All-Inclusive Breast Augmentation Turkey-Antalya Boob Job-Gummy Bear Implants-Ultra Cohesive Silicone Breast Implants

Breast augmentation-boob job Turkey is one of the most important aesthetic surgeries. After Breast augmentation/Boob job surgery performed by experienced surgeons, the health problems of the patients are eliminated and breasts with an aesthetic appearance are achieved.

  • What is Breast augmentation/Boob job?
  • In which cases is Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery performed?
  • Who is Breast augmentation | Boob job not suitable for?
  • What should be considered before Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery?
  • How is Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery done?
  • What should be considered after Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery?
  • What are the problems that can be encountered after breast augmentation surgery(Boob job) in Turkey, Antalya?
  • Is breast augmentation surgery useful?
  • Is breast augmentation surgery harmful?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Will there be any scars after Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery?
  • How much is a Boob job in Antalya, Turkey?
  • How is breast size decided?
  • When will the enlarged breast regain its final shape?
  • What are the negative aspects of breast augmentation | Boob job surgery with fat injection?
  • How long do silicone prostheses last?
  • Are silicones used in breast augmentation surgery(Boob job) safe in Turkey, Antalya? Does silicone(gummy bear implants) prosthesis cause cancer?
  • Can silicones be removed during pregnancy in Turkey, Antalya? Can I breastfeed with silicone(gummy bear implants)?
  • It is possible to combine breast augmentation with other surgery?
  • How long does boob job/breast augmentation surgery last in Antalya Turkey?
  • Does smoking affect the healing process?
  • Is there any loss of sensation in breasts with silicone?
  • Does silicone affect mammography? Can silicone mammography be taken?
  • Do silicone prostheses need to be replaced?
  • Can you breastfeed after a boob job?
  • What is Breast augmentation | Boob job?

    Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery method is performed to enlarge small breasts and to provide an aesthetic appearance. General anesthesia method is preferred for surgery. All-inclusive breast augmentation operation usually takes 1-2 hours. A breast prosthesis (breast silicone, breast implant,gummy bear implants) is used to enlarge the breast. It is essential for a Silicon Prosthesis to have FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval, irrespective of its brand name. Fat injection technique is also used to enlarge the breast. However, it is not as successful as the technique in which breast implants are used.

    What is boob job?

    Boob job is a plastic surgery method to enlarge boobs and have better-appearing breasts.

    In which cases is Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery performed in Turkey, Antalya?

    Breast augmentation | Boob job Surgery is mostly preferred by people who want to enlarge their breasts in Antalya, Turkey. Breast augmentation | Boob job is also performed in the following cases:

    • Enlarging small breasts with breast augmentation-boob job surgery Turkey
    • Correcting the shapes of the breasts
    • To make the asymmetrical breasts symmetrical
    • Providing breast images to people who have had their breasts removed due to breast cancer
    • To restore sagging and shrinking breasts
    • To enlarge the breasts of people with small breasts and underdeveloped breasts due to the negative impact of breast development
    • Congenital breast disorders
    • Disproportion between waist, hips and breasts (especially due to small breasts)
    • In case the implant has lost its function although it has been operated before Breast augmentation-Boob job Surgery

    Who is not suitable for Breast augmentation in Turkey, Antalya?

  • People with poor general health
    Those who are not in good general health cannot have breast augmentation-boob job surgery in Turkey, Antalya. Otherwise, there may be various complications resulting in death.
  • 18 years is the threshold value
    Unless there is a very important reason, the patient must be over the age of 18. Because under this age, there is still development in the organs.
  • No pregnancy plan
    It would be appropriate for those who are pregnant and those who wish to become a mother shortly after the Breast augmentation | Boob job operation to postpone Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Antalya, Turkey. During these times, the breast size is above normal. It should be expected to shrink again.
  • What should be considered before Boob job surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

    Breast augmentation | Boob job in Turkey

    There are some reasons why the breast operation-breast augmentation-boob job surgery is popular in Turkey, Antalya. Some of these are those:

    • Interview and examination The patient's expectations from the surgery are learned. The risks that the surgery may cause are explained to the patient in detail. Information such as the patient's allergic status, the drugs he is using routinely, his chronic diseases, whether he has had a previous surgery or not.
    • It is determined whether another surgery will be performed together with Breast augmentation | Boob job in Turkey, Antalya. If there is sagging in the breasts, Breast augmentation | Boob job is also performed while it is performed to correct the sagging boobs.
    • The physician informs the patient about risky drugs. Before the operation, the use of blood thinners and pain relievers should be suspended. Herbal teas and natural food supplements should not be consumed, as they may increase the risk of bleeding.
    • Eating and drinking are stopped before the operation in Antalya, Turkey. You should not eat anything about 8 hours before the surgery. Otherwise, the stomach contents of the patient who is in sleep mode may block the airways.
    • Stop smoking If possible, smoking should be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery because of its ability to reduce wound healing and blood oxygen level, weaken the immune system and increase infection.
    • Breast is displayed with medical devices Ultrasound and mammography examinations are performed. These measurements are repeated 1 year after surgery for comparison.

    How is All-inclusive Breast augmentation-Boob job surgery done in Antalya, Turkey?

    All-inclusive Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery is performed in different ways in Turkey Antalya. Below is detailed information about Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery methods, prosthesis types and features.

    • Examination is done and expectations are discussed. The decision is made for breast size in Turkey Antalya
    • Preoperative blood analysis and 3D breast imaging are performed. Silicone prostheses are placed on the images using a 3D imaging system. In this way, the postoperative image is seen with simulation. The patient's satisfaction with the image is learned.
    • The type and size of the prosthesis is selected, the technique to be applied is decided. General anesthesia is done.
    • The place where the prosthesis will be placed is selected. An incision is made in accordance with the technique.
    • Breast tissue is separated from breast muscles and connective tissue. The prosthesis is placed in the pocket on the back or front of the breast tissue.
    • After the implant is placed, the incision is sutured.
    • A bandage is wrapped around the breasts. A sports bra is worn over the breasts for both protection and compression.
    • Although it is possible to be discharged on the same day after the Breast augmentation | Boob job operation, physicians usually prefer the patient to stay in the hospital for one night in Turkey Antalya.
    • The drugs to be used are written.
    • The surgeon advises the patient on what to do after Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery and examinations in Antalya, Turkey.
    • The patient is called for a control examination 2-3 days later.
    • The surgical technique is determined
      Breast augmentation | Boob job using a silicone prosthesis is performed in different ways in Turkey Antalya. Where the prosthesis will be placed (nipple, under the breast, armpit, navel), how deep the prosthesis will be placed (under the mammary gland tissue or under the breast muscle tissue), the shape of the prosthesis (round / hemispherical, anatomical / drop-shaped) and prosthetic surface are the determining criteria for the surgical method.
      An incision is made
      Making an incision under the breast is the most common method for breast augmentation-boob job in Turkey Antalya. This process is the most effective and safest. With the incision made in this region, it was observed that the lowest revision (re-operation requirement) and capsular contracture (hard capsule formation around the prosthesis) were observed.
      Another area where the prosthesis will be placed is the nipple. In order for the prosthesis to be placed around the nipple, the brown area around the nipple should be of a certain width. Since the prosthesis will be easily placed into the breast, less scars remain and the surgery ends in a short time. Underarm prosthesis placement is rare and requires experience. Prosthesis placement through the navel is also rarely preferred. Since gel-like implants are not easily placed with this method, prostheses, also called saline implants, which are subsequently inflated with serum, are used. Saline implants are placed empty and filled with sterile saline after they are placed for the breast. These prostheses are not as successful as gel prostheses and are gradually losing their validity.
      The prosthesis is placed in Antalya, Turkey.
      The place where the prosthesis will be placed is decided for breast augmentation-boob job in Turkey Antalya. In case the prosthesis is placed under the breast muscle, a thick muscle layer will cover the prosthesis. In this case, the risk of deformation, also called capsular contracture, is reduced. Submuscular placement is common, especially in breasts with thin subcutaneous tissue. However, when compared to prostheses placed on the muscle, postoperative pain is more common. These pains are relieved with painkillers. If the prosthesis is placed on the muscle, a thin tissue layer covers the prosthesis. With this method, it is possible to feel the edge of the prosthesis by hand. In this case, the probability of encountering Capsule contracture is higher.
      Prosthesis type and size are determined
      Prostheses used for Breast augmentation | Boob job are hemispherical (round) or drop (anatomical) shaped. Round prosthesis is used for breasts that are smaller in volume. There are different shapes of the drop prosthesis, which is similar to the natural structure of the breast. These prostheses, which are wider at the bottom and thin at the top, are used in cases where there is deformity as well as small volume breasts.
      Before the surgery, prostheses in a certain range are determined instead of a single size, and false prostheses, which are copies of those prostheses, are placed in the created pocket and trials are made. The prosthesis with the best aesthetic appearance is selected. In the final stage, the real prosthesis, which is the same size as the prosthesis that gives the best image, is placed in the pocket for breast augmentation-boob job in Turkey Antalya.
      Fat injection technique is also rarely used for breast enlargement-Breast augmentation | Boob job. In this method, fat taken from the body is injected into the breast. It is difficult to obtain permanent results with this method and the injection may need to be repeated. The application of this method can be quite difficult due to the absence of fat in thin patients.
      Gummy bear implants (ultra-cohesive silicone gel breast implants ) were used in Breast augmentation | Boob job in different countries.Although gummy bear implants have become increasingly popular since being approved by the FDA, many women continue to prefer traditional silicone gel implants due to more expensive, poor shifting, longer incision and being only in anatomical teardrop shapes in Turkey Antalya.

    Antalya breast augmentation-Gummy bear implants

    What should be considered after Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Antalya, Turkey?

    There are some reasons why the Breast augmentation | Boob job operation is popular in Turkey Antalya. Some of these are those:

    • Bleeding and infection are rare. However, in cases where there is warmth and redness in the breast and body in Breast augmentation | Boob job in Turkey Antalya temperature rises, a physician should be consulted. Shortness of breath and chest pain are also important issues to consider.
    • Side effects can be seen 3-4 days after the Breast augmentation | Boob job operation in Antalya, Turkey. Edema, tightness and some color changes in the breast are common. These symptoms subside or disappear completely after a week.
    • There may be mild pain after the effect of general anesthesia wears off. In case the prosthesis is placed under the breast muscle, there may be a pain that can be reduced with painkillers. There may be a tension in the patient's chest, which is expressed as a 'pressure feeling'.
    • Medicines should be used regularly. These drugs both relieve pain and accelerate recovery.
    • Control examination should be done and dressings should be made.
    • In the first days of Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery, there may be a burning sensation around the breast.
    • It is normal to feel numbness or hypersensitivity in the breasts in the days after the Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Antalya Turkey.
    • You can start to consume liquids 4 hours after the operation in Antalya, Turkey.
    • The arms should not be raised excessively, nor should they be left motionless.
    • Heavy items should not be lifted and nothing should be picked up.
    • It is useful to get help while going to bed and getting up, especially in the first days.
    • Doctor's recommendations should be followed about taking a shower after Breast augmentation | Boob job in Turkey Antalya. However, it is generally okay to take a warm shower after 48 hours.
    • A sports bra is worn during the healing process. Sports bra should never be removed from the body. Your doctor will inform you about this.
    • It is important to lie on your back, especially in the first week. It should not be forgotten that the breast is sensitive to jarring movements during the healing process. As much as possible, right and left turns should be reduced while lying down.
    • Sports that cause movement and pressure on the breast should be avoided (such as running, jumping, tennis, fitness). Sauna, pool, solarium and steam bath should be avoided within 6-8 weeks following breast surgery.
    • The patient can start driving and return to work a few days after the operation. It is useful to spend the first few days off.
    • A drain is placed in the area where the prosthesis is placed to absorb and expel the currents. The drain is removed after a few days.
    • It may take 6 months or 1 year for the breast to take its normal shape.
    • Contrary to popular belief, after breast augmentation surgery, there is no problem with breastfeeding. Since the breast tissue is not removed during the operation, there is no such thing as damage to the milk ducts. For this reason, women can breastfeed their babies without any problems after breast augmentation-boob job surgery in Turkey Antalya.

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    What are the problems that can be encountered after breast augmentation surgery(Boob job) in Turkey, Antalya?

    It is natural to have side effects or complications after surgery(Boob job). There may be problems such as bleeding, infection, wound healing in the suture area. However, these are extremely rare problems. After the breast augmentation(Boob job) operation in Turkey Antalya, pain, bruising and swelling may occur in the area. These symptoms are relieved with painkillers and ice applications. Bleeding and infection in the suture area after surgery are also rare. Among the risks of surgery performed for breast augmentation(Boob job), the ones that require the most attention are the ones originating from the prosthesis. These can be listed as follows:

    Capsular contracture: When the silicone prosthesis is perceived as a foreign substance by the body, a reaction may develop against the prosthesis. After the prosthesis placement process in Turkey Antalya, a protective membrane called capsule is formed around the prosthesis due to this reaction for . The resulting capsule thickens at a certain level after a while and distorts the shape of the silicone. Capsule contracture is the compression of the prosthesis capsule due to the body's perception of the prosthesis as a foreign body, and the deformation of the prosthesis and pushing it to one side. The tissues around the prosthesis compress the prosthesis and cause the breasts to gain a structure as if they were hard. This problem can be corrected with the intervention of a physician. Using a meticulous technique in the surgery and not applying exaggerated prostheses reduce the risk of capsules. Placements under the breast muscle and the use of anatomical prostheses are also important to avoid this problem for breast augmentation(Boob job) in Antalya, Turkey.

    Leakage of the prosthesis contents out of the balloon: It is the leakage of the gel inside the prosthesis used for surgery between the tissues and forming a mass there. Tear of the prosthesis: This problem is not caused by the operation in Antalya Turkey. Traffic accidents, damage caused by piercing tools to the silicone prosthesis, falls can cause prosthesis rupture.

    Other problems that may be encountered after breast augmentation surgery(Boob job) include asymmetries, appearance of the prosthesis from the outside, fluctuations on the prosthesis, and unnatural appearance of the breasts in Turkey Antalya. All of these problems can be reduced by not using oversized prostheses, choosing new generation prostheses, placing prostheses under the muscle in weak patients, and meticulous surgery.

    Is breast augmentation surgery(boob job) useful in Antalya, Turkey?

    Yes, Breast augmentation surgery(boob job) is useful in Antalya, Turkey. One of the most important parts of a woman that makes her feel beautiful, attractive and young as a woman is her breasts. Women with small breasts are uncomfortable with this situation being noticed in society. This may cause socialisation problems, inability to get closer to their partner. All these problems can be solved by contacting the best plastic surgeon and breast augmentation surgery in Antalya, Turkey. One of the best places for breast augmentation turkey is DR BERAT CLINIC.

    The best cosmetic surgeon gets his reputation from his previous successful breast augmentation(boob job) operations. In breast augmentation(boob job) surgery, the aesthetic doctor determines the ideal one for the patient from submuscular and supramuscular applications. The best plastic surgery doctor is an experienced aesthetic doctor who fully understands patient expectations, determines the appropriate breast size for the patient, and provides detailed information about the breast augmentation surgery(boob job) process and postoperative period.

    In breast augmentation surgery(boob job) in Antalya, Turkey, plastic surgeons who are good in their field correctly decide which of the silicone breast (breast implant), breast augmentation(boob job) procedures performed by injecting fat tissue, which will be suitable for the patient, and how the breast size will be.

    Women who have boob job surgery feel better with the effect of the beautification of their body lines. Women who have achieved ideal breast size are more comfortable in social environments, can wear the clothes they want and can have more solid male-female relationships.

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    Is breast augmentation surgery harmful(boob job) in Antalya, Turkey?

    No, breast augmentation surgery harmful(boob job) is not harmful in Antalya, TurkeyBreast augmentation surgery performed by an experienced, good plastic surgeon does not harm the body in Antalya, Turkey. Breast implants and other tools used for breast augmentation do not harm the patient. Breast implants placed in the body are produced from materials with high biocompatibility. In the breast augmentation surgery to be performed by a good plastic surgeon in the best aesthetic centre, wrong sized prostheses are not selected.

    After breast augmentation(boob-job) surgery, the patient gets a natural looking breast size in Antalya, Turkey. Otherwise, the patient may experience disappointments and many health problems because the patient cannot achieve the desired appearance with artificial or postoperative complications. For detailed information about breast augmentation(boob-job) operation,please CONTACT our experienced surgeons.

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    Frequently asked questions about Breast Augmentation or Boob Job in Antalya, Turkey

    For Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery, it is necessary to make an incision where the prosthesis will naturally be placed in Turkey Antalya. After the incisions are sutured in Antalya, Turkey, they will initially be pink-red in color, so it can be noticed. After a while, the color of the suture area becomes lighter and turns into skin color. After it turns skin color, it can only be noticed if you look closely. The scars after Breast augmentation | Boob job that will remain in the area after the operation vary according to the technique to be used. Since the incisions are usually made in the fold under the breast, they are mostly invisible from the outside. It should not be forgotten that factors such as the skin structure of the person, infection of the suture area, and smoking affect the healing process negatively.

    Average price of a boob job(breast-augmentation) is $2650 in Turkey, but Boob job Turkey prices/costs may vary depending on the technique used, the quality of the implant (quality and relatively more expensive silicone prosthesis companies offer a lifetime guarantee), the experience of the physician, increasing dollar and euro exchange rates, and other procedures for Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Antalya Turkey. For this reason, an exact price cannot be given. There are some companies originating from the United States. The implant prices produced by these companies, which carry out advanced R&D activities, are close to each other and the prostheses they produce are higher than the prostheses produced in Brazil and China with a shorter warranty period. In order to learn the prices of Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery, you need to make an appointment with your doctor and be examined in Antalya, Turkey. You can contact us for Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Turkey Antalya.

    Patient preference is important in Breast augmentation | Boob job surgery in Turkey Antalya. The physician learns what size breast the patient wants. How noticeable the change will be should be discussed in detail. Only patients who have had Breast augmentation | Boob job for heir partner can be found. In addition to this, there are also people in social life, whose breasts can be noticed, which makes them happy. It should not be forgotten that the change to be made should be proportional to the body dimensions and should meet the needs and wishes of the patient.

    Enlarged breast will regain its final shape up to one year in Turkey Antalya. After the breast augmentation-boob job operation in Antalya, Turkey, the prostheses stand a little higher than they should be. From the 4th week, the softening begins, and a more natural appearance becomes. You should not worry about the images immediately after the operation. About 6 months after the operation, the breasts take their final images. This period may be extended up to 1 year in some cases in Turkey Antalya.

    Some of the weaknesses of fat injection for breast augmentation-boob job(breast augmentation with autologous fat) are listed below in Turkey Antalya.

    The mass demanding breast augmentation-boob job surgery consists of especially young women in Turkey Antalya. Fat injection to their breasts may cause radiological and clinical symptoms that may be confused with breast cancer.Since oil injection contains stem cells, it can trigger cancer in an organ such as breast, where cancer cases are common.

    In order to enlarge the breast, a certain amount of fat is taken from different parts of the body and injected into the breast. It may not always be possible to get enough fat to enlarge both breasts, especially from a woman with a normal weight.Since the fat mass created by fat injection will lose close to 50 percent of its volume, it will give a more uncontrolled result than breast prosthesis. Fat injection into the breast is mostly used to strengthen the breast repairs performed in patients who lost their breasts after breast cancer.

    Breast prostheses are produced in a quality that will be used for a lifetime. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty, while others have a shorter warranty period. Although the warranty is given, it should be checked at 10-year intervals whether there are leaks on the silicone outer surface of the prosthesis in Turkey Antalya.

    Breast prostheses(gummy bear implants) have been put into use after passing many tests in terms of durability and effects on the body for breast augmentation-boob job in Turkey Antalya. Breast prostheses(gummy bear implants) have been used for years without any problems. Significant advances have been made in prosthetic manufacturing technologies. Prostheses of popular companies have been approved by many international licensing and approving organizations in Antalya, Turkey. After intensive clinical studies, the FDA made a statement that breast prostheses containing silicone do not cause breast cancer and declared that they can be used in all kinds of aesthetic interventions as of November 17, 2006.

    This surgery(Breast augmentation-Boob job) has no negative effects on the milk glands and milk ducts in Turkey Antalya. For this reason, silicones do not prevent pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moreover, thanks to the silicones(gummy bear implants) placed behind the chest muscle, the mammary gland comes forward and babies hold the nipple much more comfortably. However, it would be more appropriate to wait a year for the breast tissue to completely heal and regain its natural shape without being adversely affected by pregnancy hormones.

    Optionally, many aesthetic interventions can be performed together with breast augmentation-boob job in Turkey, Antalya. Nose aesthetics, also called rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and leg stretching surgeries, liposuction or belly fat removal are among the preferred ones in Antalya, Turkey. Breast augmentation surgery-boob job is often combined with rhinoplasty(nose job). It is possible to get rid of the problem of two different regions at once. Of course, in order to perform these combined surgeries, the patient's health and blood values must be normal.

    Breast augmentation(boob job) surgery in Antalya, Turkey can take between one and two hours to complete. Nonetheless, this duration can vary based on the complexity of the procedure. Recovery time after breast augmentation-boob job surgery varies from person to person in Turkey, Antalya. Patients begin to get rid of swelling and bruises in the breast in about 72 hours. The ideal time for a person to return to business life is between 7-10 days. The time required for the breast to take its final shape is between 6-12 months in Turkey breast augmentation-boob job surgery.

    Smoking negatively affects recovery. Smoking narrows the blood vessels, reduces the amount of oxygen distributed to the body through the blood, weakens the immune power and delays wound healing due to the decrease in oxygen. If it is not possible to quit smoking, smoking should be stopped at least 15 days before and after the surgery.

    During breast augmentation surgery in Turkey, Antalya, there is no loss of sensation in any part of the silicone placed breast. Initial loss of sensation is temporary.

    The presence of a silicone prosthesis in the breast does not affect the mammography in Turkey, Antalya. In addition, it does not have a negative effect on the mammography results in Antalya Turkey. However, the person who has undergone the surgery should tell the person who will perform the shooting job that he has a prosthesis in his breast.

    Due to the leaking properties of the prostheses made in the previous periods, there was a change every 10 years in Turkey, Antalya. With the advancement of technology in Antalya Turkey, the sealing feature of the new generation prostheses has been improved and there is no need to replace the prostheses as before. Companies with high brand value for new generation prostheses provide lifetime guarantees.

    Yes, it is possible. however, this may be conditional upon the specific procedure and the plastic surgeon's chosen method.If breastfeeding has just ended, it is useful to wait 6 months for breast augmentation(boob-job) surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Otherwise, it may be difficult to determine the final shape of the breast during the examination due to the fullness of the milk ducts. In addition, it is not appropriate to put a silicone prosthesis when the channels are full.You can contact us to get detailed information about breast augmentation surgery and to be examined. If you are interested in breast aesthetics, you can also read our articles about breast reduction and breast lift operations. This article is for informational and advisory purposes. The recommendations of your physician who will examine you and perform the surgery should be a priority. We wish you healthy days.

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