Breast Reduction Surgery-Mammoplasty of big tits in Antalya-Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Turkey

Breast reduction surgery of big tits in Antalya-Breast reduction surgery cost

Breast reduction surgery of boobs big is done to have equal and normal breasts. Breast reduction surgery ranked 8th among the most performed aesthetic operations in 2019. You can find detailed information about breast reduction surgery in our article.

  • What is breast reduction surgery?
  • In which cases is breast reduction surgery done?
  • What should be done before breast reduction surgery?
  • How to do a breast reduction surgery?
  • What should be considered after breast reduction surgery?
  • What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?
  • What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?
  • Is breast reduction surgery safe?
  • Which techniques does the best plastic surgeon use to do breast reduction surgery?
  • How much is a breast reduction surgery?
  • Will there be any scars after Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty?
  • How is male breast reduction surgery (Gynecomastia surgery) performed in Turkey?
  • Is non-surgical breast reduction possible in Antalya?
  • Can breast reduction(Mammoplasty) and breast lift(mastopexy for sagging boobs) be done at the same time in Turkey, Antalya?
  • Why does the breast sag? How to understand whether the breast is saggy or not in Turkey, Antalya?
  • Does breast reduction surgery(mammoplasty for big tits) cause cancer in Turkey, Antalya?
  • Can you breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?
  • Can I have ultrasound and mammography after breast reduction surgery(mammoplasty for big tits) in Turkey, Antalya?
  • When is the return to sexual life after breast reduction surgery(mammoplasty for big tits) in Turkey, Antalya?
  • How long after breast reduction will I know my size?
  • How to lose belly fat after breast reduction surgery?
  • How long does breast reduction surgery take?
  • How long after breast reduction can I drive?
  • What to wear after breast reduction surgery?
  • What is Breast Reduction Surgery-Mammoplasty?

    Breast Reduction Surgery-Mammoplasty is a surgery performed by people who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts (big tits) and feel pain in the neck, shoulder and back region due to the weight of their breasts. During the operation, which lasts approximately 2-3 hours, breast skin, fat and breast tissue are removed from the breast in the amount deemed appropriate by the physician. Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty is also performed for men with large breasts (gynecomastia surgery).

    In which cases is breast reduction surgery done in Turkey Antalya?

    Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty is preferred by people who want to have smaller breasts in Turkey Antalya.

    10 reasons why breast reduction surgery is life-changing for women

    1. Leaning forward and hunching of the body due to big tits,
    2. Women with big boobs,
    3. Neck and back pain caused by big tits,
    4. Different breast sizes, presence of asymmetry,
    5. Difficulty finding clothes due to tit huge,
    6. Problems experienced in routine activities, sports activities and other social activities,
    7. Bras leave dimpling marks on the shoulders, shoulder pain,
    8. Redness, sores and fungal infections under the breasts, especially in hot seasons, due to very large and sagging breasts,
    9. Psychological problems caused by very boobs big,
    10. Although there is no definite scientific result, the risk of cancer in large breasts is relatively high.

    Who does breast reduction surgery?

    General health must be good for breast reduction Antalya surgery.

    The patient must be over 18 years of age.

    The person stands in front of the mirror to see the condition of his breasts. If the tip of the breast has descended below the fold line under the breast, breast reduction aesthetics (boobs big reduction) has become necessary.

    What should be done before breast reduction surgery in Turkey Antalya?

  • The patient is interviewed, examination and measurements are made breast reduction-mammoplasty surgery in Turkey Antalya.
  • 18 years is the threshold value for breast reduction Turkey
    Unless there is a very important reason, the patient must be over the age of 18. Because under this age, there is still development in the organs.
  • No pregnancy plan
    It would be appropriate for those who are pregnant and those who wish to become a mother shortly after the operation to postpone breast augmentation surgery. During these times, the breast size is above normal. It should be expected to shrink again.
  • How to do a breast reduction surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

    Breast Reduction in Turkey

    Information about Breast Reduction Surgery is listed below:

    • About 2 hours before the Breast Reduction Antalya operation, blood analyzes of the patient who comes to the hospital are performed and images of the breast are taken. If there is a cyst, it is removed.
    • It examines the structure and size of the breast, where the nipple ends and determines the surgical technique.
    • Markings are made on the patient's breast with a pencil, and the places where the incision will be made are determined. Drawings are made standing up, not lying down, because the size differences between the breasts are seen more clearly and the final point of the nipple is determined more clearly due to the sagging of the breast due to the effect of gravity.
    • General anesthesia is performed for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Antalya, Turkey . During the operation, pain is not felt due to the effect of the anesthetic substance.
    • Incisions are made on the breast in accordance with the method deemed appropriate by the physician (More detailed information about the breast reduction Antalya methods is below).
    • The amount of fat, breast tissue and skin that will provide an aesthetic appearance (upright nipple and small breast) is removed from the breast and the incisions are sutured.
    • During the surgery performed on patients with very large breasts, a drain is placed to absorb blood and other fluids.
    • The breast is wrapped. The physician recommends or wears a sports bra that protects the breasts and exerts moderate pressure on them.
    • The patient is told the names of the drugs to be used and a prescription is written.
    • After the breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 day.
    • Depending on the difficulty of the surgery and the technique applied, the breast reduction process is completed in about 2 hours.
    • Information is given after the mammoplasty in Turkey operation.
    • The patient is called for a control examination.
    • The patient is discharged the day after the the mammoplasty in Antalyaoperation.

    Frequently preferred methods for breast reduction

    Frequently preferred Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty techniques and features are listed below.

    • Lejour (breast reduction with lollipop incision)
    • A circular incision is made in the area of the nipple. At the same time, another straight incision is made downward. It got this name because the shape resembles a lollipop.

      The Lejour method breast reduction performed by making an incision in this way is preferred for reducing breasts that are not too large for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya. Larger breasts may be insufficient in reducing breast size and sagging may occur after the operation.

      The amount of fat, breast tissue, and skin that the physician deems appropriate is removed from the opened incision and the skin is closed.

    • Breast reduction with test T-shaped incision
    • It is suitable for breast reduction | Mammoplasty Turkey in all types of breast structures. Therefore, it is a frequently preferred technique.

      In addition to the incisions made in the lollipop incision method, a horizontal incision is made in the lower fold of the breast.

      It is possible to remove a larger amount of mass compared to the Lejour method.

    • Breast reduction with graft technique
    • When this technique is applied, the vessels and nerves feeding the nipple lose their function because they are not protected.

      It is preferred for the reduction of extremely large breasts called giant breasts.Milk ducts are damaged while applying this technique. In this respect, it is used especially for elderly people who will not need breastfeeding for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya.

      Since the milk ducts are not preserved, it is possible to reduce the breast to very small sizes.

    Summary of incisions for breast reduction

    If there is not too much size and drooping, only a round incision for breast reduction around the nipple may be sufficient.

    For slightly larger breasts, in addition to this round incision, another vertical incision is made from the nipple to the fold under the breast.

    In extremely large breasts, in addition to the round and vertical incisions, a horizontal incision is made at the inframammary fold. The incision type preferred by most surgeons is an inverted T-shaped one.

    What should be considered after Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty in Antalya, Turkey?

    After the Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty in Antalya, Turkey operation, the doctor's recommendations should be followed and the medications given should be used regularly. If the recommendations we have given below are followed, the process will be more comfortable and the risk of complications will be minimized for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya.

    Rarely, bleeding and infections may occur. It is normal to have redness and swelling after the operation. A sudden rise in body temperature can be a sign of infection. In case of breathing irregularity, chest pain, bleeding and a significant increase in body temperature, a doctor should be consulted.

    Breast edema and changes in breast color begin to decrease within a few days after the breast reduction surgery. There is no need to worry.

    Depending on the movement of the muscles in the chest area, pain may occur in the breast and arms. These pains are especially pronounced in the first days. These pains are reduced or relieved by using the painkillers prescribed by the physician in the appropriate dose and amount.

    All medications recommended by the physician should be used regularly. It should not be forgotten that antibiotics will reduce the risk of possible infection and accelerate wound healing for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya.

    Control inspections should be done. If a drain is placed at the first appointment, it is also removed.

    The burning sensation on the breast should not be frightening in the days immediately after the Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty in Antalya operation. As the effect of the surgery, it lasts for a few days and disappears.

    There may be loss of sensation and sensitivity due to edema. As the swelling decreases, the situation returns to normal.

    Actions such as raising the arms too much and carrying heavy loads should be avoided. However, it is important for the arms and body to be in a little movement with light walking to prevent negative effects such as deep vein thrombosis and to feed the tissues with blood.

    Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty in Antalya, Turkey

    Especially in the first days, help is taken while lying down and getting up.

    The doctor's advice should be followed for showering. As long as the stitched areas of the breast are protected, there is usually no problem in taking a shower after 2 days from breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya.

    Sports bra should not be removed until the time the doctor says. In this way, the breast will not move much and the person's sense of confidence will increase. Your doctor will inform you about wearing a bra.

    Lying face down should be avoided for about 1 month. This is especially important in the first days.

    For the first 2 months, heavy sports that cause the breast and arms to move should be avoided. It should not be forgotten that the breasts are sensitive to physical contact and shocking blows during the healing process. Side turns should be reduced as much as possible while lying down.

    Sauna, solarium and steam bath should be avoided within 1 month after the operation.

    It may take 6 months or 1 month for the breast to reach its normal size and shape. However, it should be noted that this period may extend up to 1 year.

    There is no problem with breastfeeding after the Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty in Antalya operation. If the operation was performed successfully, mothers breastfeed their babies for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya.

    What are the risks of breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey, Antalya?

    Complications can occur after many surgeries. Negativity can be prevented or reduced by paying attention to the points to be considered after the surgery and following the doctor's recommendations.

    Bleeding may occur.

    Bleeding may occur rarely after the operation for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Turkey Antalya. Bleeding is most common during the first 24 hours.

    Infection can occur.

    Cases of infection are also extremely rare. The development of infection can be prevented with antibiotics.

    Breast reduction scars

    It is natural to leave scars after incision surgical procedures. In breast operations, the scar of the incision made in the fold under the breast is not visible because it remains under the breast. In the incisions made on the breast, there is a vague scar formation. Creams are used after surgery to reduce scar formation. It should not be forgotten that diabetes and smoking delay wound healing, weaken the immune system and invite infections for breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Antalya Turkey.

    Scarring is an inevitable consequence of any breast reduction surgical operation involving an incision. In breast reduction Antalya procedures, the incision that is done in the fold under the breast does not leave a visible scar because it is kept there. This allows the scar to be hidden from view. There is the creation of a hazy scar in the areas of the breast where incisions were done. After breast reduction(mammoplasty) surgical procedures, scarring is minimized with topical creams. It is important to keep in mind that diabetes and smoking both slow the healing process of wounds, reduce the strength of the immune system, and increase the risk of infection while considering breast reduction surgery-mammoplasty in Antalya, Turkey.

    Pain, ache, burning and stinging sensation may be seen.

    After the analgesic effect wears off, there may be aches and pains. There may also be burning and stinging sensations. Pain is reduced or relieved by the use of painkillers prescribed by the physician.

    Loss of sensation

    There may be a loss of sensation after breast reduction surgery. Loss of sensation, especially in the nipple, may be encountered. However, this loss of sensation is usually not permanent.

    Milk production may decrease.Depending on the technique used in the operation and the failure of the treatment, milk production may decrease. This happens due to the separation of excessive amount of mammary glands from the breast and affecting the milk ducts during the operation.

    Asymmetry, which is an aesthetic problem, is seen.

    There is a difference in size (asymmetry) between the sizes of the breasts.

    What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery(mommoplasty) in Antalya, Turkey?

    After breast reduction surgery(mommoplasty) in Antalya, Turkey, the woman's self-confidence increases. After the operation in Antalya, Turkey, the woman feels happy, socialises more easily and moves freely.

    Patients wish to find the best aesthetic doctor for breast reduction surgery (mommoplasty) as well as breast augmentation or boob job surgery. Successful breast surgeries are the doctor's reference to himself. In our modern aesthetic clinic, it is the operations that reflect the success of our plastic surgeon. To examine the photos of these procedures and to get detailed information about breast reduction surgery, we recommend you to read our article. Click to be examined by Dr.Berat Clinic's experienced surgeon.

    Is breast reduction surgery safe in Antalya, Turkey?

    Of course, it is safe but every procedure performed in the wrong hands is harmful to the individual. In order to avoid any problems, breast reduction surgery (mommoplasty) should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon in a good aesthetic centre with a sterile environment in Antalya, Turkey. Breast reduction surgery Antalya performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor has no harm to the individual.

    Which techniques does the best plastic surgeon use to do breast reduction surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

    The plastic surgeon who performs the best female or male breast reduction surgery determines the technique suitable for the patient after the breast examination. If you want to have breast reduction surgery, we are waiting for you to our clinic for examination.

    Frequently asked questions about breast reduction in Turkey Antalya

    The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery | Mammoplasty also varies depending on the technique applied, the size of the patient's breast and, accordingly, the prolongation of the operation time, and the extra treatments that the patient will receive in the hospital. The price policy of the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation also is reflected in the price. The most accurate cost of Breast Reduction Surgery is learned after a doctor's examination in Turkey Antalya.

    While shrinking, the mammary gland may also is lost and the lactation function may decrease. Breastfeeding takes place as much as the potential of the remaining mammary gland.

    As in all surgeries with surgical intervention, breast reduction-mammoplasty surgery scars remain after breast reduction surgery. The shapes and sizes of the scars on the breast vary according to the operation performed. After the ring-shaped incision around the nipple, a scar remains. However, this trace is not obvious due to the different colors of that region. The incision made down the nipple leaves a scar after it heals. This mark, which is obvious at the beginning, then takes on a color close to the skin color. The seam under the breast, at the horizontal line, is inconspicuous as it stays under the breast and clothing. Although the resulting scars are more obvious at first, they begin to heal and become indistinct over time and lose their clarity. It is possible to reduce the visibility of scars by paying the necessary attention after the operation, stopping smoking, nutrition enriched with protein and vitamins and keeping diabetes under control in Turkey Antalya.

    Men's breasts also enlarge for many reasons. Drugs used, age, some diseases, hormones, alcohol use cause breasts to enlarge. Another name for breast enlargement in men is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia Turkey is common in adolescence. It becomes permanent in approximately 10-15% of them. In order to reduce the breast in men, a small incision is made in the dark part of the nipple and the breast tissue is removed. One of the male breast reduction(Gynecomastia) techniques performed in women is used for excessively enlarged breasts in Turkey Antalya.

    There are people who think that doing sports, some drugs, increasing water intake, and different herbal cures reduce the breast. However, with such applications, st breast reduction-mammoplasty is not possible. Although sports are a very beneficial activity for the body, since the breast tissue does not contain muscle, it does not have a reducing effect on the breast in Turkey Antalya. Even if you lose weight by doing a lot of sports, the breasts do not get smaller. On the contrary, the breast sags.

    Breast reduction-mammoplasty and breast lift surgeries-mastopexy are very similar to each other. While the skin is removed from the breast during breast reduction surgery, this is not done in breast lift surgery. By performing breast lift during breast reduction in Turkey Antalya, the sagging breast is recovered and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.

    The size of the breast may be due to genetic structure. Due to excessive weight gain, breastfeeding period, hormonal irregularity, and medications, the breasts may enlarge and lose their shape by drooping. During the lactation period, the inside of the breast is filled with milk and the breast enlarges. After breastfeeding, the breast empties. As a result of repetitive births, the breast, which is constantly emptied and loosened, hangs down permanently with the effect of gravity. Sometimes sagging of the breast(boobs,tits) can be seen due to problems in the connective tissue that keeps the breast hanging and tight. With age, the breast tissue decreases, its interior is partially emptied and the breast begins to sag. To understand that you have big breasts, you can go in front of the mirror and evaluate according to the image of the breast. If the nipples stay above the fold line under the breast, it's okay. If you have a sagging breast-tits that has gone down to the fold level or is below this line.the both treatment performed in Turkey Antalya.

    There is no scientific data that breast reduction surgery(mammoplasty for big tits) has a cancer-forming effect. On the contrary, it can be said that the risk of cancer will decrease due to the reduction of breast tissue during the reduction process. People with a family history of breast cancer and especially those over the age of 40 may request a pathological examination using the breast tissue removed during the breast reduction (mammoplasty for big tits) operation in Turkey, Antalya.

    As long as the connection between the mammary gland and the nipple is not damaged during the operation, the breastfeeding process is not adversely affected. However, it should be kept in mind that in cases where the breasts, also called giant breasts, are very large, while significant reduction is achieved, breastfeeding is adversely affected in Turkey, Antalya.

    After breast reduction surgery(mammoplasty for big tits) in Turkey, Antalya, there is no obstacle in the visualization of the breast. Especially women over the age of 40 should have this examination, even if they have not undergone female or male reduction surgery.

    It is useful to wait for the tenderness in the breast to return and the stitching area to heal. For this reason, it would be appropriate for patients to wait 5-6 weeks before they start their sexual life again. You can contact us to get detailed information about breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty for big tits) and to be examined. If you are interested in breast aesthetics, you can also read our articles about breast augmentation and breast lift operations in Antalya, Turkey. This article is for informational and advisory purposes. The recommendations of your physician who will examine you and perform the surgery should be a priority. We wish you healthy days.

    After breast reduction surgery, it may take weeks or even months for the swelling to subside and the breasts to settle into their ultimate shape and size. Therefore, it is essential to be patient and let your body heal before determining your ultimate breast size.

    Your surgeon will likely give you a compression garment or supportive bra to wear after surgery to help reduce edema and support your breasts. They may also schedule follow-up appointments to assess your breast size and shape and monitor your healing progress.

    It is essential to discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure with your surgeon, as well as any concerns you have about the size of your breasts after surgery. They provide you with a better understanding of what to expect and help you achieve the desired results.

    Losing belly fat after a breast reduction surgery involves a combination of exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes.Here are some tips to help you lose belly fat:

    Cardiovascular exercise: Walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming burn calories and reduce body fat, particularly belly fat.

    Strength training: Weightlifting and bodyweight workouts help create lean muscle. This boosts metabolism and burns more calories at rest.

    Eat a balanced diet: Eat a low-calorie, high-fiber, lean protein diet. Avoid processed, sugary, and fatty foods.

    Drink lots of water: Hydration helps you feel full and reduces calorie consumption.

    Manage stress: Stress cause belly fat. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing reduce stress.

    Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation disrupts hunger and metabolic hormones, causing weight gain. Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

    Losing belly fat takes time and dedication. Be patient and persistent with your healthy lifestyle. Ask your doctor or dietician for personalized advice.

    Breast reduction surgery usually has a duration of approximately 3-4 hours. The duration of the surgery differ based on the complexity of the procedure and the possibility of concurrent interventions. Breast reduction surgery duration is subject to variation based on the specific case and surgical methodology employed by the surgeon.

    In general, you may be able to drive again as soon as one to two weeks after surgery, as long as you aren't taking any painkillers that make you sleepy or slow down your reaction time. How long you have to wait before you drive after a breast reduction surgery depends on your personal situation and what your surgeon tells you to do.

    After breast reduction surgery, it's important to wear clothing that is comfortable, non-restrictive, and promotes healing.

    Here are some clothing and garment options that you may find helpful during the recovery process:

    • Loose, comfortable clothing
    • Surgical bras
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Compression garments
    • Button-up or zip-up tops

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