meet the expectations.

The patient should be informed in advance that the desired results of Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery will not be achieved within a few days in Turkey Antalya. Some patients are disappointed in this regard. For before and after (or before and after) pictures circulating on the internet, the recovery period must be completed.

  • Food consumption should be terminated some time before the operation.

In order to eliminate the risks during the operation (such as the entry of gastric contents into the respiratory tract), food consumption is interrupted 8 hours before the operation.

  • Smoking and alcohol use should be terminated 15 days in advance.

Both smoking and alcohol delay wound healing and cause infection as they weaken the immune system. Since it also causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood, the act of drinking should be terminated at least 15 days before the operation.

  • Informs the physician if the patient is in the menstrual period.

Even if there will be no significant negative effects before Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal, women should tell the physician that they are in the menstrual period.

How is Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery done in Turkey Antalya?

Different methods are used to perform Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery. However, there are operations that are similar during the operation. Below are standard applications in Turkey Antalya.

  • Preparation for the operation is made.

The patient is in the hospital 2-3 hours before.Analyzes that determine the general health status are made.The operation is decided according to the results of the analysis.After the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is done, a photograph of the operation area is taken before the operation in order to compare the appearance exactly.The patient is informed about the possible risks of the operation.Talk about the patient's allergies.Before the operation, it is useful to massage the area with lymph.

  • Markings are made at the surgical sites.

The borders of the areas where Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal will be made and the places where the incision will be made are drawn on the skin. These drawings provide convenience to the physician during the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal process.

  • Anesthesia is performed.

Before the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal operation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia methods are performed by the anesthesiologist. The anesthesia method to be applied differs according to the patient's anxiety level and the number of areas to be Liposuction-Belly Fat Removaled in Turkey Antalya. If Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal is to be performed in one area, local anesthesia (another type of anesthesia that provides relaxation and prolongs the anesthesia period) supported by sedation (ie numbing only the area where the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal will be performed) is a good option. In this case, the patient is awake and can watch the operation being performed. General anesthesia is preferred for operations combined with Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal, which will be performed in more than one place and expected to take a long time. Due to the numbing procedures, the patient does not feel pain or pain during the operation.

  • An incision is made in the drawn areas.

Small incisions of 2-4 mm are made over or around the edges of the areas to be degreased. The number of incisions to be made for Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal differs according to the amount of fat to be removed.

  • Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal techniques are applied

Classical Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal methodThe method using tumescent is known as wet method, classical method, conventional Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal method or tumesence technique. A special sterile solution called tumescent is injected into the stubborn oily area that cannot be burned. The solution contains drugs that numb the area, narrow the vessels and reduce bleeding. This liquid mediates the swelling of the fat cells and their easier removal. Metal tubular cannulas with diameters ranging from 2-6 mm, which are associated with the vacuum device used to suck the oil, are guided through the incisions into the fat layer. Techniques in which the cannulas are moved by vibration, apart from manual ones, have also been used recently. With the suction power of the vacuum device, the excess fat is removed from the body. The amount of oil removed by this method varies between 2.5-4.5 liters. In some special cases, the amount of fat taken may be higher. Received fat is accumulated. The vacuuming process continues until the desired body shape and a smooth skin surface are obtained.Lipo360: If a Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal method includes Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal on a patient’s abdomen, waist and hips (which reaches around to either side of the spine), then it’s considered lipo 360°

  • Laser liposuction procedure (Laser lipo, smart lipo) in Turkey Antalya

Laser beams for laser lipo procedure are sent on the excess fat, due to the heat increase due to the rays, the fat cell walls are broken down and the fats begin to melt. Thus, the vacuum absorption of oils becomes easier. Since it can cause scar formation under the skin, dimples can be seen after laser lipo. Since the incisions are smaller, the scar is almost non-existent.

  • Vaser liposuction procesure (Vaser lipo)

It is based on the breakdown of fat cells with ultrasonic sound waves using vaser Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal. Vaser lipo is one of the most preferred Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal applications. It has advantages over classical Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal and laser Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal.

  • Combined surgery can be performed (especially stretching surgeries)

It may be possible to perform combined surgery as a result of mutual consultation between the patient and the physician. All Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal types (smart lipo, lipo360, vaser lipo) can be combined with tummy tuck, especially in cases where there are sagging and pits or bumps may occur due to the skin structure in Turkey Antalya.

  • Fluid and blood supplementation can be made.

Since fluid and adipose tissue are lost during the operation, the patient's fluid-electrolyte needs are balanced with intravenous fluids as a general surgical procedure.

  • A drain that absorbs liquids is placed.

In cases where the operation is long and bleeding, hollow special pipes called drains are placed to drain the liquid inside. Drains are usually removed the next day.

  • The incisions are sutured.

The opened incisions are sutured with suture threads that can be absorbed by the body. 1-2 stitches are sufficient to close the incisions.

  • Wound area is closed

The wound area is closed with a bandage/wrap after disinfection.

  • The duration of the operation varies.

Due to Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal to be performed in several areas in Turkey Antalya, the operation time will increase. Performing Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal together with other aesthetic treatments also increases the time. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery to be performed in a single area can be completed in 1-2 hours, while long-term operations may take 2-4 hours.

  • The patient stays in the hospital for 1 night and is discharged.

It is possible to be discharged on the same day after the surgery. Generally, it is preferred by physicians that the patient stays in the hospital for one night. In this process, blood is taken, blood pressure and body temperature are measured, pain is relieved with painkillers. The drain of the patient whose general condition is good is also removed. The physician prescribes the drugs to be used by the patient, makes recommendations and gives a day for the control examination.

Liposuction methods Antalya liposuction cost

What should be considered after Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal in Turkey Antalya?

The patient lost electrolyte, blood and fat, and incisions were made on the skin. Local or general anesthesia was applied to the patient. After such procedures, there may always be big or small complications, situations that we do not want. The following recommendations are important in order to have a more comfortable post-operative period.

  • Edema and bruising should not scare

It is normal to see edema and bruises after the operation. There is no need to worry. After a while, the edema disappears as fluids are absorbed by the body. The bruising due to blood collection also disappears and the area regains its normal skin color. Tingling and burning sensation are also symptoms that occur after the operations and go away after a while.

  • A corset is worn after the operation.

A corset is worn to protect and tighten the area. The corset increases the patient's confidence, reduces his fear and anxiety. Although it varies according to the patient and the amount of adipose tissue taken, the corset should be worn for 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, the skin may not recover, the adhesion of the skin to the underlying muscle layers may decrease and sagging of the skin may occur.

  • Effort should be made not to gain weight again.

Only regional fats are removed with Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal. There is no reason not to gain weight after surgery. For this reason, it is necessary to switch to a diet that reduces weight gain, and to strive for a healthy and fit body by doing sports.

  • Fluid should be consumed.

Fluid consumption has a reducing effect on edema. In addition, the fluids lost during the operation are compensated. Fluid consumption is also important for the skin to have the desired appearance and structure.

  • You have to wait a bit for the desired image.

Despite the removal of fat in the operation area in Turkey Antalya, it takes time for the patient to reach the desired image. Patience is required for the edema to completely pass and the area to take its original shape.

  • Mild pain can be relieved with painkillers.

Depending on the passing of the anesthesia and the movement of the muscles in the area, there may be mild pain. These pains are relieved with painkillers recommended by the physician in Turkey Antalya. Since the incision areas are very small, the pain that may last 2-3 days is also vague.

  • Side effects are few and rare. It will not occur if precautions are taken.

Bleeding and infection may occur after Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery. However, these cases are very rare due to the very small incision in the operation area. If these situations are encountered, the physician should be informed. It should be noted that increased body temperature may be a sign of infection.

  • Medicines prescribed by the physician should be used.

Other drugs prescribed by the physician should be used as recommended. He may have prescribed painkillers and antibiotics.

  • Go to control examinations.

The doctor will take your stitches and dressings during the control examinations.

  • Take a break from heavy work and sports

After the liposuction operation in Turkey Antalya, heavy work and sports should be avoided, rest as much as possible, and visits to places such as sauna, Turkish bath and solarium should be suspended.

  • Walking and light movement are good.

Light walking can be done by opening the arms. Recovery should be expected for sports and exercise (though the doctor's advice is important, it may be after 4-6 weeks). In this case, it will be possible to prevent negativities such as deep vein thrombosis, which becomes evident with occlusion in the vein, and to feed the body with blood.

  • Your doctor will inform you about taking a shower.

Physician advice should be followed for showering. In general, bathing can be done after the 2nd day, provided that the stitched areas are not cut during the bath.

  • Alcohol and smoking should be stopped.

Although it is not possible to completely quit alcohol and smoking habits, a break should be taken for 1 month. Otherwise, there will be a delay in wound healing, a decrease in the immune system, and a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.

  • You can return to your routine work after 1 week.

After resting for 2-3 days, the patient can start his routine activities. However, it will be healthier to take a week off and rest.

Liposuction methods Antalya liposuction cost

What are the risks of liposuction(belly fat removal) surgery in Turkey, Antalya?

  • Indistinct seam marks

Both the number of incisions are few and the incisions are very small. The scar that will form is uncertain. Care is taken as much as possible to throw the sacs into the skin folds.

  • There may be a temporary burning sensation.

As the tissue structure changes in the application area, numbness and burning sensation may occur. A situation is temporary. Permanent loss of sensation is almost never encountered. For long-term loss of sensation, the doctor should be consulted.

  • The patient may not be satisfied with the result of the operation(belly fat removal) in Turkey Antalya.

As a result of the operation(belly fat removal) in Turkey Antalya, there may be non-aesthetic results and the patient may not like the result. Fluctuations may occur in the area where liposuction(belly fat removal Turkey) is performed, even after the edema has passed. This is the most common complication. Massages recommended by the physician can be performed to eliminate the fluctuation. Depending on the fat mass removed, sagging may also occur. These conditions are usually related to the success of the liposuction operation(belly fat removal) and the skin structure of the patient. The patient's non-compliance with the post-operative rules may also have an effect on the image. In such cases, the liposuction operation is repeated.

  • Fat emboli are important. It is quite rare.

After the liposuction operation(belly fat removal) in Turkey Antalya, blood and fat embolism may occur due to immobility. It's not a common occurrence. Embolism, which is one of the most dangerous risks, occurs especially as a result of occlusion of the blood vessel by fats. Paralysis may occur, especially due to occlusion of small vessels. In case of embolism, special precautions should be taken in the hospital and the damage caused by the embolism should be prevented. Light movements and non-strenuous walks after the operation will reduce the risk of embolism.

  • Bleeding may occur.

Bleeding is one of the rare complications. With the new liposuction techniques, bleeding has decreased considerably. Especially in case of removal of large amount of fat mass, blood accumulation in the area may be high due to the prolongation of the operation period. For this, it may be necessary to put a drain and remove the accumulated blood as a result of bleeding. Natural leaks seen in the first 24 hours should not be confused with bleeding.

  • Infection is extremely rare.

Infection is not uncommon. Due to the small size of the incision area, infection will not occur if adequate precautions are taken. It should not be forgotten that smoking should be stopped in order to heal the scars and prevent infection.

Frequently asked questions about Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal in Turkey Antalya

Compared to other aesthetic surgeries in Turkey Antalya, the incisions made during Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal are very small. Incisions a few millimeters long are made inside the skin folds, if possible. The number of incisions is also less. These places, which are closed with 1 or 2 stitches after the operation, heal in a short time as long as the general rules are observed and the scars become too insignificant. Scar creams can also be used to reduce scarring. Healing of incisions may be delayed due to smoking, diabetes, and straining the operation area with heavy work or sports.

It is not possible to give an exact figure about the Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal cost in Turkey Antalya. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal cost will vary depending on the condition of the patient's skin, the number of areas where Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal will be performed, the type of anesthesia and technique used (smart lipo-laser lipo, vaser lipo, lipo360 etc), whether it can be combined with other aesthetic treatments, the price policy of the physician, and the district where the clinic is located. For the most accurate Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal cost, a doctor should be examined. Liposuction-Belly Fat Removal surgery is a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes and based on personal preference.

Since anesthesia is given before the operation in Turkey Antalya, the patient does not feel pain or pain. There may be very mild pain in the form of stinging for 2 or 3 days after the operation. These pains are reduced by avoiding heavy and sudden movements and using painkillers.

With liposuction-belly fat removal, stubborn fat that causes deformity in one or more parts of the body is removed. It is desired that the patient who will have liposuction be close to his ideal weight, otherwise he will lose weight before the liposuction procedure in Turkey Antalya. Fatigue occurs due to excessive caloric intake. In this regard, people who gain weight easily after fat removal should reduce their calorie intake and continue to exercise. If possible, the diet should be plant based. Otherwise, both the liposuction area and the whole body will be lubricated again.

Even if the classical wet liposuction operation-belly fat removal is performed in Turkey Antalya, sagging is not common. If the patient's skin is very loose and especially after removing excess fat, there may be sagging in the emptied area. Fat taken from deep in places where fat accumulation is high can also cause sagging as it weakens the tightness between the skin and the muscle layer. By using new techniques, positive results are obtained even in patients with loose skin.

The liposuction-belly fat removal process takes approximately 1-3 hours in Turkey Antalya. Surgery to be performed in one area usually takes a short time. In cases where liposuction surgery will be performed in more than one area or when liposuction will be combined with other surgeries, the duration of the operation is prolonged. However, it is preferred that the patient stays under control for one night in the hospital, whether it is performed under local or general anesthesia.

Liposuction surgery(belly fat removal) is a surgical procedure that is not very risky under normal conditions in Antalya, Turkey. Before the operation, all information about the patient is collected and necessary analyzes are made. However, there are issues that both the physician and the patient should pay attention to. Otherwise, it is possible to see some small or big risks.

Routine life is usually started one week after liposuction surgery(belly fat removal) in Antalya, Turkey. It is good to be off during this time. Heavy sports, sauna, fitness, hammam and spa activities can be started within 4-8 weeks, depending on the difficulty of the operation. Most of the edema disappears in this time. However, it is necessary to wait 6 months-1 year for the swelling to disappear completely and for the desired appearance. Liposuction before and after is use to compare views before and post operation.

Fluctuations and collapses in the skin may occur depending on the skin structure of the patient, the wrong choice of the operation technique, and the unsuccessful operation in Antalya, Turkey. This condition is less common after surgery with new liposuction(belly fat removal) techniques. Skin softening, ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency applications and fat transfer injection can be performed to prevent fluctuations.

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